Hair Ties: What To Do When Your Hair Is Causing You Problems

Is your hair a tie? Do you have to spend hours in the bathroom treating it, coloring it, curling it, or straightening it? Do you pass on social invitations because you just don’t have the energy to get your locks into some sort of acceptable condition? Well, you’re not alone, in fact, many people suffer from unruly or problematic hair. Below you can discover more about the most common issues, and what you can do to solve them.

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Hair loss

If you have ever experienced thinning hair or even hair loss, you will know what a traumatic thing it can be, especially for us women. But what can be done about it? Well, the first thing you need to do is to identify what is causing the problem.

It might be alopecia caused by stress, or because of the medication, you are on. It can even be due to a vitamin deficiency, as a lack of B vitamins can seriously affect how some people’s hair grows. Luckily, companies like thefitswell offer supplements like Biotin. Which provides essential nutrients to the anagen phase of hair growth, giving you thicker and healthier locks.

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No body

I hear so many people complain that they have no volume, or body in their hair. A problem indeed, especially as keeping a style is often dependent on the body. As well as a voluminous look being one of the most desirable, as it helps to keep the rest of the body in preparation.

So what can folks that don’t have a lot of body in their hair do about this? Well, happily they don’t have to just put up with it, as there are many helpful products out there that can add body. Start with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Then use mousse to help separate each strand during the blow drying process. Finally, use a body building product like hair powder, or just a good old can of hairspray and a bit of creative back combining to get a fuller look.

Just remember if you do the latter, get hairspray that will comb out when you are done. Also, section your hair and gently backcomb the root sections, smoothing the upper layer back over when done. Otherwise, you can end up looking like an 80’s hair metal band!

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Having frizzy hair is often linked to having curls, but this isn’t always the case. Although frizz can be more likely to occur in curly hair because of the follicle structure. Of course, all straight haired people always go on about how wonderful it would be to have curly hair, but they don’t know the struggle to get the curl without the frizz!


If you are wrestling with this issue on a day to day basis, then try rinsing your hair with cold water, once you have conditioned it. As this helps to lay parts of the hair down vertically, minimizing frizz. There are also some great frizz serums on the market that do a similar thing but are activated by the heat from styling tools. Meaning your mane is much easier to manage, and you don’t have to let it air dry either!


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