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    Steps to Take When Recovering from the Flu


    On average, around 5 to 20 percent of the population in the US will get the flu every year, and around 200,000 Americans are hospitalized every year because of flu-related illnesses. Flu is a contagious infection. Otherwise known as influenza, it can cause uncomfortable symptoms that come on very quickly, such as feeling tired, achy, and a sore throat. While the worst symptoms of flu tend to only last a few days, you may feel the aftereffects such as fatigue for weeks following your recovery. Therefore, you should be sure to take care of yourself and take these steps on how to recover from the flu. Read more

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    How to Keep Your Immune System Healthy

    The role of your immune system is to fight off viruses and bacteria that can progress into an illness. Some of the most common viruses that our immune system suffers from are cold and flu illnesses. Your immune system is also how your body defends itself against infections, so it is crucial that you do everything you can to keep your immune system healthy and working well. If you suffer from a weak immune system, then you may find yourself constantly being unwell.

    Often our daily lifestyle choices can diminish our immune system’s ability to fight off infection; for example, drinking too much alcohol or smoking cigarettes can compromise our immune system. Here are a few tips on how to keep yourself and the immune system healthy and illness-free.

    immune system

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    6 Unbelievable Healing Benefits of Drinking Water in a Copper Vessel

    6 Unbelievable Healing Benefits of Drinking Water in a Copper Vessel

    “In Indian spirituality, copper is considered as a healing metal associated with the Queen of Heaven. Copper water has been a part of Ayurveda and folk medicine for thousands of years. Carrying a world of good, copper exudes numerous benefits to the human body as verified by healers and researchers for centuries. Read on some of these below!”

    Mostly in India, you’ll notice that in temples and houses, people keep a copper kalasha or pitcher to store amrita or the holy water. This water is then given to the worshippers to drink and sprinkle over their heads. This Amrita water is said to have spiritual healing properties, and thus, viewed as a symbol of holiness and immortality. Well, if you look at it scientifically too, water stored in a copper vessel is equivalent to holy water or amrita. Here are some of the mind-blowing healing benefits of drinking water from a copper water bottle or storing water in a copper vessel. Read more

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    Know how much Water you should Drink with this Easy Calculation

    Why You Need More Water, And How To Get It

    They say you are what you eat. But it’s a lot more accurate to say you are what you drink.

    Here’s why: Humans are 60-70% water, and we’re secreting fluids all the time, from blood to breast milk, to sweat, even the excess saliva that shows up when we smell something delicious.

    Common knowledge would have you believe that 8 glasses or 64 ounces a day is enough to replenish you. But that number is an average. It fails to factor in the difference between men and women, the difference in climate or time of year, and the fact that other liquids, and even plenty of food, actually have water in them. Let alone any individual needs, like breastfeeding women, people with bladder issues, athletes in training, or anyone else who might need more water throughout the day.

    detox water

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    Lifestyle Changes that Will Have a Positive Impact on Your Appearance

    makeup brushes

    While you may be able to alter your appearance with all sorts of makeup, you should bear in mind that the more clear and healthy your skin is, the better the canvas you have to work with. You should also take care of your hair, teeth, nails, and other physical features to compliment your overall look. So, here are a couple of changes that you can make to your lifestyle to improve your overall natural appearance. Read more

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    Eating Better For Your Skin… Food For Thought!

    It’s always food for thought, but can we eat our way to a more youthful complexion? We all know the benefits of eating well on our heart health and general well-being, but there are lots of foods that can do you wonders for your skin. What you eat can affect your skin purely because of inflammation, and as this is your body’s way half protecting itself and getting rid of toxins it can show up in things like acne, but it can also cause your skin to age. So what are the best foods for your skin?

    coconut oil, food for thought

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    Tips to Get More Kissable Lips

    kissable lips

    Image source: Flickr

    Lips are one of a woman’s best features. Men love them, and women love having a pretty full lip to show off in their selfies. Even if you don’t think your lips are particularly impressive, there are lots of things you can do to make them look more luscious and imminently more kissable, so that no one will be able to resist you.

    Check out these tips to get more kissable lips:

    Drink More Water

    Lips need a lot of moisture if they’re going to look as plump and healthy as they should, which is why you should drink lots of water throughout the day to keep them hydrated. Being well-hydrated will also plump up and improve the appearance of your skin.

    Lots of Lip Smacker

    Unfortunately, the skin on our lips is quite thin, and it doesn’t benefit from any natural oils like other parts of the body, so it really is essential, if you want to have smooth, plump lips, that you apply moisture in the form of your favorite lip smacker on a regular basis. Lip balms that contain hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax are best.

    Exfoliate Regularly

    Because the skin on the lips is quite thin, you shouldn’t over exfoliate, but you should make an effort to get rid of dead skin at least once or twice a week, or if your lips are particularly sensitive, whenever you notice a real need to do so. Dead skin will start to flake if it isn’t removed and no one ever wanted to kiss horribly flaky lips.

    Apply SPF

    Again, because the skin on the lips is thin and sensitive, it’s really important that you protect them by applying an SPF lip moisturizer daily. Even if it isn’t a sunny day, you still need to do this.

    Apply a Hydrating Lipstick

    If you want your lips to really look their best, steer clear of matte lipsticks which will dry out your lips and make them look dull and lifeless. Instead, find a great hydrating lipstick in your signature color and use that instead. If you must use a matte lipstick, at least a apply a layer or two of lip balm before you apply your lipstick.

