Make your Wedding Day the Best It Can Be

We all want our wedding day to be one of the best days of our lives, so if you’ve just started planning, you may feel you need some tips to help you get stuck in.

Here are 4 important categories to cover

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Set the mood

It always helps to look through wedding catalogs, or surf the web for decorative ideas. Whether your venue is super fancy or not isn’t the main priority – it’s how you choose to decorate it. Think lighting, centerpieces, and music. How do you want your venue to be lit? Do you want it to look bright and open, or do you prefer more of a mysterious vibe created by candlelight?

Do you want flower arrangements? If so, what is your color scheme?

Do you want calm background music playing while you and your guests eat? Or will you have something else going on?

Once you have these things sorted out, you will truly be able to set the perfect atmosphere for your wedding.

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Capture the memories

Every wedding needs a photographer to capture those magical moments you will have. The last look at yourself in the mirror, for the first time you see your other half; those are the special things we like to hold on to. It is important to find the right photographer for you, so be sure to look through their portfolios to see if their style suits what you’re looking for. Also, if there is anything specific moment you want photographing – be sure to mention it so you’re not left disappointed. You can even consider hiring more than one photographer so they can cover more ground throughout your big day.


Be entertained

Whether you’re thinking of hiring a live band, dancers, or even fire breathers; make sure you know exactly what they plan on doing. You would hate to realize their finishing act was something that you didn’t want your kids or grandparents to see! Not only that, depending on the type of act you decide on could end up being pricey, so make sure you’re getting what you expected. Some performers are happy to knock off some bucks if you offer to feed them or supply them with drinks, so ask around. You may end up with a great deal.

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No one wants to feel stressed on their wedding day, but many do because there is so much going on! But leave it to the ones you trust to do all the dirty work. It’s your big day; you shouldn’t be weighed down with worrying about people’s dietary requirements, or if the band know when to start playing. A great way to do this is to assign jobs to your ‘best people.’ One can deal with the seating arrangements, while the other will make sure the flowers are all placed correctly on the tables. Get the drift?

You should only have to focus on getting yourself down that aisle and enjoying every second of it…

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