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    Which Dental Treatments are Worth the Cost?

    dental treatments

    Your teeth have a huge impact on your overall appearance. A great set of pearly whites can boost your confidence, allowing you to smile freely and talk to whoever you please without feeling self-conscious. Good dental health can also help to ensure that you are healthy and comfortable in your day to day activities. Anyone who has experienced tooth sensitivity or a toothache will be able to vouch for how detrimental it can be in everyday situations. Simple tasks such as eating, drinking and doing work can suddenly seem impossible! But dental work doesn’t come cheap. So it’s absolutely essential that you weigh up the pros and cons of dental treatment and the overall cost to make sure that you are happy with your investment. With the help of Harley Street Smile Clinic, it is possible to get the dental treatments that you want.  Read more

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    The Link Between Your Diet and Your Smile

    People don’t seem to realize the correlation between smiling and your diet. Setting weight loss goals is fantastic, but actually reaching them can be a problem if you’re not paying attention to the things you’re consuming. Your diet can ultimately affect a lot of different things in your body. It can change your stress levels; it can change how much energy you have and it can also affect your smile. In this article, we’ll be going through some of the key points to remember when you’re about to go on a diet or change your eating habits, and how they can affect your teeth.

    smile diet
    Keep Drinking Water

    Changes in your diet can demand different levels of water intake. When you make changes, be they drastic or not, you might neglect to drink enough water and this can have a serious effect on your teeth. Drinking water helps to rinse your mouth of all kinds of acids and bacteria that could be the result of the food you eat. For instance; drinking juice is a fantastic way to cut down on calories (especially if you’re used to soda) but it can leave acids that erode tooth enamel. This leads to easy staining of your teeth; which is why drinking copious amounts of water is a fantastic option to lose weight and keep your teeth white. Low-calorie drinks such as diet soda are also not friendly to your teeth, so if you have to change the liquids you drink, try and stick to water.

    Watch Your Breath

    You might be looking at how to get whiter teeth by following some guides, but don’t neglect the importance of your breath too. Bad breath can stem from a number of different things, but your diet is perhaps the most overlooked component. Healthier foods such as garlic, onions and dairy can lead to bad breath due to the way they break down in our mouth and our stomach. Eating less can also cause bad breath due to the gasses released when your body breaks down fat stores instead of using carbohydrates as a source of energy; which is common in low-carb or low-calorie diet plans.

    Eat Scrubbing Foods

    When dieting, it’s common to eat more often and in smaller portions. This is to help with portion control and it’s a good way to limit the amount you eat if you restrict your calories. It can also help you feel fuller throughout the day which is never a bad thing. However, as a result of this constant eating, your teeth will be coated in bits of food and bacteria. To counteract this, eating foods that have scrubbing qualities at the end of your meal. This includes apples, carrots and celery. These types of foods are high in fibre and they promote saliva production. In a way; these foods act like toothbrushes because they sweep up and clean away all of the bits of food in your teeth.

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    Why You Don’t Need To Deal With Brace Face Any Longer

    Are you on the lookout for a Hollywood smile? Do you want to transform your teeth so that they stand out for the right reasons? Lots of adults get to this point, yet decide against the procedures. Why? It’s because grown-ups don’t want to wear braces. Even if you are not at school anymore, a mouth full of metal still doesn’t go a long way.

    But, instead of accepting defeat, there is a solution. As it turns out, there are quite a few ways of fixing a smile without having to deal with brace face. If you are curious, below are the tricks that can make it happen.

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    Read more

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    Naturally Whiten Your Teeth at Home with These 4 Common Tips

    Who isn’t frustrated when it comes to having that perfect white smile we could flaunt around?

    Every single day, after looking in front of the mirror enjoying that “me” time to brush your teeth; you get to imagine how ads and commercials make celebrities’ teeth whiter without edits. Let’s face it, for a lot of us, pearly whites have become more of a pastel yellow. Diet, age, and bad eating habits may seem to take a toll on our mouths leading to tooth decay and tooth discoloration. Whatever edits we do, even those who take excellent care of their teeth could attest how it may sound impossible to retain tooth color back from when we were younger.

    whiter teeth, whitening

    The worst thing is even our teeth need a vacation from toothpaste and tooth whitening products because of its harmful side-effects. Why? Whitening toothpaste has some disadvantages because they don’t primarily whiten your teeth. These products contain an abrasive that grinds away stains on the enamel, making our teeth shine brighter. Here’s a thing: regular harsh use could make your teeth an avenue to get stained more easily—leading to dulling of veneers and crowns. Read more

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    3 Ways for Whitening Your Teeth

