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    Can Untreated UTIs Lead to Sepsis or Kidney Infections?

    A urinary tract infection usually is in the lower part of your urinary tract, the bladder and the urethra. But a UTI can affect any part of the urinary system, including your kidneys. It’s difficult to imagine someone not knowing that they have a UTI because this infection can be painful and inconvenient. You’ll need to go to the bathroom more often and you may have pelvic pain. However, UTIs are often overlooked or mistaken for other conditions, especially in older adults.

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    TTC is not always easy

    conceive easy, fertility test

    Having trouble getting pregnant? Looking for an all-natural fertility supplement to improve your chances of getting pregnant? Look no further. Conceive Easy is a fertility supplement made up of all the best fertility boosting ingredients. The fertility blend is made up of all the best ingredients for giving fertility a boost. The Conceive Easy TTC kit comes with everything you need. You get 20 free ovulation or pregnancy tests, a basal body thermometer with a Getting Started TTC guide and a two month supply of the fertility blend. Read more