An Adrenaline Junkie’s Guide to Tennessee

For the hardcore adrenaline junkie finding vacation spots that get the blood flowing can be kind of tough. Tennessee is a state that might not be the first to come to mind when looking for activities that keep a junkie satisfied. What is hiding in the mountains of Tennessee is exactly what every adrenaline junkie needs, and will fulfill that crazy adventurous spirit.


Up, Up and Away

Tennessee has the music of Nashville and Memphis, and some of the most beautiful sites and countryside around. If your adrenaline gets going from being in the clouds there are hot air balloon rides that sore over different locales. A step up is ziplining through the lush woodlands of Tennessee. Following along the Harpeth River, Canopy Zipline offers 9 different runs. This definitely picks up the pace for adventure lovers.

Wicked, Wet and Wild

Outdoor Adventure Rafting offers rafting adventures that aren’t a restful trip watching the birds. Rafting down the Ocoee River is white water lunacy and will keep the best adrenaline junkie satisfied. Tubing is another way of experiencing the fun and rivers of Tennessee without the need for a helmet. Rock climbing and paintball are other activities available on the Ocoee.

Day or Night Wicked Fun

Gatlinburg is loaded with wild fun and the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is one that can’t be missed. This amazing ride in the Smoky Mountains can’t be more fun and it can’t be stopped. The coaster is open in the cold, rain, sun, and even at night. So whether you’re enjoying summer adventures in Tennessee or fall in the Smoky Mountains the Gatlinburg Coaster is open and ready to show riders an incredible trip through the trees! Definitely, try a day and night ride just for the pure thrill of it!

Tennessee is loaded with stimulating activities for the adrenaline junkie and no doubt will convert a few laid-back vacationers to become junkies! The good times don’t stop here and it’s a destination that shouldn’t be missed.

Here are just a few of the activities are covered:

  • rock climbing
  • paintball
  • white water rafting
  • tubing
  • hot air ballooning
  • ziplining
  • Gatlinburg mountain coaster

This is just a guide of some of what’s available in Dolly Parton’s home state. Once these excursions are crossed off there is a good chance that most visitors will return. It’s the kind of place adrenaline junkies like to return to.


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    Thanks for sharing!! I love Gatlinburg! It’s such a fun city! We will be checking these locations out! Definitely the coaster!

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