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    The Easy Way To Master The Art Of Packing Light

    If you love nothing more than taking a trip to unexplored lands, hot-footing it onto a plane to take a trip halfway across the globe and you’re never happier than being on foreign soil, then you are no doubt a seasoned traveler. Traveling is one of life’s most rewarding and fulfilling experiences. However, that dream trip of a lifetime where you will be spending six months or more touring sections of our wonderful planet can quickly descend into the stuff of nightmares if you aren’t careful.

    A key aspect to globetrotting is the art of traveling light. While there are a vast array of mammoth suitcases taller than you and wider than your car, you don’t want to be lugging this across the rainforests of Costa Rica, down the Amazon in Brazil or through the deserts of Egypt. You need to master the art of packing light and understand the essentials you need to make your travel jaunt comfortable and efficient. With little more than your luggage, a wad of cash and a smile, you can have one of the most incredible experiences of your life when traveling the globe.

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