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When you’re planning your wedding, it’s incredibly easy to flick through magazines or browse wedding blogs and think that there’s no chance that you’ll be able to have a wedding that’s nearly as stylish as the ones that you see there. After all, it seems like the kinds of weddings that you see in magazines must have cost more than what most people make in a year! It seems as though, with the budget and resources that the majority of people actually have at their disposal, it’s impossible to achieve anything as stylish and beautiful as what you see on those glossy pages. Well, fear not! It turns out that it’s actually a lot easier than you think to have a stylish and elegant wedding worthy of even the classiest magazines. All it takes is some hard work and a little bit of ingenuity.

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Pick a theme 

One of the most common reasons that many people don’t feel like their wedding is as stylish as it could be is that they struggle to find a theme for it. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go full “Enchantment Under The Sea”, but it’s definitely worth thinking about the kind of style you want to bring to your wedding. If all you have in your mind is words like “elegant” or “sophisticated”, then it’s time to getting more specific. Do you want a classic 1930s art deco atmosphere? Perhaps a vintage, shabby chic, homemade kind of feel for your celebrations? Those kinds of questions are crucial to figuring out the kind of atmosphere that you want to create. Otherwise, you run the risk of having a wedding that just seems sort of generic.

Capture the moment 

Here’s the big secret of all of those weddings on blogs and in magazines: the photographs that you see make a huge difference to how stylish they look. Finding the right photographer can help to preserve the memories of your wedding as beautifully as possible. You want to be able to look through your wedding photographs and see the magic that you felt when you said your vows. If your photographer isn’t able to do that, then your photographs are going to look bland, generic and aren’t going to properly represent the way that your big day actually felt.

Think about the little details

It’s often the little details that people latch onto when you’re looking through wedding magazines. It might be the flower arrangements, the colour scheme, or anything else, but it’s rarely the entire image that really captures your attention and imagination. Because of that, it’s important to focus on those little details with your own wedding. Everything from place setting to the music, to the venue should all serve to reinforce the theme and atmosphere that you’re trying to create. If you’ve done your job right then, people can often go without noticing them, instead just absorbing the atmosphere as a whole. But if these kinds of details aren’t thought about, then they are likely to stick out like a sore thumb and undermine the feeling that you’re trying to create for yourself and your guests.

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