Skiing in Style: Trendiest Winter Wear Fashion for 2019

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You can enjoy skiing in different ways – as a competitive sport of sliding down snow-covered hills, as a means of moving around snow-covered terrains, or as a recreational activity. The style and design you choose for your ski outfit depends on what you plan to do during the winter season.

In general, a set of ski clothing consists of a ski jacket, ski pants, salopettes, ski trousers, ski socks, a pair of goggles or sunglasses, gloves, and a helmet or hat. Though the primary purpose of ski clothes is to keep you warm as you engage in winter activities, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do this in style.

Here’s a glimpse of the trendiest winter clothing you can expect this year.

Winter Fashion Trends for Skiing

It’s not too early to prepare for winter. Make sure you’re ready for the cool holiday way before the season begins. Keep up to date on the latest winter fashion trends.

Fashionable ski jackets

According to fashion magazines Super Dry, Vogue, and Elle, monochrome colors are back in style for ski jackets. This season is all about black, white, and gray, experts said. For women’s ski jackets, Bogner Women is a great brand to consider. The brand integrates fun, function, and style into its elegantly designed jackets. Fashion gurus all agree that fluorescent coats and jackets were so-last-season.

Remember to choose ski jacket designs that give you some room to breathe. For piste skiers, you need unusually thick ski jackets for proper insulation. If the condition is warm enough to permit, you can also use shell jackets with numerous layers underneath.


Balaclavas are back in season this winter. Experts suggest neck warmers for protecting yourself further from the harsh effects of winter. Wear a scarf, a balaclava, or a neck warmer to keep the cold from seeping into your skin once you’re skiing down a steep mountain.

Balaclavas are accessory trends too, and fashion experts suggest bolder colors aside from the regular black ski mask. Balaclavas also come in shades of green, stripes, and other fun, outrageous designs.

Leather and fur accented coats and retro parkas

Aside from thick, thermal ski jackets, leather and fur accented coats return to make bold fashion statements amidst the cold weather. Fashion experts advise wearing monochromatic fur coats in shades of pure white and black. Vogue promotes a metallic fur waterproof jacket to make sure you’ll stay dry and comfortable throughout your skiing trip.

You may also wear oversized fur coats for a retro-inspired look from the 70s and 80s. Apart from the monochromatic themes, retro-inspired winter looks are making a fashionable come back.

ski pants

Ski pants or salopettes

Bib-salopettes return to the winter wear spotlight this 2019. Hip-high ski trousers perfectly encapsulate retro-style fashion. It’s no wonder flowers, outlandish patterns on salopettes are trending again. Design choices for ski pants are floral designs, grays, blacks, and plums.

Combine function and fashion this year for your winter ski trip by using the most fashionable winter clothing. You can enjoy warmth and comfort without sacrificing your style choices.


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