The Cornerstones Of A Memorable Wedding Reception

In some ways, your wedding reception is almost more important than the actual ceremony. I know, I know, your ceremony is vitally important as it’s the moment when you properly get married. But, the reception is normally the part of a wedding that people remember the most – at least from the guests perspective!

As a result, you need to ensure yours is memorable and gets people talking for years to come. You want to be that one wedding people still reminisce about in five years time. To do this, you need to nail down the cornerstones of a good wedding reception.

The Cornerstones Of A Memorable Wedding Reception

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Two key things to think about with regards to the location of your wedding; the size of the venue, and the distance between it and the ceremony. No one wants to drive for an hour or two to get from the ceremony to the reception, so try and keep it close. Likewise, you don’t want a cramped venue with no space to party in the evening. Look for a nice location with plenty of room to keep your guests happy.

Table Arrangement

Out of all four things, this is the most underrated feature of a good wedding reception. Make sure you arrange the tables, so people are sitting with people they know. Try and keep each side of the family together, to spare awkward table conversations. If everyone is around people they know, the conversation and banter can flow, leading to a better experience all around.


The food you serve your guests plays a huge role in determining whether a wedding is memorable or not. Case in point, I went to a wedding a few years ago where they served a delicious scotch egg, and I’ve never forgotten about it since. Therefore, you need to focus on the catering aspect of things. My advice is to go fancy, but cater to many different tastes. Have options for different dietary requirements, so everyone is satisfied. This way, there won’t be that one vegan person with a gluten intolerance that moans about your wedding because they couldn’t eat anything.


Finally, no good wedding reception is complete without good entertainment. There needs to be music playing on through the evening, and you should prepare for a late finish. Don’t cut your reception short and send everyone home at 10 pm, no one will be happy. Again, it’s similar to the food in that you need to cater to different tastes. Have a DJ that can play different songs to keep everyone happy. Also, think about getting a photo booth with props for people to use, this will lead to so many laughs and giggles. I would also suggest a karaoke session at some point too, this is a great way to get everyone laughing and feeling entertained.

With these four cornerstones, you will set the foundations for an amazing wedding reception. Your guests will be talking about it for years, and you’ll also have a really fun time too. From here on in, people will measure other weddings compared to how they stack up against your amazing one.

Memorable Wedding Reception


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