Should you Buy a Travel Insurance Plan and what should you know about

Travelling is not a hobby, it’s a gene etched in our DNA. Travelling can be fun, full of adventure and fraught with unforeseen dangers. However, since travelling is all about the unforeseen, it pays to be prepared. Travel insurance plan is something we often ignore buying while booking our travel tickets.

Though it may seem like a forced choice to pay another Rs 300 on a Rs 10,000 ticket, that extra Rs. 300 can save you from a lot of trouble.

travel insurance plan

Wondering why to buy a Travel Insurance plan?

The plan offers emergency assistance benefits in case of evacuations, baggage loss, medical expenses, pre-existing medical conditions and repatriation. In a nutshell, you may say that it covers all incidental expenses. Travel insurance is a nominal expense compared to your travel budget and the risks it covers. Best travel insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage for almost all the possible unfortunate events that can spoil your trip.

  1. Last minute cancellations

You or any of the family members can fall sick at the last minute. There can be a medical emergency or demise of a near and dear one. You will have to cancel your trip. If you have travel insurance, then you need not worry about these cancellations. But without insurance, last minute cancellations will mean that you lose a major chunk of your booking amount.

  1. Easy help overseas

Many unforeseen issues can arise when you travel. Especially when you travel abroad, it can be very difficult to get help in case of any problems and issues. But with good travel insurance, it can become easy for you to get help overseas.

  1. Medical expenditure

Sickness or accidents leading to emergency hospitalization can be a costly affair in a foreign land. If you have travel insurance, there should not be much of a problem.

Best travel insurance companies offer cashless coverage in many countries. Thus, if you are travelling to multiple locations in a year or a single trip, you can check the countries covered before buying the insurance.

  1. For incidents beyond your control

Sometimes flights can get canceled, or due to a delay, you may miss out on a connecting cruise or connecting flight. There may be times when there can be an emergency back home, and you have rushed back. In such cases, you will have to make new reservations, and you also stand to lose money for the reservations that you have already made. But if you have travel insurance, then this should not be a problem.

  1. Thefts, losses and other expenses

There are so many cases of loss of luggage and theft when one travels overseas. This can become a major spoiler for the trip and can cost you extra money to get back on track. But if you have travel insurance, then you will get covered for such damages and losses.

  1. Legal Assistance

Travel insurance helps you with the legal assistance in case of emergencies like car accidents. The insurer can engage local legal entities to assist you with the case and get you through as soon as possible. The insurer can also play a one stop contact for emergencies and can connect you with emergency contact centers and nearest embassies if needed. They will also assist you in completing the procedure and formalities for getting the new documents.

What should You know about before spending your hard-earned money in a travel insurance plan:

  • Trip Expenses
  • Replacement Charges
  • Cancellation Coverage
  • Know the Claim Filing Process
  • Know the Exclusions
  • Understand the Coverage Type

Travel Worry Free with the right travel insurance company

Unforeseen problems, medical emergencies etc. can happen anywhere and anytime. Travel insurance can help you save a lot of money, and you will also get valuable assistance. But for all this, you need to select the right travel insurance plan from the best travel insurance company.

Best travel insurance providers offer the cover online. The best time to insure your travel is as soon as you book the tickets. However, the travel insurance option you can select with the ticket may not give you complete details of the cover.

Thus, unless you are certain of the benefits, you can always check directly with the insurer before buying a policy. A separate travel insurance policy will be especially helpful when you are planning a mix of locations or countries to travel.

In short, do not ignore the extra Rs. 300 as a useless thing on your trip. It is the backup when everything else fails.


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