Size Isn’t Everything: How To Make The Most Of Your Smaller Than Average Wedding Budget

Surveys show that the average cost of a UK wedding now stands at over £27k, and that’s excluding the royal wedding. However, money shouldn’t stop any couple from celebrating their love. Even if your budget is significantly smaller than the national average, it’s still possible to enjoy a magical day that you’ll never forget.

As with many aspects of modern life, establishing a sense of balance is key. Opt for luxury in the right areas while making cutbacks elsewhere, and you should see stunning outcomes. Focus on these four factors below, and you won’t go far wrong.

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Timing Is Everything

Planning to have a Saturday wedding in the middle of summer? Be prepared to pay for it.

Most weddings occur May through October while Christmas and Valentine’s Day are popular periods too. However, opting for a November wedding may limit your options. A happy medium is to opt for a Sunday wedding as you’ll save money and still get the summer sun. Likewise, people won’t need to take time off work.

If your wedding party is likely to include a lot of parents, doing it during the school holidays can make life even easier. Just be sure that your main guests haven’t already booked a holiday.

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Keep Paid Services To A Minimum

Many people and services are needed to bring your big day to life. But that shouldn’t be an excuse for waste.

You will need a wedding photographer, but try paying them for the day and the first hour of the evening only. Your guests have smartphones and cameras to take snaps of the night party, and this will bring a more honest reflection of the fun. This combination of professional shots and relaxed candid photos will work wonders.

Asking friends to use their skills, such as baking the cake, can be a great alternative to gifts.


Low Key External Activities

The wedding costs aren’t only related to the day itself. Cut the costs on those additional days, and you’ll have more cash for the main event.

Bridal showers can be held at home while stag parties in your hometown are just as special as spending a week abroad. This simple change of mindset could easily shave a couple of thousand from the overall budget. Meanwhile, the fact that you’re asking for less of a commitment from guests is a noteworthy bonus.

On a separate note, DIY wedding invites can save you a few hundred just like that.

Dress Your Way

Appearances count for everything on the big day because all eyes are on you. Nonetheless, you needn’t be forced into spending a fortune.

Opting for a comfortable dress that suits your style will make you feel more confident on the day. So, the fact that moving away from the traditional white dress may also save money isn’t even the primary incentive. Meanwhile, rentals are another way to cut the budget. Given that you’ll only wear the outfit once, it does make sense for the budget-friendly wedding planners.

Similarly, having a friend do the bride’s makeup can save a significant fee.


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