Dubai – Playground For The Rich, Or Excellent Vacation Destination?

When people think of Dubai, then often wonder about how costly it could be to visit. Not only is it the playground of some of the richest people in the world, but the architecture and beauty of the location alone should tell you that it’s a place of luxury and excess. For this reason, people hoping for a reasonable vacation pricing may find themselves hesitant to book a trip here. We are here assuage those fears, and make the case that your next vacation should be here; in the beautiful desert vistas of one of the most well-known cities on Earth.

Despite the ultramodern architecture and pristine attitude to effective hospitality. Dubai can serve as a wonderful place for the discerning holidaymaker looking for good deals and should be treated as such. While experiencing the best of Dubai will require a respectable investment. The value for money here is so off the charts, and the services offered so incredible that you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking one holiday here is the equivalent of five holidays elsewhere.

But what should you do in Dubai? We’d suggest the following:

Dubai Vacation

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Palm Islands

There is no shortage of things to do in Dubai, but to get started you should consider visiting and residing in your own retreat away from the highly populated city centre. This way entering the city will feel like an adventure and not just something to be experienced on your doorstep. The Palm Islands offer a gorgeous and less-populated grounding point to begin your explorations of the city in style. If you’re looking for privacy, this is the best place to begin. You’d be forgiven for accidentally spending your entire vacation here. As Michelin star restaurants, luxury spas and bars are dotted around this area for your recreational use.


Someone imagining Dubai is often likely to couple the world of skyscrapers with the evocative desert and the camels that occupy it. You’d be right in thinking that many camel ride services are available here to have your very own desert experience and come face to face with this gorgeous animal. Seeing the city from this perspective is a truly magnificent sight to behold. To the point where you’re sure to never forget it.

Bollywood Parks™ Dubai

Bollywood, the most productive and profitable filming location anywhere in the world has its own Park in Dubai; managing to provide the full experience of the Bollywood celebration. If you’re looking for theatrical celebration during your time in the city; this could be the best place to unwind and let your hair down. Not only does the whole plethora of human emotion come into play; with the gorgeous depictions of life in these films, but experiencing the rides, dances and music from this park can give you a permanent smile on your face which will continue long after your return home.

Experiencing Dubai is something that everyone should do once in their lifetime. Overcoming your initial hesitation will be rewarded a million times over. What are you waiting for?


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    I really want to go Dubai. The Palm Islands sound amazing!

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