    Having a white, sparkling smile is an important aspect of not just dental health but also personal confidence. No matter who you are or what you do, nobody likes looking in the mirror and seeing a yellow crescent of teeth smiling back at them, and that’s why teeth whitening is big business. To that end, here are three things to keep in mind so that you can whiten your teeth safely and effectively.

    white teeth red lips

    Photo: Pando Hall/Getty Images

    Choose Safe, Slow and Steady Methods

    The most effective ways to whiten your teeth are almost always going to be treatments administered either in a dental office or under the guidance of a dental health professional.
    Dentists routinely use whitening gels made from carbamide peroxide at concentrations of anywhere between 10 to 20 percent for long-term use or as high as 35 percent for in-office use. While a higher concentration will make your teeth whiter in a hurry, these supercharged sessions run the risk of dehydrating your teeth. This results in the original, darker color of the teeth returning as they rehydrate over around a week or so.
    Meanwhile, lower-powered whitening gels – the type that sometimes requires the use of a custom-molded whitening tray to hold the gel in place on your teeth safely, often while you sleep – tend to be more effective in the long run. These lower concentration gels penetrate deeper over time, leading to better, more noticeable whitening.

    Know Which Home Remedies Work – and Which Don’t

    If you don’t have the budget for professional whitening, there are home remedies for teeth whitening that you can try. However, not all of them work as well as others – and some don’t work at all.
    Remedies such as using a whitening toothpaste with baking soda (or concocting an at-home sodium bicarbonate paste) can work over time, but are better at removing surface enamel stains and won’t provide the deep whiteness of a whitening gel or strip. Relying on folk remedies such as oil pulling (rinsing with sesame, coconut, or olive oil) might help you keep your mouth clean of bacteria but won’t do much for whitening your smile.
    The most effective remedies for whitening are likely over-the-counter teeth whitening strips. These contain the same ingredients as whitening gels, but often provide uneven levels of cover in comparison to gels, which can conform to the shape of your teeth better. Whitening strips can also damage your gums if applied improperly. To be on the safe side, speak to your orthodontist about safe teeth whitening treatments.

    Avoid Things that Stain Your Teeth in the First Place

    If you’re already struggling with teeth that are one or two shades darker than you want, it’s important to stop making things worse so that any tooth whitening methods you use have the best chance of working. This means taking steps to avoid things that cause your teeth to become stained in the first place.
    Some things are unavoidable. Being prescribed antibiotics can result in a dry mouth for example, which leads to a growth in the types of bacteria that can lead to plaque, giving your mouth a darker, less attractive color. However, choosing to smoke tobacco or to consume large quantities of dark, high-acid beverages like coffee, soft drinks, or even some fruit juices can contribute to staining.
    Your best bet would be to eliminate these items from your diet or daily routine. However, if even just cutting back proves too difficult, rinsing your mouth out afterward is the best way to remove any residue that might otherwise damage and darken your tooth enamel.

    While teeth naturally yellow with age, this doesn’t mean we have to go around being embarrassed by our smiles. If you feel your teeth look less than their best, these tips should point you in the right direction.

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    Don’t Let Your Teeth Age Before You: How To Help Them Stand The Test Of Time

    teeth age

    When it comes to health matters of any kind, the general rule is that prevention is better than the cure. This is just as true when it comes to our teeth. A few sensible decisions in our youth and a few extra minutes spent brushing and flossing each can make a great difference to the health of our teeth as we age. Time is a mistress and our teeth aren’t exempt, so giving them that little bit of extra beforehand can make the world of difference. Read more

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    Glow Dental Spa – The Difference in Dentistry

    If the eyes are the window to the soul, then your mouth and smile are its front door. Having a beautiful, healthy smile can signify to others you are friendly and approachable. An appealing smile helps break down invisible barriers, and it eases others into the conversation. From a personal standpoint, a charming grin helps boost self-confidence and balance the symmetry of the face. Maintaining good oral health is imperative to sustaining an attractive smile, and it means so much more than just brushing and flossing twice a day. It means regular trips to a qualified dentist. A dentist and his staff can help guide you through all the concerns about oral hygiene, and they can also make suggestions to, literally and figuratively, brighten your smile.

    dental spa

    Read more

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    12 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dental Implants in Good Shape

    Want to ensure your dental implants are in good shape – follow these great tips.

