Top 15 Must See Rustic Wedding Ideas for a Memorable Big Day

Rustic weddings are at an all-time high, 2019 is no exception. A typical rustic wedding always features a laid-back vibe, unique woven elements, cascading bouquets, floral-adorned centerpieces, burlap details, and all-wood everything. Dreaming of planning your own rustic celebration?  Here we provide all-around guidance to help make your country-inspired ceremony completely fresh.

rustic wedding

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1. Venue

The first thing is to choose the proper wedding venue. A befitting venue helps set the right wedding tone naturally costing less your time to decorate correspondingly.

2. Set the Rustic Mood – Go All Neutrals

Modern rustic weddings largely employ blush, dusty blue, rose pink, mint green, gold, and many other muted colors. It works with many different color palettes.

3. Add Some Twinkles

Twinkle lights, hanging lanterns, fairy string lights, backdrop tulles, candles display, floral installations and so on—-all these country wedding decors together help form a relaxed country mood.

4. Bouquets

Our favorite rustic wedding flowers include sunflowers, hydrangeas, daisies, roses, delphinium, dahlias, poppies, and lots of greenery. You may incorporate those into your wedding theme.

5. Table Settings

Maybe you could scratch the table clothes and let your table and chairs live naturally in the space. Or use linen overlays. You can also layout woody centerpieces like bottles or mason jars wrapped in twines, woody decorated table numbers, wooded place settings, among others.

6. Accessories Stories

Flower headbands, flower crowns, sunflower wedding corsages, mother of pearls, lace garters, hair combs, femme feathers and so on. Create your own boho or backyard wedding accents.

7. Wedding cakes

Different from the traditional cakes, these cheesy wedding desserts compose the main flavor of weddings. Plentiful floral decorations, fresh fruits, burlaps, tree stumps, birch trees, pine cones, wooden letters, wooden cake stands, twines and tags.

8. Bohemian wedding dress

Focus on wedding dresses can make a stunning impression among guests. A casual dress style will give you much freedom to move around especially for outdoor weddings.

9. Embrace Rustic Entrances

Entering arches give the first impression of weddings to guests. Add some fresh flowers or greenery based on timbered doors, not too formal, just leisurely.

10. Rustic Wedding Invitations

Rustic invites are one of the most welcoming trends in recent years. You have plenty of options from watercolor, laser cut, floral wreath, greenery to exquisite embellishments like ribbons, tags, twines and so on.

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    Thanks for these tips on rustic wedding ideas! I’m going to apply some in my home decor since I’m not getting married any time soon.

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