Not Cheap; FRUGAL!

The one big factor that puts most people off celebrating their marriage with a beautifully lavish wedding is the cost. If you could have the wedding of your dreams on a frugal – but not cheap – budget, would you still go for it or would you wait? The obvious answer here is that you’d go for it! A wedding is one day of your life that you want to feel like a million dollars, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend that much. There are plenty of ways you can cut the costs of your wedding day without cutting the quality of the experience both you and your guests have. So, if you are interested in frugal ideas that can keep your day looking beautiful at a fraction of the cost, you’ll love these!

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Chop The Guests

Do you really need to invite your sister-in-law’s husband’s best friend to your wedding? Probably not. Make the guest list more concentrated and full of people you love – not acquaintances. Every guest adds money to the catering, the venue, the chair covers – you name it, there’s a way to bloat your budget. Make the guest list full of people you actually want to see on your big day and watch the costs go down.

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Help Not Gifts

If you and your future spouse already live together, you probably don’t need several different dish services or sets of plates. Speaking to your talented guests and asking for their services as a photographer, driver or makeup artist at a discounted cost is a great way to cut the budget down. If you know someone who is a talented videographer, then you can have a far more intimate experience rather than have someone you don’t know film your day for you. Be tactful and don’t ask for free services; a meal and a discount is usually enough!

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Homeward Bound

Holding the reception at your own home or the home of someone you know can cut your costs down considerably. If you are fortunate enough to have parents who own a few acres of land, hiring a marquee like this one and having a wedding on their grounds can make such a difference.


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Silk Flowers

There’s nothing more delightful than the scent of fresh flowers, but fresh flower garlands and bouquets can get quite pricey! Swapping from fresh flowers to silk for decorating the church and venue can make such a difference to how much you pay, and you can use them as keepsakes, too!


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Skip Planning

A wedding planner is a big wedding luxury; they take the stress from you and organize everything around you. Did you know that mothers and in-laws can do the same job? Skip the cost of the wedding planner and get your close family involved to help you with the planning.

Your wedding frugality doesn’t mean cheap. Many couples drive themselves into marital debt before they are even married. Being frugal; you get to have a beautiful and quality time without having to spend out on services you don’t need!

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