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    The Importance of a Good Swimsuit and Why You Should Care

    Buying a swimsuit can be both a daunting and exciting experience. When summer comes around, most people are likely already looking for the latest collections and styles to purchase and show off at the beach. While most people are drooling over all the latest designer collections and working out to get their bodies beach ready; there’s a small group of people who are content with the swimsuit they’ve been wearing for the past couple of years.


    The reason for this is not because they’re frugal or because they don’t enjoy the newest designs, but because they understand the value of a good swimsuit. Most people tell themselves they have nothing new to wear, but other people know what it’s like to wear something new and feel uncomfortable with their new clothing. Clothes should fit your body and feel comfortable, and swimsuits are no exception. Read more

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    Beat the Summer Heat with Splash Pad

    The summer season is a very hot and long holiday. We often get hot and sweaty to the point where it becomes unbearable. There is no better way to enjoy the summer than going to the park to utilize the splash pad with your kids especially if your backyard is not equipped with a pool or even a garden hose and sprinkler. A splash pad is a great way to have fun and cool off during the summer heat.

    Dunns River Falls Splash Pad

    Read more

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    Summer Time: Water Activities

    Summer is approaching, my school semester will end and for sure I have to turn up in style and more. I have to be vacation ready!!! I have been searching the web for the best water activities, hot spots and the perfect food joint to eat. I have also gone ahead and created a Pinterest board just for the amazing events that I would love to take part in. With the Pinterest board, I can easily identify and keep track of the kind/type of activity that can be done for the day.
    Some fun water sports activities that I came up with includes, bubble water ball, Inflatable Slide Pool and the Inside Bouncer Apple Indoor Games.

    inflatable-bouncers-inside-inflatable-bouncer-apple-indoor-games water activities

    There are different types of Bubble Water Ball activities. These activities include getting inside of the huge ball and pedaling it or walking while pushing the ball on top of the water. This water activity can be enjoyed by the entire family. It holds one single or double occupancy per time.
    The Inflatable Slide Pool is a perfect activity for kids which adults can also enjoy.
    The Inside Bouncer Apple Indoor Games is fun for indoor activities, so no need to be worrying about getting sunburns. All activities can be enjoyed inside.
    I love water activities as much as how I hate the depth of the seas. With this due vacation, I will surely make the most fun out of it by enjoying myself and eating the best cuisine that I come across.
    Have you ever done any water activities?

    Which water activity is your favorite?

    DisclaimerThis is a sponsored post complimentary of Inflatable Zone, opinions expressed are solely of the author.