The Rise Of Beauty Cosmetic Procedures

In a society where beauty remains under the microscope, it’s now very accessible and affordable to get beauty cosmetic procedures for pretty much anything and everything concerning the body. And with celebrities publicly endorsing these treatments, the need to alter our body and become more comfortable in your skin is becoming more and more popular.

cosmetic procedures

So with so many surgical and non-surgical treatments available, what are the most sought after in today’s society.

Body Contouring

Body contouring is one of the most popular areas of cosmetic treatments that come in both invasive and non-invasive forms. Sculpting your body with these procedures can be helpful when exercise and a healthy diet are not shifting or toning the relevant areas of the body that you’re focused on. A few examples of body shaping treatments are:

  • Liposuction – For stubborn areas of fat, liposuction is the traditional form of surgery to remove unwanted fat. You can typically get this treatment done around the face, breasts and chest, abdomen, back, arms and legs. With this procedure, you’ll be placed under general anesthetic, and it can last from 45 minutes up to two hours depending on body goals you have. Liposuction has been around for a while, and even though non-invasive forms of fat removal exist, this procedure is still prevalent.
  • Breast Augmentation & Butt Lifts – As you get older, parts of the body may start to sag due to the natural process of aging. Some may wish to recapture their youth and lift or add volume to those areas. Breast augmentation is an extremely popular procedure with many who either want to increase or decrease their cup size or lift them up. Surgeons like Dr. Michael Horn offer all types of body lifts including a butt lift. This procedure is normally done if the patient is after a bigger bottom. It works by using the patient’s own fat through silicone implants, and it has very minimal pain involved. Whenever getting any type of procedure, it is always essential you go with someone that’s qualified and is also reputable within the industry.
  • Coolsculpting – The introduction of non-invasive procedures has definitely contributed to the increase in numbers and Coolsculpting is one of the latest, innovative treatments that offers to remove fat cells without the need for surgery. The procedure involves cryolipolysis technology that targets and freezes fat cells safely and removes them permanently. After the procedure, the skin is massaged, and after a few weeks, the body naturally gets rid of the fat cells.


For many of us, Botox was the first procedure we heard of when it came to altering the elasticity in your face due to a lot of celebrities having it done. These anti-aging injections have been around for a while now but are still one of the most popular treatments to have currently. The procedure involves injecting this muscle freezing liquid into the skin where it needs plumping or smoothing out. There are multiple uses for it just on the face and botox is now used to help other conditions. It’s used on the armpits to reduce excessive sweating and in the lips to make them more voluptuous.

Botox is also widely available not just in clinics but in some high-street stores which makes the treatment a lot cheaper than other beauty procedures. The results aren’t permanent, so you’d need to go back for further treatments when required.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal has also proved to be quite sought after, perhaps to reduce to amount of time and effort it takes to shave the hair with razors or with waxing. This laser technology can be used on the upper lip, armpits, arms, and legs. It’s popular because once the cycle of treatments is complete, the hair will be permanently removed. The only occasions where it would come back is if there was a hormone imbalance, for example, pregnancy. So considering the amount we pay on razors or getting our hair waxed, many are turning to this treatment to save more money in the long run. It also takes a lot less time depending on the area treated. Anything from 5 minutes to 45 minutes is the average.

It seems as though the desire to change and alter our body isn’t just for vanity anymore but for necessity. Botox can help with teeth grinding and migraines while having laser hair removal save so much time and money. With liposuction alone, taking in around $750 million a year, it doesn’t look as if these invasive and non-invasive beauty procedures are going anywhere fast.


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