How To Have A Beautiful Wedding On A Budget

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According to estimates, the wedding industry in just the US alone has now exceeded $50 billion, with the average cost per wedding reaching a whopping $28,000.

Thankfully more and more couples are starting to realize just how extreme this is, and are opting for a more sensible approach when setting the budget for their wedding.

Let’s be honest here, as much as it’s a special day – it is just a day, and that money could be put to far better use, such as towards a home together or even for your dream honeymoon which are both things you’ll be able to enjoy together for longer.

Whatever your reason for setting a lower wedding budget, you certainly don’t have to miss out on your perfect day, but we want to help you save on any unnecessary costs as much as possible, so below we share some of our top tips with you for having a beautiful wedding on a budget.

Set and stick to boundaries:

If you’re not the most assertive type, then this may be a tough skill to learn, but it’s one that will serve you very well. When you announce that you’re getting married, family especially seem to develop an opinion on everything – from the venue to the seating, and even to your guest list.

Stand firm and don’t allow this. It’s your day, so if you want a destination wedding, want to wear silicone rings, want to elope, or don’t feel like paying to feed your aunt whom you’ve not seen since you were eight, you’re under no obligation to. They’ll get over it, and if they don’t, well it really shouldn’t be something you need to worry about.

Get a second hand dress:

Many brides-to-be balk at the very idea, but let’s think about this for a moment. Someone paid a lot of money for a dress they wore for a few hours and now it can either be stored away to gather dust or they can recoup some of that money back and allow another lady to have a special dress for a fraction of the price.

When it comes to searching for a second hand wedding dress, there are just as many options out there to perfectly match your style personality.

Nobody needs to know it’s second hand, and it’s highly unlikely they would even notice. With many professional dress cleaners around for this very thing, that dress will be restored to its original glory in no time.

Call in some favours:

Do any of your friends and family know someone who’s great at design, or maybe someone who’s a hobby baker? Now is the time to ask around, so make a list of all the things you’d normally pay top dollar for, such as cake, catering, invitations, and decor to see where you could possibly get yourself a better deal without losing any of the quality. The other great thing about doing it this way is that you’ll possibly be helping someone get a new business venture off the ground, too.

Hopefully, with the above tips, you now see that having a beautiful wedding on a budget is, not only possible, but it doesn’t mean that anything has to be cheap or second best.


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