4 Best Places to Rejuvenate in Seattle

Seattle, Washington, is a city that offers a hip, vibrant, and urban culture. Diverse, progressive, and constantly expanding; Seattle allows visitors and residents alike to immerse themselves in myriad experiences; from the cultural to the entertaining, to energize the senses. However, some of the best experiences are ones that provide serenity and an opportunity to unplug from the bustle of the Seattle cityscape. Fortunately, Seattle offers many options for those who want to simply unplug, detox, and forget about life’s stresses for a while.

Start with staying at a relaxing hotel in Seattle like one of the many InterContinental Hotels Group properties. Then plan your stay around some of the places on this list.

massage, Seattle

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Seattle Massage Oasis

The Seattle Massage Oasis offers a variety of treatments to rejuvenate the body and mind. From deep tissue massage, neuromuscular techniques, and sports massage to passive stretching and reiki, guests and patients can come in for a general massage or as part of a treatment for conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Massage has a variety of health benefits, and the Seattle Massage Oasis provides the opportunity to indulge in those benefits and gain a luxurious experience.

St. Paul’s Centennial Garden Labyrinth

Sometimes, the best way to find one’s way is to simply experience being lost for a while. St. Paul’s Centennial Garden Labyrinth offers visitors a chance to meditate on one’s innermost thoughts while exploring an engaging labyrinth. Located in a sunken garden, the labyrinth is a deceptively simple path without dead ends or walls. Whether one goes for prayer, contemplation, or simply a walk, the Labyrinth teaches those who walk its path that sometimes; the only way to solve a problem is one step at a time.

Joe Bar 

Few things are as delightfully solitary as a cup of coffee and a good book. The Joe Bar cafe, located at 810 E. Roy St., provides the coffee to accompany a beloved book. Boasting an ambiance that caters to those who have a love for community, coffee and art, the Joe Bar cafe provides a place for visitors to read, view an expansive collection of art, or simply sip on a cup of Seattle coffee while contemplating the expanse of the universe.

Olympic Sculpture Park

Free and open to the public every day of the year, the Olympic Sculpture Park is a green space that allows visitors and citizens to enjoy a bit of nature while taking in some astounding art. The park opened in 2007 and spans more than 9 acres and allows visitors to wander through an outdoor exhibit that is dedicated to showcasing some of the most influential artists while supporting important initiatives of sustaining the local ecosystem.

Whether it’s going for a walk to be lost in one’s thoughts, taking in some engaging art, or simply sipping on a warm drink while listening to the cacophony of coffee shop chatter; you can find a variety of ways to unwind in Seattle. In the age where self-care is becoming a more important habit, take time to chill out at one of Seattle’s relaxing spots.


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