Preparing A Pet For A Show Competition

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Fashion and beauty are things that we all appreciate and can see the value in. However, this isn’t just limited to us humans. Our pets can also scrub up pretty well, and if this is the case, you might be interested in bringing them to a show competition. These are fun events that celebrate the beauty of our animals and can help them strut their stuff and feel pampered and attended to.

There are a few things you can do to prepare for these shows, and a few healthy habits to keep. If you’re sick of trying to make yourself look great all the time, sometimes focusing on your pet for a small period can help you feel a little refreshed. Be sure to keep the following attitudes:

Attend Dog Shows Without Competing

The environment of a dog show can be quite artificial for them. They might never get over that, and there’s a chance you won’t too. However, add to this the stress of competing, and you’ll find that the entire affair can feel slightly overwhelming. If you have the capacity to, attend a few dog show without competing. Sit in the audience with your pet if possible, and see how the entire affair takes place. Watch how long it takes. Observe the competition entrants and see if you can open a dialogue with a couple of them. It might be you are yielded certain insight, or are given certain practical health tips to protect your pet. Either way, you will be absolutely more informed.

Daily Maintenance

Daily maintenance is often required when preparing for show time. This means daily grooming of hair to train it in the style we want. Luxuriously shampooing and conditioning the hair with special doggy products is also important. Be sure to go with the flow of hair rather than against it, and keep it at a manageable length. Check for fleas and other insects near show time, especially if your pet has been interacting with other dogs.

We’d also recommend removing skin tags and ensuring their claws are well maintained. Doggy pedicures might be a thing, but they can be expensive. If you do trim nails yourself though, be sure to know exactly how to do so for your given breed. It’s a delicate procedure more than you might imagine, and you can cause some real damage if not careful. Also, be sure to head to a grooming salon occasionally. These specialists will be able to inform you of any incorrect practices you might be taking, and will generally help you stay a much healthier and responsive pet owner.

Train Obedience & Behaviour

Once the beauty of your dog is established through salon health, it’s important to train on-stage obedience. This means practicing a routine at home and rewarding them for each positive step. It also means mastering the art of treat reinforcement. You can help them learn new skills by ensuring they attend a licensed dog trainer, and you can also train their confidence in this way. Exposing them to other animals will also help them feel strong and comfortable when on stage.

Daily Chill

Much like real fashion, stress will often lead us to look less attractive than we are. No one feels comfortable around a frantic and uptight person. This is true when it comes to entering our pet into competitions. The only thing you should care about is having fun with your pet, and pampering them a little during this process. Winning doesn’t matter, and if you think this way you will care less about the result and more for the entire experience. It will also help you treat your pet with more love and friendship (the most important point in this list.) Relax with your pet, and spend this time to bond with them. This is not less important than the standard beautiful friendships we make, simply because we are of a different species.

Remember, your pet did not drive you to this location. They did not enter themselves. If they find the experience overwhelming, difficult or it triggers a change in their behavior, it could be worth it for the health of the animal to pull out. However, if they enjoy the contact and proximity of other days, they enjoy the attention and they are seemingly relaxed throughout the whole thing, the show season might be something you choose to experience once more!

With these tips, the effort you place into personal grooming and beauty will translate well to the show environment. Bring along your pet with a couple of friends and have a fun time pampering and celebrating your pet. It will likely be a good time for all.


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  • Maria Brown

    I think having a dog (or cat) can make all the difference to the elderly. Dogs especially give them a reason to keep moving and get out for walks. The companionship and unconditional love surely means the world to them as well.
    Thanks for sharing article!

    October 22, 2018 at 2:45 am Reply
  • Brian Bishop

    Helpful tips! Thanks. My youngest dog–an adorable frenchie–looks like a showdog but her behavior definitely won’t make the cut.

    January 2, 2019 at 8:28 am Reply
  • TagBand UK

    Great Post! These are really very helpful tips. Thanks for sharing these great tips for preparing pet dogs for show competition. I like this article and very helpful for me to train my dog for competition. Thanks a lot for sharing and please keep sharing.

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  • Tim Yaotome

    I now understand that letting a dog join a pet show requires one to be bathed in luxury shampoo and conditioner and have it checked for fleas. If I were to start keeping my dog’s fur neat, I would have him sent to a pet grooming center first. With their help, they can have her cleaned for the first time and get more advice on how to manage her possible tangled or dried fur.

    March 2, 2019 at 12:57 am Reply
  • vet

    Thanks for sharing such a great post.

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