7 Simple Reasons Why People Put off Their Travel Plans and Why They Shouldn’t

Traveling is something everybody deserves to enjoy without having any guilt on their shoulders about money, time or commitments back at home. If you aren’t already an avid traveler you might want to take a step back and assess the reasons why you might not be spreading your wings and exploring. Enjoy your travel experiences more and leave the remorse behind; consider the reasons why you aren’t jetting off to the destinations you want to see. If you think you are one of these people then you should try and break away from the mold if you can. You deserve to travel the world and see all of the places your heart desires. Do any of these excuses belong to you? Make a change if you think you are holding yourself back from being a wonderful person with wanderlust.

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1. Lack of Funds

If money is holding you back from pursuing your travel dreams then you need to find a way to save, save, save. Perhaps you have been attempting to save for several months and are having no luck so far, you may need to explore other options that will help you get a head start. If you haven’t already researched the idea of a same day payday loan, then this might just be the answer to all of your prayers. You can quickly get the cash you need to book a dream holiday and you can come up with a manageable scheme to pay the money back once you return home.

2. So Little Time

People often think they are way too busy to go on holiday, if you don’t think you have enough time, then the chances are you need to make time. If traveling is really that important to you then you will be able to find a pocket of time for a vacation. Stop organizing so many social events and save up some of your holiday days at work and you will soon be able to manage a trip away for once.

3. Indecisiveness

You might not be booking a trip because you simply don’t know where to go. You don’t have a huge knowledge of the hottest travel spots so you have been holding off from hopping on that plane. Start reading a popular travel blog and you will soon get an idea of the types of places you would want to visit. Whether you fancy a relaxing tour of Southeast Asia or an energetic time in America, if you fill your head with knowledge the decision will be much easier to make.

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4. Their Job

If you are working in a demanding job which requires a lot of time and energy, then you might not have much scope to take a vacation. You might benefit from booking an off peak trip during the quieter times of the year. Speak to your manager and see if there is a convenient time for you to take a week or two off work. They will be pleased with your willingness to be flexible and will hopefully be able to offer you several options to choose from.

5. Disorganisation

Perhaps you are a little bit of a scatterbrain that is never able to organize their life, let alone a fun filled trip abroad. If you really want to go on an adventure then you need to turn yourself into a prepared machine. Figure out exactly where you want to go and who you want to take with you. Planning a trip doesn’t need to be as stressful as you think. Simply take action, get your butt into gear and start enjoying your trip.

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6. Controlling Partner

Maybe your other half isn’t too keen on you going away on your own or with friends, without her/him being there. If this really is the case then you need to ask yourself if you can live with this for the rest of your life. You need to be able to have a certain amount of freedom, rather than be tied down to your house all the time. Have an honest and open discussion with your partner and see if you can find a reason why they feel uncomfortable with you going away; you may be able to solve the issue quickly.

7. Anxiety

When you suffer from anxiety, traveling can seem like one of the scariest ventures you could possibly do. Talk to somebody you trust and try to plan a trip that isn’t too far away from home. Over time you will be able to venture further and further as you start to control your feelings of anxiety.

You don’t need to put off your travel dreams for any longer; you deserve to see the world and all of its beauty make it happen right now.


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  • Kay

    I think money is the biggest one for me. Sure, travelling is amazing but also so expensive! We always make a point to save up for at least one big holiday per year. Always gives us something to look forward. Thanks for sharing this, beaut! <3 xoxo


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