Stand Out Online With The Perfect Bio

Writing a social media bio seems easy. Writing a short paragraph that sums up you as a person can’t be that hard, can it? That’s what everybody thinks until they sit down and try to write one. We’ve all found ourselves sat in front of a blank screen trying to think of anything to write and drawing a complete blank. It’s important to get it right because it’s the first impression that anybody will have of you in the online sphere. They could be friends, family, or even potential employers and if you don’t give the right impression from the word go, it’s hard to come back from. So, what exactly should you be writing?

Be Concise

Being concise is one of the most important things. People have a short attention span and if you present them with a huge page of text, they probably won’t even make it to the end. With that in mind, keep it as short as possible, most of the time you will be limited to characters anyway so you’ll have to work within those confines. Don’t try to put in every single thing about yourself because you’ll never have enough room. Think about it as an introduction that lays out the most important basic information about yourself so people can decide if they want to know more.  


Your profile picture is going to be the thing that best gives people a sense of who you are. The way that you decide to present yourself says a lot about you as a person. For example, if you’re profile picture is a photo of you out with friends, it doesn’t look that professional. Take a nice picture of yourself and use filters from places like geofilters on demand to make it look as though it has been taken by a professional photographer. That way people will know that you are serious about your online presence.  


With millions of people on social media; there are a lot of ideas for bios that have been done thousands of times over. If you’ve got a boring bio then people aren’t likely to click on your profile and look further. Being so limited on space forces you to be more creative so if you think long and hard about it; you can come up with something that nobody has seen before. However, make sure that you aren’t sacrificing any important information just to make it more original.  


Nobody likes a show-off, but it’s good to brag a little in your social media bio. You are, after all, trying to sell yourself and you should be proud of your achievements. You should boast about them a little, but not so much that you sound arrogant. If you’re looking for employers online, this is especially important because they will be reading your bio to get an idea of your skills and achievements. Highlighting these in your bio could open a lot of doors for you.

Get these four things right and you’ll have a social media bio that is sure to impress.  

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