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Is OMONO Skin Care Routine Worth the Hype? We Find Out Now

This nutrient-loaded formula will give life to your skin. Lightning fast.


I have a confession to make: my fear of skin-aging is as real as it can get. Every time I take a trip to my local beauty supply store or the mall or even the pharmacy, I have got to try out the latest product or two — even if it is something as minor as a new serum. There is simply no stopping to my seemingly harmless anti-aging addiction.

But the flipside is that it can take some serious toll on your skin (and your wallet). Too many products applied on the face can result in serious premature aging of the skin (exactly the problem I’m trying to combat), resulting in clogged pores, breakouts and excessively dry or oily skin. It is a very problematic double-edged sword.

And now, what if I were to tell you that there is a new product that contains all the best elements you could ever ask for — all in one single formula — combating all the problems of your skin you’ve been whining about since forever, plus guarantees results that are as real and visible as the wrinkles on your forehead — or your money back. That’s like dangling a Wonka Golden Ticket in the face of little Charlie? Well, discover OMONO anti-aging skin care routine.

What to Know

Health enthusiasts will love that the formula is completely natural, so bid farewell to all the stress about side-effects or eerie ingredients. Plus, the product is developed by leading Japanese scientists using state-of-the-art research, and after conducting countless clinical trials on the diverse variations of our complexions. So they know exactly what your skin needs and lacks.

omono skincare

A look into the formula reveals multiple groundbreaking nutrients. There’s of course collagen, specifically for elasticity and radiance; the ever-powerful astaxanthin, which blots out wrinkles and dark spots and shields the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, making it the very ideal antioxidant; hyaluronic acid, which comes in an amazing concentration to even out your skin tone and restores its moisture; and the essential biotin and elastin, which restores the youthful texture of the complexion over time. And many more. In other words, you’ve got it all — everything in one single product with OMONO.

And here’s another piece of great news. OMONO is so certain that you’ll see results in just two weeks. Yes, real results that can be seen and felt. But what if you don’t? The brand promises a refund to customers who are not completely happy. No beating around the bush. You don’t like it? Here’s your money back.

Enter the Science

The science behind OMONO also makes complete sense. The amount of products you splash on your skin just doesn’t add up if you don’t take care of it from the inside. Expert dermatologist and author of Feed Your Face, Dr. Jessica Wu best explains this. “I tell my patients that what they put in their mouths is as important as the products they apply on their skin.” According to the beauty aficionado, all the vitamins, minerals and amino acid which your body absorbs can be effectively used to build healthy and strong skin. Word.

This means that in today’s world, it is more important than ever to “feed your face”, and OMONO does exactly that. Think about all the money you spend on beauty products that only offer a quick (and very temporary) fix? In fact, women spend almost a quarter million dollars in their lifetime on beauty, which includes skin care products and makeup, according to the New York Post. Just imagine the horror of that!

The Verdict

omono skin care

Every morning at breakfast time, I simply take a sachet out of the OMONO product box (there are 30 sachets per box, by the way), and add it into my freshly-squeezed apple juice, and then give it a quick and gently stir. The powder dissolves almost instantly, leaving no residuals, other than a refreshing scent, just like a little DIY milkshake. It literally takes less than half a minute.

Over the weeks, my skin just kept on improving. I have noticed that the little fine lines have gradually disappeared and my skin has been feeling much more radiant as if every part is being hydrating from within. Seriously, I looked and felt great and even wore a little less makeup than usual (I won’t lie, I still need makeup to feel totally me). And the other day, a colleague even complimented me during lunch break that “I looked a bit fresher than normal”.

In the meanwhile, I’d gladly keep up with my OMONO skin care routine. If you’re talking about a scientifically-proven product that offers real results in the shortest amount of time or your money back, and one that takes no more than a minute per day to complete, I’d gladly take the bait.

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Author Bio: Claudia Anne Lee is a beauty writer (and extreme enthusiast) who has written for numerous publications. Her biggest dream is to wander around the world, finding the best beauty products, tricks and hacks to share. Claudia watches the sunset more than Netflix, and when she isn’t writing or trying on a new dress, she loves spending time with her pet rat Dominic.


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