Brad Roemer’s Methods to Having a Happier Friday Afternoon Alone

April is a month of confusion. You’ll have some days where you’ll feel like floating in sheer happiness for the change of weather. Other days will give you the blues thanks to the pale grey sky and raindrops glistening off your cheeks. For those days where the blues have you from going out and exploring your city or meeting up with your friends for cocktails and dinner, don’t sulk while staying in for another repeat on Netflix. Brad Roemer, a real estate maven in Oakland, CA, has a few tips to share from when he’s feeling the April blues.


Sometimes it makes more sense to stay in this Friday night whether it be because of the weather or for the sake of saving money. If your weekends are feeling a little blah, then you should make a change right from the moment you wake up. Be a little more creative by taking the time to read a short poem, an excerpt from your favorite quotes bible or listen to a motivating podcast in the morning from well-known speakers. You can simply swipe through YouTube for some of the well-known speakers. Brad Roemer’s favorites include Tony Robbins and Gabrielle Bernstein. Or else he also ventures through TED and TEDx talks while he gets ready in the morning. Learn something new every day or get inspired by literary works of your choosing.

Having some difficulty getting enough shut eye? Springtime calls for an earlier wake up calls thanks to the sun shining through your windows. Invest in a good pair of light-blocking drapes if you require complete darkness to get all your sleep.

If you’ve been reading Brad Roemer’s interior design blog, then you’ve probably caught on to the fact that his Costa Rica adventures have inspired him to bring back plants into every aspect of his homes. This has many benefits for your sleeping habits as it purifies the air. Don’t go for succulents from the get-go even if they are ever-so-popular on Pinterest. Instead, opt for a ZZ plant since it does not require much maintenance.

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