SEO Guide For Rookie Bloggers

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When starting a blog, many people think they’ll instantly become successful within a few weeks. But that’s not true at all. Of course, blogging has a lot of perks but can people really turn it into their full-time job? If you want to try and beat the odds and become a super successful blogger, it takes hard work and determination.

It also takes a lot of behind the scenes from you to get to know the in’s and outs of what makes a true blogger successful. I thought I’d put together some important guidelines and tips that it takes, especially when it comes to all things related to SEO.

You don’t know what SEO is. Don’t get scared! It’s super easy and once you master these basic skills rookie, you’ll be sharing these tips and tools with all your other newbie buddies! Basically, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Huh? What does that mean and how does it relate to blogging you’re wondering.

SEO means the internet is trying to rank your blog on various search engines. To try to rank high means that you make changes to your website that make it easier for search engines to understand your content. This means you can get other links from other websites. So what are these tools to help get a high spot in the internet world? I’ve got a few tips to share!

Site Speed

Trust me on this. It can be easy to ignore various stuff like site speed but so many people have shared that one of their biggest turn offs is a website that takes forever to load! How can you make sure that your website is the quickest it can go? Test it! Aim for a load time of about a second or less! Also, think of your content management systems like WordPress that offer plenty of speed optimization plugins for you to install. They help you compress your image sizes and site codes. By compressing them, you’re making sure that your website isn’t trying to push out huge files that are clogging up your follower’s browsers, and thus, having a slower start to load your website on their computer. Above all else, make sure that your website host is always up and running if you need help!

Keyword Themes

When I first started I wasn’t sure what this meant- but basically, you’re just spending time getting to know your audience and the language that they use when they are on the hunt for your content or your product. Think of some great research tools to help like Ubersuggest to get a better idea of what sorts of questions people ask when they are on search engines looking for these products. Look at research as something that’s FUN not scary or daunting ( this isn’t college again I promise ). It’s better to get great content that your readers are going to want to continue to come back to then be writing and crickets are singing day after day.

Add More Links

When writing a post ( even this one! ) think of as many relevant links as you can! If you have any other past blog posts that are relevant to what you’re writing, go ahead and add them in! If you have high-quality external websites make sure to add them too! They are extremely beneficial to your readers and a great way to increase your ranking!

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Still unsure if all of this is manageable? Why not try using an agency to help! Jacksonville SEO Agency is located right in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida They integrate with Google products and offer custom software to help track, test and optimize your web traffic to your blog. They also offer professional SEO services to help increase your organic search to compete for the highest rate. You can save time and money, connect with pre-qualified customers and know that you have an experienced and knowledgeable team behind every step of building your blog and brand. If you’re interested, they offer a free quote and consultation so it’s easy to use right now!

If you think you have a handle on all of this way to go! Jacksonville SEO Agency also offers marketing help including web development, mobile development and more! Once you get the hang of these small details, everything will fall into place for your blog and your business! What are some tips you have for rookie bloggers regarding SEO?

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