13 Apps For International Travelers

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Calling all jet setters! If you’re about to head off on the trip-of-a-lifetime, you may find that your to-do list is never-ending. There is so much to do and buy to prepare you for international travel – booking flights; sorting out visas; buying insurance; getting any required jabs; buying holiday items; packing – but one thing you might have overlooked is downloading all the right travel apps.

In this modern age, the right apps on your phone can make it easier than ever before to stay connected to people and places wherever you are in the world. So, we have rounded up the top apps for international travelers, that will make your trip more enjoyable. Start downloading and enjoy your traveling now!

  1. Duolingo

Duolingo is the number one language app. It is completely free to download and offers language courses in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and more, so you can learn on-the-go. This app is useful for brushing up on your language skills or for learning a few basic phrases.

  1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner compares hundreds of flights and airlines to find you the cheapest option – a must-have app on your phone. Especially if you want to catch a good deal.

  1. Amazon Kindle

You may use an e-reader or Kindle to read, but did you know you get it all on your phone? With Amazon Kindle you can access all your books on your mobile, plus you can sync your accounts across devices, so if you’ve read a chapter on your kindle you can carry on where you left off on your phone.

  1. HotelTonight

HotelTonight is an essential app download if you’re moving from city to city and need last-minute accommodation on-the-go. It offers great hotel reviews and unbeatable prices.

  1. Dark Sky

With Dark Sky you can see accurate weather forecasts for the next hour or day – if it will rain, how hot/cold it will be, and the level of humidity, so you can plan your time accordingly.

  1. TripIt

Having TripIt on your phone is like having a personal travel agent in your pocket – you can file all of your travel dates, times, booking numbers, emails and documents in one place.

  1. Guide by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet’s digital guides are handy if you’ve arrived in a new place and want to know what’s on offer. You can also cache maps, so you don’t need a data connection to view them later on.

  1. Hostelworld

With Hostelworld you can find, compare and book hostels whilst on your travels. You can easily filter what accommodation you’re looking for and see exactly where they are on the map.

  1. Uber

Uber is available in countries all over the world and is a good app to have set up on your phone in case you’re unable to get a local taxi. This transportation service will take you where you want to go at a low cost.

  1. Pangea Money Transfer

If you’re staying in a different country for a long time, you may have decided to open a local bank account. With Pangea Money Transfer you and your loved ones can transfer money across the world for a small flat rate fee, saving you time and money.

  1. XE Currency

XE Currency is great for quickly converting up to 10 currencies on your phone, so you’ll never have to work out a currency conversion in your head!

  1. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most useful apps you can have on your phone if you’re traveling somewhere where you aren’t fluent in their native language. It can translate signs and words using the phone’s camera and can translate spoken words using the microphone. And with it supporting an incredible 103 languages, it’s a must-have for everyone.

  1. Citymapper

Citymapper is a great tool for mapping out journeys around cities all over the world. While standard maps and Google can tell you where to go, Citymapper will guide you through the quickest route and step-by-step, as well as which mode of transport to take, journey timings and ETAs, and will navigate you around traffic and congestion.

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