    Plump it Up

    Lips that look naturally plump are so much more inviting than the lips, but you don’t have to have naturally plump lips to create the effect! Just apply a lip plumping gloss over your lipstick for a quick boost.

    Take Care of Your Teeth


    There’s little point making your lips look good if you don’t also take care of your teeth. After all, your lips look imminently more kissable when you smile, and if your teeth aren’t the best, that could ruin the effect.

    If your teeth are missing or in really bad shape, consider getting the best dental implants you can afford, to transform your smile, otherwise, just doing the basics, like brushing and flossing regularly and avoiding excess sugar should be enough.

    Do you have amazingly kissable lips? What are your top tips for creating lips that no man or woman can resist?
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    How to Cleanse the Scalp while Wearing Braids

    braids, natural hair, afro, kinky hair, protective style

    We often wear braids as a form of protective or low-maintenance style. By doing this the hair gets less manipulation and is able to grow. The longer we have braids installed; the more build ups we accumulate on the scalp from sweat, pollutants from the air and surroundings, dead skin cells, sebum, hair products and more. To prevent this the scalp need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This DIY scalp cleanse recipe is very simple. Read more

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    How a Home Humidifier Works and The Different Types

    A home humidifier is normally used in the winter time. When you turn on the heat in the winter, the heat not only sends cold air out of your house, it will also send humidity out.

    Your home should have a relative humidity of about 40 to 45 percent. When the heat is turned on, the humidity can drop below 20 percent and even down to 5 percent. The low humidity can cause several problems inside your home as well as affect your health.
    The dry air can suck the moisture out of your furniture. This can cause your furniture to break easily. Low humidity can also cause static electricity and can make the air feel colder inside. The wood in the floors can become dried out which causes the wood to shrink and create creaks. You’ll also notice cracks in the drywall and plaster of your walls.
    As far as your health is concerned, the dry air from low humidity can dry out your skin and make you feel colder. Dried out mucous membranes can cause frequent nose bleeds and your throat drying out. This will make you even more vulnerable to colds and other respiratory problems.
    A home humidifier will help you with these problems. It will raise the humidity to a proper level so that the air isn’t dry and you don’t sit around the house with a stuffed up nose and dry mouth. The water in the humidifier will either evaporate or release steam into the room causing the air to become moistened.
    Of course, you only want to use it during the winter. In the warmer months, the humidity is higher and you don’t want your home to be too humid. That could lead to problems such as mold and bacteria buildup.
    There are several types of home humidifiers you can buy. You don’t want to buy something that’s too complicated to figure out how to work. You also want to make sure that you will have the time necessary to clean and do proper maintenance on a regular basis.
    Warm Mist HumidifierA warm mist humidifier is a great way to alleviate some of the symptoms of the common cold and other respiratory problems.
    Cool Mist HumidifiersThere are three types of cool mist humidifiers. Either type of humidifier will do the same job of raising the humidity in your room.
    Furnace Mount HumidifierA furnace mount humidifier is also called a whole house humidifier. The way furnace humidifiers work is that they are usually fitted into your heating system.
    Filterless Humidifier Buying a filterless humidifier might cost a little more, but it will save you money in the long run. These types of humidifiers are used in large rooms.

    How to Clean a Humidifier?

    It is very important that you know how to clean a humidifier. The cleaning and regular maintenance of a humidifier is the worst part about owning one. No one likes doing it, but it has to be done if you want your humidifier to work properly.
    If you have a single room humidifier that uses a filter or a mineral pad, make sure you replace the filter/pad on a regular basis. Dirty filters and mineral pads can cause a problem not only for your house but for your health as well.
    The purpose of the humidifier filter or mineral pad is to trap all the bacteria and dust that comes from the water you use to fill the tanks. If the filter or pad isn’t changed regularly, the bacteria will end up being released into the air of your room. This can cause fungi and molds to grow in your house.

    The bacteria and mold spores will float around in the air and could end up getting into your food, drinks, your throat and nose. You can end up having some serious respiratory problems.


    The manufacturer will have instructions included on how to clean a humidifier. It’s very important that you follow those directions and not try to do it your own way. You might end up damaging the unit or not cleaning it well enough to get rid of all the bacteria and dust.
    If you are using tap water to fill up the tank, then you will have to clean the humidifier and tank more often. This is especially true if you have hard water. Manufacturers sometimes suggest that you use distilled or purified water to lower the number of bacteria that are in the water.
    Many humidifiers are made of plastic parts. You have to be very careful how you clean these parts because the plastic can break easily. Using a toothbrush to clean the dust inside the unit is a good way to ensure that you won’t damage any parts.
    Putting a teaspoon of bleach in a gallon of water in the tank will help get rid of bacteria. Let it sit for about 20 minutes then rinse the tank out until any bleach smell is gone.
    You can also pour a cup of vinegar in the unit’s reservoir ONLY and let it sit for 20 minutes. Dump out the vinegar and then pour a cup of water in the reservoir only in order to get rid of the vinegar. Pour the water out after that.
    You can then use the toothbrush to get rid of any mineral buildup and dust. Make sure you don’t get any water on the bottom of the unit or on any internal parts.

    If you clean your humidifier once a week according to the manufacturer’s instructions and change the filter or mineral pad every few weeks, the unit should work properly and you won’t have any bacteria or mold build up in your home. 

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