Top 10 Reasons you should Consider a Divorce

Relationships are not perfect. Sometimes we often see couples on social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook painting this beautiful image in our head. Their life looks wonderful and we tend to make these beautiful couples as our relationship goal. What they don’t show us is the pain and anger that will lead to their divorce. It is not uncommon for couples to fight and makeup, it happens in our daily life.

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If you are going through a bad relationship that cannot be repaired then you can start seeking at Tampa divorce lawyers for assistance. If you wish to repair your relationship issues without the divorce then do not neglect each other’s personal relationship issues. Your partner might be going through stuff that only you can fix so keep an open ear and communicate with your partner before it leads to filing for a divorce. Here are the top ten reasons you should consider getting a divorce:

1. Infidelity – cheating partner

Your spouse goes out at nights, doesn’t come back in for 2-3 days or even more, you have no idea of their whereabouts only to be caught with someone else. Not a nice feeling when you are in the position with a cheating partner.

2. Lack of communication

Communication is the main ingredient to all relationships. If we don’t show expression there is no way that we can love. Allow your partner to express their feelings. Listen while they speak and give feedback where it is needed. Constructive criticism means no harm. Avoid unhealthy ways of communicating.

3. Lack of sex and emotional connection

Sometimes people fall out of love. They become unattractive to each other which results in bad sex, hidden emotions and physical intimacy. It is important to show kindness towards each other and emotional support when it’s due.

4. Lack of financial support

Everyone has different spending habits. As a couple combining income and getting used to each other spending habits can cause mischief. Perhaps one spend more than the other, one makes more money than the other; this can cause a power struggle which results in a strain in the marriage which pushes it to the breaking point. I have always heard about women hiding their purchases from their husband.

5. Physical or emotional abuse

Some people become abusive because of various reasons. If you are in an abusive marriage my best suggestion is for you to move on with your life.

6. Selfishness

If you are going to be in a relationship you have to let go of the selfishness and allow two hearts to beat as one. Marriage is about two people coming together to work on their desires and other things.

7. Weight gain

Nothing is wrong with gaining a bit of weight. When this weight gets out of control your partner tends to look less attractive it also lowers self-esteem and might cause issues for the relationship.

8. Incompatibility

When you get married from a tender age, a couple months after meeting or not getting to know each other well before marriage; it leads to incompatibility problems. It turns out that the couple does not have anything in common which result in the marriage to fail.

9. Lack of Attentiveness

Lack of attention can be of natural cause one partner can become sick which can put a strain on the marriage. It can also be due to work, having a new baby, living in another country. Situations like these can be easily fixed and not necessarily lead to a divorce once both partners agree on something that will work best.

10. Unrealistic expectations

Even though not seen often but it happens. Sometimes people go into marriages due to their high expectations. Once the marriage cannot live up to one’s expectations it always turns downhill.

With the help of counseling, it can solve relationship issues. If you plan to work on your relationship with the divorce it is important to listen to each other and work on the issues that can be overcome.


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  • GIna

    Most of these reason can be fixed in a relationship, with work. Divorce should only be considered as a last resort, with the exception of infidelity and abuse. And even sometimes those situations CAN be worked out over time and perhaps a separation rather than a divorce should be considered, while the offending spouse works to get help. Only after every other option is exhausted, should divorce be considered. Marriage was meant to be a lifelong commitment and is hard work to keep both partners happy. Many people today rush into marriage before really getting to know each other, then realize that they weren’t really in love to begin with. Get to know each other first, then get married, not the other way around.

    January 18, 2019 at 2:57 pm Reply
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