The Biggest Culprits Behind Your Skin Problems

Do you wish you didn’t have to put up with dry, flaky skin? Are you continually feeling jealous of your friends who look like they have flawless complexions, all the time? If so, don’t panic – there’s probably a few things you are doing that are causing your skin problems, and a few little tweaks to your routine could prove to be the difference.

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant culprits behind your skin problems and a few simple suggestions on how to solve them.

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First of all, not all makeup is created equal. Many products on the market won’t be suitable for everyone and while most makeup is harmless, the reality is that some brands might be causing your skin problems. Try using alternative natural makeup brands instead, or going without altogether. Once you identify the culprits, it’s simple – don’t use them again, stick to the products that work well, and your skin should clear up in no time.

Regular washing

Be honest – how well do you wash before going to bed? Many people who suffer from dry, flaky and even oily skin often fail to cleanse themselves properly before going to sleep. Ultimately, your skin needs to breathe, and if you’re not washing properly before bedtime, it won’t get the opportunity. The result is clogged pores, blackheads, dry patches, and possibly breakouts of acne.

Forgetting exfoliation

Exfoliation is another part of the process of getting a flawless look for your skin. Dead skin cells not only cause flakiness, but they also cause you to look pale and gray – so get rid of them on a regular basis. You should aim to exfoliate at least once or twice a week, and you’ll find you have a much healthier glow than you did before.

Too much of the sun

We all love spending time in the sun – but your skin would disagree. With too much sun exposure, you are not only going to develop wrinkles, age spots, and dry patches, you will also run the risk of developing skin cancer. Make sure you are using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 – more if you have fair or pale skin – and limit your time in direct sunlight as much as possible.

Not enough water

Are you drinking at least eight glasses of water per day? If not, there’s probably a good chance it is contributing to your skin problems. Your skin is 64% water, so it’s easy to see why any lack of hydration is going to cause issues. Alongside your glasses of water, you should also aim to eat plenty of water-packed fruit and vegetables such as cucumber, grapefruit, and watermelon.

Naughty habits

Finally, if you are smoking, drinking too much alcohol, or even burning the candle at both ends, the chances are the first sign of your habits will show up on your skin. Quitting your bad habits and getting enough sleep will have a near instant impact on your skin – so do the right thing and start leading a healthier lifestyle.

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