What Does the Modern Gentleman Really Want?

Girls, you will understand my pain when I tell you that there is nothing worse than buying for a man. Worse yet, buying for a man is very particular about everything they wear or use – don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything more alluring than a man that knows exactly what he wants, but when you don’t know what that is, where on earth do you start?

Yes, you could ask him, but where is the fun in that? The best gifts are the gifts with plenty of thought behind them, because that what really counts. Times are changing and gentlemen in the modern day take care of themselves – your father would probably never dream of moisturizing to keep his skin soft, but the man of today certainly would.

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Today’s man wants to look and feel good, he wants to walk the street as though he owns it. He wants to exude masculinity without being too forceful in doing so. Domineering, yet approachable, is exactly what the modern man strives to be.

He Wants to Smell Sexy

The modern man wants sex appeal. He wants to feel desirable and confident in his own skin, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Not just looking the part, he wants to smell it, too, with an unmistakable scent that captures the attention of all whom stand before him and remember long into the night.

We aren’t talking about any old aftershave that can be found as part of a boxset neatly packaged with shower gel. Here, we are talking about the scents that make you feel good about being in their presence, a scent that you wouldn’t be against smelling the morning after.

Aftershave is a deeply personal choice for men, so approach with caution. If you are the special lady in his life, by all means, go out and find a mixture that you find irresistible – chances are that will make it his new go-to scent of choice.

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He Wants to Shine

The glitz and glamour once only associated with the fairer sex is now something that man now seeks out. No longer does the modern male settle for the basics, now they want to shine along with us. Jewelry pieces that bring with them an assertion of machismo have always been part of any style guide, but the last couple of decades have certainly seen the volume cranked up.

When it comes to statement jewelry, subtle pieces such as tie pins, bracelets and designer necklaces for men are the one. Not too brash to be considered a show-off, but worn in an elusive fashion that projects success – it’s all about still being centre stage even when the spotlight isn’t on you.

He Wants to Be an Individual

Above all else, the modern man wants to be himself. He cares not for fitting into predetermined social norms, that’s so 20th century. He couldn’t care less about the label society gives him because he deals not in labels, he only cares about living his best life.

That means he pushes the boundaries, he does what is best for him and goes about his business in a way that only he knows how. What does that mean for the girl in his life? It means that it’s going to be one heck of a ride, that’s for sure, but it also means that your man has an eye for something a little more out of the box.

In this case, experiences are far more suited to the eccentric than any material gift ever will be. Memories that last a lifetime make for the best present for the modern man who only has eyes for living life to its fullest.


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