    Pay Attention to What the Doctor Says

    It is important to listen to the doctor when it comes to caring for your dental implants. He or she has a good understanding of how these implants work and will be able to provide you with important information on the aftercare of these implants. As long as you are following the instructions that have been given to you, it should be easier for you to adjust to having these implants in your mouth.


    dental implants

    Read more

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    Braces Essentials

    If you wear braces or thinking of getting it, then you should know that it is high maintenance and it takes a lot of time to get between each bracket to clean the teeth and remove plaque. Some braces essentials that I recommended are:

    If you currently wear retainers, dentures and mouth guards you can also try these products that will help to keep these appliances clean and smelling fresh and nice.
    These come in packs of 60 ct., 80 ct. and 120 ct. These work well to remove plaques, food from in between the teeth, around the brackets and rubbers. These are much easier to use than the regular floss but it should not be forced into tight spaces between teeth. The G-U-M Soft-Picks are part rubber and plastic. It has soft rubber bristles that help to massage and stimulate the gums to promote blood circulation and healthy, firm gum tissues. I recommend using these after every meal. It comes with a convenient storage case that can be used especially when you are on the go. The G-U-M Soft-Picks come in several different sizes such as advanced wide, etc.

    G-U-M Soft-Picks are not made with natural rubber latex.

    braces essential, orthodontist, healthy gums
    G-U-M Eez Thru Floss Threaders

    If you are having difficulties getting the floss through the braces wire, bridges, implants, crowns and between the teeth, then you are going to need floss threaders. Simply use the Floss Threaders to pass the floss threader through space between teeth or under the appliance. This will help you to complete flossing procedures as recommended by the orthodontist.

    braces essential, orthodontist, healthy gums, proxabrush
    G-U-M Proxabrush Go Between Cleaners
    Proxabrush is one of my favorite braces essential product to uses. The Proxabrush has a flexible handle that gives a better control when cleaning hard to reach areas of the teeth. The bristles are of triangular shapes. It can be reused for up to a week and it should be rinsed after each uses to keep it clean. The Proxabrush are made with tiny bristles similar to bristles of a toothbrush but only tinier. Proxabrushes comes in various sizes made specifically to fit between teeth gap and under braces wire. The bristles are antibacterial which helps to keep it clean.
    G-U-M Proxabrush Refills

    Proxabrush works effectively like string floss. The wire is coated with Nylon that protects dental restorations and galvanic shock. The bristles have a patented Chlorhexidine antibacterial coating that helps to prevent the bristles from bacterial growth. Proxabrush refills should only be used with Proxabrush handle and the refills should not be used alone. Proxabrush should not be forced into tight spaces, do not bend or twist wire during use.

    braces essential, orthodontist, healthy gums, ACT braces care
    ACT Braces Care Anticavity Flouride Mouthwash Clean Mint
    ACT Braces Care Anticavity Flouride Mouthwash Clean Mint

    The ACT Braces Care Mouthwash is not harsh, it has a nice feeling when you swish it between your teeth. It helps to prevent white spots. ACT Braces Care Mouthwash is alcohol-free. It contains aloe and xylitol that helps to freshen the breath. After swishing the rinse between your teeth for 1 minute and then spit out, it is recommended not to eat or drink at least 30 minutes after rinsing. The ACT Braces Care Mouthwash should not be swallowed and small children should be supervised while using the rinse.

    braces essential, orthodontist, healthy gums, sonicare tongue cleaner scraper
    Phillips Sonicare BreathRx Tongue Scraper
    Phillips Sonicare BreathRx Tongue Scraper

    Using a tongue scraper reduce bad breath and it helps to eliminate sulfurous compounds. This tongue scraper is easy to use and long enough to clean your entire tongue.

    braces essential, orthodontist, healthy gums, dental bath
    Sea-Bond Dental Bath

    braces essential, orthodontist, healthy gums, dental bath
    Sea-Bond Dental Bath for Dentures, Retainers and Guards

    The Sea-Bond Dental Bath has a tray inside that you can put your dentures, retainers or guards dentures, retainers or guards inside and lift the tray by the handle to take the product out instead of dipping in your finger and getting it wet from the liquid inside. The Sea-Bond Dental Bath is perfect for daily cleaning, overnight soaking and storage and it is leak proof.

    braces essential, orthodontist, healthy gums, denture cleanser
    Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser

    Efferdent Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser
    Basically, Efferdent is used to clean retainers, dentures and mouth guards. You will need to fill the Sea-Bond Dental bath with warm water, enough to cover the mouth appliances and drop an Efferdent Tablet inside and leave it to soak. The color of the water will change color as it cleans. After 5 minutes remove mouth appliances and rinse thoroughly or leave it to soak overnight. Doing this will result in clean and odor free mouth appliances.

    Do not gargle or rinse mouth with the solution, throw away after each use.

    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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