Think You’ve Found Your Dream Wedding Venue? Think Again!

Looking for a wedding venue is hard work; that much is obvious. You need a venue that really gets you excited for what’s to come. However, when many people think they have found their dream venue, they realize later on down the line that they were mistaken. Here are some pointers you need to consider before cooing over your ‘dream venue’.

The Maximum Capacity

Have you checked out the maximum capacity of the venue owners? Before you get excited and start putting money down on your venue, you need to be sure that you won’t have to turn some guests away at the door. Make sure you don’t have to go home and chop up your guest list to make things work.

Bonuses Included In Your Deal

Ask about the bonuses included in your booking. If there doesn’t seem to be any, see if you can negotiate to get some. Some venues will include staff members for the night, for example. You don’t always have to use the bonuses they offer, but it can be a nice addition to your day.

Rules And Regulations Of The Venue

Most venues will have specific rules and regulations that you need to be aware of before you can have your wedding there. You wouldn’t wait to put down your deposit, only to find out that you could include something you’d already booked – it could throw off your whole day.

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How Guests Will Arrive At The Venue

Think about things logically for a minute. Your guests are one of the only real things that matters on your wedding day, so you need to make sure you’ve thought about them in the majority of your decisions. Will it be hard for many of them to show up at this venue? Make sure it’s accessible, like the Liberty Grand wedding venues, for instance. It shouldn’t be too far for your guests unless they are prepared for long drives, taxi fares, and staying overnight.

Your Budget

The day you have your wedding can knock big bucks off the original price of the venue. Weekdays are often much cheaper than weekends, for instance. If you have your heart set on a specific day, it may be a shock to you when you find out the true price. If you can remain flexible when you book your venue, then you could get a gorgeous venue for an amazing price. Don’t automatically rule out a wedding on a Sunday or a weekday. Providing you give your guests plenty of notice, they should be able to make it.

Only when you’ve considered all of the above things and you’re happy with your answers can you say you’ve found the wedding venue of your dreams. Remember to stay calm and collected, get your negotiation head on, and think about things logically.

If you can find a great balance between budget, timing, convenience, and availability between all of your vendors, you’ll be well on your way to planning the perfect day. Leave your own thoughts below!


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