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    What is CBD or Cannabidiol?

    Medical cannabis is becoming more popular in the medical field today. While it has become a controversial topic in many countries, a few leading countries have successfully approved its use in medical practices today. Many types of research and clinical trials are carried out in the interest of finding medicinal properties of cannabis. The research shows that the component CBD or cannabidiol, present in the cannabis has various medicinal properties. Most people don’t quite have an understanding of CBD but this article will help you learn a wide range of information about the medicinal properties of this special component of cannabis.

    CBD Cannabidiol

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    Magnesium as a Remedy for Constipation

    When you have gone more than three days without bowel movements or if your bowel movements are difficult to pass, you can call it as constipation. But you don’t have to be worried because magnesium is an excellent source of healing for constipation. Main symptoms that indicate constipation are passing stools that are hard and straining during bowel movements, feeling like you can’t fully empty your bowel and sometimes, not passing at all. Being constipated for week or months will lead you to chronic constipation, and this will cause lots of complications for your health if you neglect to normalize your stools.


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