How to Hire Photography and Videography from The Same Company


There are many bride and groom who are searching for the best way to commemorate and celebrate their wedding. There are many ways that have been used to celebrate a wedding since the old ages, starting from paintings, photography and so forth. The reason that everyone would like to celebrate this event is that it is a once in a lifetime event.

While there are many people who are still confused between using photography or videography, it is worth to note that there are many companies that offer the services of both. Why not have the best of both world rights? To know more, check out Wure and motion photography are truly symbolic services.

More so than any other two vendors you will hire on your wedding day. The reason why there are a lot of people that prefer photography is that it is incredible in capturing visual beauty in stunning detail, while videography is exceptional in capturing emotional beauty through the power of storytelling.


Are you still feeling confused? Do not worry. There are more and more companies who offer you the packages to be able to enjoy both of these during your wedding day.

Below is the benefit of hiring one company that excels in both videography and photography:

1. Monetary Incentive

Most companies offering both services will have some form of monetary incentive to hire them for both. This can mean that you will be able to save some more money and allocate it for the things that you really wanted, for example, a lavish honeymoon in the Maldives, to buying a new house for your little family.

If you have decided definitely that you would like to have both photography and videography at your wedding, then it is so much more beneficial if you hire a company that does both rather than hire two companies that offer one of the services.

The most important thing is that after you agreed to hire them, you only need to put your deposit in one place instead of two!

2. Coordination

If you truly wanted to have both photography and videography services from the same company, it also will allow you to have easier coordination. Essentially what happens in all weddings is that couples will have to coordinate their schedule with the schedule of the photographer and the videographer.

Preparing for the ceremony is a relatively lengthy process for the film team and you would like to have both of your videographer and photographer ready. Often times what happen was that photographers do not understand the challenges of proper film making and will design a schedule that will fit their needs to detriment of the film team. It is easy for the photographer because they can just simply show up at the very last minute.

When you hire you one company that does both services, not only that will the film team be kept in the loop, and you will be able to make easier decisions.

3. Simplicity

Wedding photography, videography, and entertainment are ever expanding markets. With more options than ever, choosing quality services can be quite difficult. A great way to make these choices easier is by hiring an event design company that offers a variety of services. A multiple service event design company provides a small but expert variety of options to choose from. Rather than sifting through an endless supply of photographers and videographers to allow a multiple service company to simplify the planning of your wedding.

4. Teamwork

Videos and photographs tell the story of your wedding. If your wedding photographs have completely different vibe than your wedding video, the story become clouded. When the videographers and photographers work together, they can establish a coordinated tone and aesthetic. This way, the different artists can work together to tell your story in the most cohesive and compelling way.

When photographers and videographers work together on a regular basis, they develop a rapport and a rhyme that helps that process run smoothly. Videographers and photographers that work as a team know each other’s process. This makes it easier to coordinate and stay out of each other’s shots.

5. Same priorities and accountability

With separate firms wanting to deliver the best final products they can possibly can for their couples, it is understandable that they may have separate priorities to each other. As a result, they can sometimes compete for similar angles and shots or unintentionally get in each other’s way. They will also be sharing limited time with a couple on a busy wedding day. This can be tough if not used to working together. To give you an example we were photographing a wedding and the videographers walk right in front of the bride and groom on entrance blocking the view of certain videographers. This is simply because both of the companies are competing against each other to get the best shot.

6. Efficient communication

When you use one communication, you should be able to have efficient communication. This means that you will only have to deal and negotiate with one contract. When you hire from one company, you will only have to deal with one company, one contract, and one contract. This means that you will have lesser people to communicate with, and you only have to read one contract. That means that you only have a deal with one invoice to keep track and the set of details to provide.

With the benefits that you can get by hiring one company to handle both of the videography and photography, all you have to search for the company that can handle both of the jobs well.


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