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    5 Tips to Staying Fit in 2018

    When it comes to fitness, there are many things that one can do to be healthy and happy. Remember that health and happiness go hand in hand. To be healthy in 2018 and beyond, one has to exercise and eat the right foods. There are also supplements and drugs that could help one to keep healthy and staying fit. Your dietitian or your physician can definitely advise you on the right supplements that you can use to keep fit and healthy. Fitness and beauty products such as birth order plus should help you to keep in shape and enjoy your life.

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    Your Hair Needs Food & Sleep Not Lotions & Potions

    woman face curly hair 
    When we say ‘perfect hair’ your mind probably fizzes and jumps to that one person in your life who always has salon-worthy hair. It’s so thick and wavy and oh, the way it bounces, wow! It’s only a matter of time before L’Oreal knocks on her door. She does deserve it though because she uses all the lotions and tonics and intensive hair creams and she never puts a straightener through it. It’s admirable (even if we do say so through gritted teeth).
    For you, where do you start when it comes to all the lotions and potions? Where do you turn to when split ends become your life and graying starts to sweep over your head like a horde of locusts or your hair starts thinning uncontrollably?
    Well, the first step is knowledge. You need to learn about healthy hair growth because learning will help you maximize whatever treatment route you go down. The second step is your lifestyle. Oh! Yes, you can eat and sleep your way to better hair.

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    Sleep Is Sweet

    Your hair is almost like a window into your emotional well-being because anything that affects this will also affect your hair. That is where sleep comes in; it is the most effective form of eliminating stress. That isn’t all, though. Sleep also allows your body to recharge; that’s why we sleep, and well, your hair is part of your body. Not getting enough sleep could see your hair start thinning, splitting or even graying. Amazing right, the more sleep the better.

    Oil Is Ace

    Way too many people just think olive oil is good for cooking with and making salad dressings out of, but it amazing for your hair (and skin!). This is because it is called an emollient. This means nothing to you, huh? Well, what it means in hair terms is body, shine, resilience, and softness. Just massage a bit of warm olive oil into your scalp, let it soak in, washing it out with your regular shampoo and you’re good to go. Oh, and you only need to do it once a week.

    Food For Thought

    It is totally normal for hair to thin out and it is totally normal for you to want to do something about it, which is where proteins and fruits that are packed with Vitamin C come in. They are among the best nutrients for hair. Lean meats and fish, strawberries, pineapples, and oranges. Our hair is pretty much entirely made up of protein, so when out protein levels dip our hair tends to thin. As for Vitamin C, well it works to battle split ends and dry hair.

    Greens Stop Greying

    Eating fresh greens has an amazing impact on your hair because a lot of greens are bursting with Vitamin B6. Avocado, spinach and asparagus are great but you could make an entire meal out of B6 foods. Turkey breast, tuna, pinto beans, pistachios, sunflower seeds and chicken. They will all help by accelerating the rate at which color pigments develop. It’s definitely a better route to go than constantly dying your hair. 

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    6 Smart Tips for Eating Healthy on a Super Tight Budget

    Eating healthy is often harder than it’s cracked up to be, and one of the things that often happens when people try to transition to a healthy diet from an unhealthy one is that they start spending way more money. However, this isn’t necessarily due to the cost of the food itself, but mainly because they do not yet know how to optimize a healthy diet correctly and get the best bang for their buck when they’re actually shopping and cooking.

    I’ve been there in the past, so I know exactly what that feels like. When I first started eating healthy, I distinctly remember spending at least $200 more on average per week on all my food. I was really frustrated with this, so I started asking for advice from people that have been doing this for a while and really trying to save as much as I could. And within two weeks, I had dropped from the mentioned $200 extra to just about $30.

    Today, I want to talk about the six ways in which I did this, and how you can do it too!

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    A Superfood a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


    It’s time for superfood! Yes, you’ve heard it right, even though you may not exactly be familiar with this term. However, there is no reason to be worried since we are here to explain everything. Let’s take a look at the following article and find out everything about superfood and its benefits for our skin and overall health.

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