5 Great Fun Activities For Adults On Rainy Days

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During the school holidays, you’ll often see posts about ways to entertain the kids on rainy days on the school break. But if you don’t have kids, this one’s for you. Finding great days out for you and your friends can be difficult, especially during the rain. You want something that’s fun and different.

While shopping and eating out obvious choices, sometimes it is good to do something a little different. Finding a fun activity that all of your friends will appreciate can be challenging. Here are some suggestions that will hopefully inspire you.

Escape The Room

Are you a fantastic solver of puzzles? Do you and your friends think that they make a great team? A big craze over recent years has been Escape Rooms. The concept is simple, but the delivery is complicated. You and your friends will enter a room or a series of rooms. They will be themed, often around sci-fi or horror. In each room, there will be a series of puzzles. They will require various skills to complete them. Each is designed to tax your mind, and to push your friendships to the test. Put your heads together, and work well, and you will be out in no time.

If you and your friends fancy your chances, have a look for escape room locations near me. You are timed on how long it takes for you to escape, and you will go up against the times of every group that has ever entered that room before you. There is no pressure. They are massive fun, though, and one of the best ways to use your brains when you are out with friends.

Crazy Golf

There has been a rise in crazy golf games that use old warehouse spaces — mainly catering towards adults, with some of the most significant and most challenging courses that you will see. Crazy golf is great fun. It requires a certain degree of skill and a more significant degree of humor. If you and your friends have a competitive edge but don’t take ourselves too seriously, this could be for you

The Cinema

An obvious choice maybe, but when the summer blockbuster season is upon us, a rainy day is the best time to go and check out a couple of flicks on the big screen.

Indoor Climbing

Climbing has taken off in the last few years, with climbing centers opening up everywhere. Many leisure centers have improved their facilities to cater for the demand. Even if you’re a complete novice, you can enjoy having a go at climbing. If you get a taste for it, you might even think about taking it up.


You’ll always have one friend that manages to get a strike on every go, and another that can’t hit a pin even with the rails up. Bowling is great fun, even if you are utterly useless at it. There’s always a great atmosphere at the bowling alley, with food and drink, and lots of other amusing activities.


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