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    Bra Fit Problems: How To Fix

    Bra fit problems! We all experience this at some point. Finding the right bra for wearing with each clothing can be stressing at times. I came across a 34B bra after trying it on I came to realize that it was just not my fit. The under bra wire was not in the right place and the high cut of the bra gave my boob an overflow; even though my regular bra size is a 34B it did not work for my breasts. All bra size is not equal. Demi bras (low cut or half cups) is made with less material than a full coverage bra with the same size. For instance, if you wear a 34B in a demi bra, a 34A bra in full coverage would give you a better fit than wearing a 34B full coverage.

    bra fit problems

    To find your correct fit in a bra depends on the width of the band. If you are wearing your bra on the tightest hook and it can still move around, that means the bra is too big. Straps that dig into your shoulders, constantly need tightening or falling off are signs that the band is too big. The band supports your breasts and not the straps. When selecting diverse bras, convertible bras or strapless bra you will want a band with the right fit. If you find yourself with these common bra fit problems try using a comfortable bra like this. Read more

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    Lingerie Accessories: From Sexy Swimsuits to Cover Ups

    Lingerie accessories

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    The beauty of a woman lies within; in the way, she carries or presents herself. Clothing, accessories or even your lingerie items do play a significant role in making you feel confident about your own self. Hence, it is important to keep a part of your income aside to invest in lingerie shopping. Following is a list of lingerie accessories, from sexy swimsuits to cover-ups like sexy panties, which every woman must have in her wardrobe. Have a look- Read more