A Guide To Getting The Most Of Your Wedding Venue


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When the decision is finally made and you have settled on the right venue for your wedding, it can feel like the tough part is over. The choice is made; you’re happy with the choice, and now all you need to do is count down to the big day.

However, the simple act of choosing where your wedding will be held is actually just the first step – now, the challenge is to make the most of the venue you have chosen. A great venue cannot, in and of itself, create a stunning wedding; you’ll have to take extra steps to ensure that all the reasons you chose that venue are highlighted and capitalized on, so you can be sure of the best possible backdrop to your day. Here are a few ideas that can help you achieve that goal.

Evening lighting

When dusk falls on your big day, you want to be sure that both the internal and exterior lighting will still be able to showcase your venue in, quite literally, the best possible light. If the lighting is good, your guests will be able to appreciate the features of your venue, and your photographs will be all the more stunning.

The best way to judge the evening lighting is to visit the venue after dark; if the spaces you will be using are appropriately lit, then you can be confident your day will go as planned. However, if aspects of the venue’s beauty are lost to darkness, explore the options on to browse ideas for helping to light things up and improve the overall atmosphere.

Color schemes

When considering a color scheme for a wedding, most couples tend to think about the colors that they generally like or which have a personal significance. However, your wedding venue has a vital role to play in your color scheme.

After all, your venue will have colors of its own – the color of the brickwork, the flooring, the furniture, the flowers in the garden, and so on and so forth. While there are ways and means of overcoming these colors if they are truly incompatible with colors you have set your heart on – chair covers, for example – having to make adaptations tends to complicate matters significantly. It’s, therefore, best to wait until you have confirmed your venue and the colors it contains before deciding on your eventual color scheme, so you can choose a scheme that will complement your venue perfectly.

Guest viewpoints

When you walk through your venue, you will have the perfect view: the rooms and gardens will most likely be empty, and you’ll be able to walk around in order to admire the venue’s features individually.

However, your guests will be static for large portions of the day; they will be at their assigned seats, both for the ceremony and the reception. As a result, there’s always a chance their view may be less than ideal – pillars, for example, could obstruct views of the top table during the reception, which means that your guests will not get the full experience of the beauty of your venue. It’s helpful to take the possibility of restricted viewpoints into account when designing your seating chart and ceremony chair placement, working with the venue to ensure that all of your guests can see the key areas as well as possible.


Many wedding photographs focus predominantly on people, but it is natural that your venue will also be included in the images you are able to capture on the day. It’s therefore worth walking through your venue – and its grounds, if applicable – before the day itself, ideally with your photographer, in order to choose the most photogenic locations. In particular, keep in mind the natural lighting that will be available; some locations will look at their best if photographed earlier in the day, while others will be more suited to the photography “golden hour” that occurs in the early evening.

In addition, it’s also worth considering a very modern way of photographing your wedding: drone photography. Drone photography allows you to capture the size and scope of your venue and achieve incredible angles; as you can see from the accounts on, those who have chosen this option have spoken favorably about the results they have been able to achieve. If you’re looking for wedding photographs with a unique touch, then drone photography could well be the right choice for you.

In conclusion

Unfortunately, choosing your wedding venue from a long list of options is just the first step in an important chain of events. With the selection made, you can move on to considering the elements above – all of which should help to ensure that you can make the most of your chosen venue, much to the benefit of your day as a whole.


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