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    How to Be Just that Little Bit Happier


    Most people think that if someone is ambitious, they’re spending their lives in a state of permanent dissatisfaction and angst, always chasing the next deal, the next promotion, the next new friend or even a new house. To be happier, many people think, involves blunting those ambitions and goals so that they can be happy being ordinary.

    It doesn’t have to be this way, it’s not an either/or situation because you can follow your dreams and ambitions and be comfortable with what you already have. It’s more about enjoying the present while looking to the future.

    Here are some great ideas to help you keep moving forward in a life that’s already pretty good. Read more

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    In a Rut? These Simple Things Can Genuinely Improve Your Life

    It might still be freezing cold, but the weather is brighter and the sun is making an appearance for the first time in a while – spring is on the way. The start of a new season signals change, and it’s a great opportunity to reevaluate your goals, make plans and get excited for the year to come. Here are some of the ways you can genuinely improve your life.

    improve your life Read more