How To Save Money On Beauty Products

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Want to look and smell good for less? Many of us spend a lot on beauty products, not taking advantage of the many price-cutting tricks out there. Here are just a handful of ways that you can save money on the cost of cosmetics.

Hit the sales

Certain times of the year are brilliant for grabbing deals on makeup and toiletries. Black Friday and the period leading up to Christmas are great times to take advantage of discounts. The lead up to Mother’s Day may also be a good time for deals on perfumes. When it comes to electronics like hairdryers and hair straighteners, Cyber Monday is a great time to get deals. That said, you don’t have to wait until these periods of the year to find discounts. Some retailers offer weekly discounts such as Sephora’s Weekly Wow Deal at By targeting discounted cosmetics only you could save a lot of money on some top end brands.

Make use of free samples

You can also save money by taking advantage of free samples. Many beauty magazine and site subscriptions may include monthly free sample packages delivered to your door. These can be great for trying new products before buying them. You may not like all the products in the package, but those that you do like you get to make use of for free. And of course, there’s the old-fashioned tactic of raiding beauty shops for free samples.

Get couponing

Couponing is also a great way to get discounts on cosmetics. There are many couponing sites worth subscribing to that can reward you with voucher codes and freebies. Sign up to as many of these as you can to make use of their deals (it’s worth creating a separate email address for couponing purposes as you’ll likely get a lot of junk mail from signing up to these sites). You can also find coupons and vouchers in many beauty magazines. Make sure to use these coupons within the time allocated – many coupons offer deals for a very limited time.

Try new luxury brands

When it comes to luxury cosmetics brands for special occasions, don’t always opt for the long-running well-established brands. There are many newer luxury brands out there such as that are much more affordable. Classic big brands are likely to cost more because you’re also paying for the name – that doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best quality. You can usually get a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into by reading reviews on beauty blogs and watching beauty vlogger reviews.

Buy make-up second hand

It’s possible to buy second-hand make-up for cheap from sites such as The idea of buying used make-up may gross many people out, but second-hand doesn’t always mean ‘used’. There are many second-hand sites selling unopened beauty products at discounted rates – many of which may have been given to them as an unwanted gift. Sites like Gumtree and Facebook Buy and Sell pages are great places to find these second-hand unopened products.

Sell cosmetics you don’t want

Similarly, you can make money on the cosmetics you don’t want through these sites. Be aware that some retailers also allow you to return make-up in exchange for another product even after it has been opened. This could be a great way of getting discounted items.

Use some DIY tricks

There are plenty of DIY tricks that can have you spending less on cosmetics. For instance, mascara that has dried up and gone flaky can often be revitalised by adding some saline to it (although you should probably chuck your mascara away if it’s flaky and past it’s used by date). Similarly you can mix foundation with lotion to make it last longer too.

You can also save money on buying different coloured lip glosses by making your own – petroleum jelly mixed with eye-shadow pigments can make a mean gloss. There are also DIY guides online for making your own nail polishes and even bathroom cosmetics like shampoos and conditioners.


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