Why You Should Consider A Cruise For Your Next Holiday

Cruises used to be a holiday choice available to only the very wealthy. Now cruising is much more accessible to everyone. You can choose cruises that are suitable for your own tastes and needs. It is even possible to go on a cruise with the whole family on board, as some travel companies aim their cruises specifically at the family market, with lots of child-friendly facilities. Other cruises may be more suitable for couples and honeymooners.

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Here are some of the main reasons you may want to consider booking a cruise for your next holiday:

See The World

The great thing about cruising is that you can visit many different parts of the world on one single trip. Each morning you can wake up in a different port and take trips off the ship to discover new places. You will only see a small snapshot of the destination, but you will get a feel for the place to see if you would like to stay longer in the future. There are different cruises to choose from such as Mediterranean, Caribbean and you can even discover the snowy delights of Alaska! In contrast, hotel based holidays don’t really allow you to travel far from the resort you’re staying in.


Cruises have always had the reputation of providing excellent entertainment options to their guests and this has only got better over the years. Cruise ships are like floating resorts and they offer top class entertainment. The entertainment varies each evening to allow variety. You may want to watch a Vegas-style show one night followed by a comedian the following night. There are plenty of chances to dance the night away in ballrooms and nightclubs. In addition, there are often Disney themed entertainment, which the children will love.


Cruising offers the opportunity to eat top class food 24 hours a day if you wish. There are usually a range of dining options available, ranging from formal dining rooms to more casual burger bars. The buffets offered are astonishing and eating becomes a real treat. The formal dining experiences gives the opportunity to dress up to the nines!

No need to fly

Depending on where your cruise starts and finishes there may be no need to fly during your holiday. This is great for people who don’t like flying but wish to visit different countries. If you would like to relax and unwind before you board the ship there are hotel chains such as allcruisehotels that specialize in ensuring your cruise experience runs smoothly. You can book into one of the many cruise hotels available throughout the world the night before you sail or when the ship returns.

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Cruising is ideal for shopaholics as there is so much opportunity to indulge in retail therapy. On board the ship you will find an abundance of retail outlets selling jewelry, alcohol, perfumes and handbags. There are certain limitations on what you can buy, the cruise operators can provide knowledge on this. There is also the opportunity to buy souvenirs from the different ports that you visit. Usually, purchases are also tax-free!



Cruising is all about indulgence and relaxation, so make the most of it! There are plenty of spa facilities available onboard cruise ships, all offering the latest treatments designed to make you feel amazing. As cruise ships are so large you will be able to find space to relax in peace and quiet with a good book or relax in the onboard cinema whilst watching all the new releases. Cabins although usually small are well appointed and you can upgrade to larger rooms or suites if your budget allows.


Most cruise itineraries are designed to take you to areas that are hot and sunny. In the winter, for example, there are more cruises around the canary Islands so that you can soak up some winter sun. When travelling by ship you are able to visit the very best beaches that countries have to offer. Some cruise liners actually have their own private islands where you can undertake many beach based activities.


When you embark on a cruise you can be safe in the knowledge that you will receive 5 star service, both in the amenities available and the manner in which the cruise is operated. Expect your bed to be turned down each evening, chocolates on the pillow, as well as courtesy and helpfulness from the staff working on board.

So grab a coffee and research the many cruise options available either online or from a brochure.

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