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    Kim Kardashian: Big Booty Craze

    Kim Kardashian: Big Booty



    Manipulation of God’s Temple

    What’s up with all this big booty craze? Oversized junk in the trunk! Manipulation of the God given temple. Why can’t one be satisfied with their body the way God made it? A little enhancement is okay but way overdoing until it looks far beyond the natural form is simply just ridiculous. These types of surgery can be costly.


    Kim Kardashian: Big Booty

    If it can fit into your budget it does not necessarily mean you have to do an outrageous adjustment. Kim Kardashian is known for this trend. Even though she had denied going under the needle but it is quite obvious that she had more than one adjustment. For Kim K. it seems more like an addiction. Kim Kardashian had so many enhancements done she is starting to look a lot like Spongebob Roundpants with that ridiculous oversized booty.

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    Love your body the way God made it. Don’t be a fool and take on the trend of these ridiculous, outrageous enhancements that leaves your booty looking way bigger than your skinny legs can manage.

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