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    Know how much Water you should Drink with this Easy Calculation

    Why You Need More Water, And How To Get It

    They say you are what you eat. But it’s a lot more accurate to say you are what you drink.

    Here’s why: Humans are 60-70% water, and we’re secreting fluids all the time, from blood to breast milk, to sweat, even the excess saliva that shows up when we smell something delicious.

    Common knowledge would have you believe that 8 glasses or 64 ounces a day is enough to replenish you. But that number is an average. It fails to factor in the difference between men and women, the difference in climate or time of year, and the fact that other liquids, and even plenty of food, actually have water in them. Let alone any individual needs, like breastfeeding women, people with bladder issues, athletes in training, or anyone else who might need more water throughout the day.

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    How to Make Travelling with your Pet Safe and Enjoyable

    If you are planning a vacation with your pet over the summer then you’ll want to make sure that they stay safe. You’ll also want to make sure that they are happy along the way and that you provide for their every need. This is hard when you have never travelled with your pet before, so it helps to do your research before you load them into the car.

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    Fall In Love With The Skin You’re In

    You put a whole lot of effort into assembling your look. You trawl the fashion websites for the clothes that will cling to your curves while subtly detracting from the wobbly bits you may not be so proud of. You never leave the house without your brow game on point. Your hair is a cascade of shimmering glory that borders on the poetic. Your accessories are matched to your outfit with the precision that would make NASA blush and your shoes… entire anthologies could be written about your shoes.

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