7 Questions To Ask A Wedding Planner Before Hiring

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There are lots of wedding planners to choose from. The Balance reports that by 2024 the event planning industry will expand by 10%. Why? Because planning a wedding is a tough task on your own, there is a lot to think about like this post shows.

Make sure you choose your wedding planner wisely. Ask your prospective planner the following 7 questions to shed light on whether they’re the right fit for you.

1. What’s The Average Budget For Weddings You’ve Planned?

According to Time Magazine, the average budget for weddings in the US is $31,213. There are a plethora of budgets either side of this though. Find out whether your planner works on glamorous high-end gigs or shoestring affairs. You need a planner who is used to working within the constraints of a budget similar to yours.

2. What’s Your Wedding Style?

This question gives your planner the opportunity to shine. Find out what their specialty is, be it design or decor. What makes their weddings stand out from the crowd? Ask for portfolio examples to illustrate their points.

3. What Types Of Venue Have You Worked In?

Find out whether they’ve got experience at venues similar to yours. A beach wedding is very different from a rural country wedding. Coordination on the day is all about logistics, and you need to know they’ve got it covered. If they often work at the same venues ask how they make each one unique.

4. What’s The Most Unique Wedding You’ve Planned?

The answer to this question will give you some insight into their creative flair. If they were at the helm of an underwater wedding at an aquarium they clearly know how to hook an unforgettable day. Are they still excited when they tell you about it? This question should reveal a lot about their personality.

5. How Often Will We Be In Touch?

Find out how and when you’ll correspond with them. How many face to face meetings will you have? Is it ok for you to call them in the middle of the night with anxieties about fitting into your dress? You need to make sure you’re happy with the level of contact you’ll have.

6. What’s The Payment Structure?

It’s not the most fun thing to talk about, but you need to get down to the nitty-gritty. Find out whether they charge a flat fee or an hourly rate and if there are any extras to account for. When and how will they expect to be paid? You need to keep on top of that all-important budget.

7. Who Is Your Ideal Client?

This is a great question to turn the tables on your planner. Find out what they’re looking for in a client. Do you fit the bill? Do you think you’ll work together well?

With our questions up your sleeve, you should have a better idea of whether your planner is the one for you. We’d love to know if you can think of any other crackerjack questions to ask, let us know in the comments below.

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