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    Throwing A Party For Someone Special… Who Hate Parties

    Everyone has that one person close to them. The one who says the same thing every year on their birthday or when another special occasion rolls around. “Don’t bother getting me anything, and whatever you do… Don’t throw me a party!”. While we want to respect their wishes it seems disingenuous not to do something special for them when a special occasion occurs, especially when it’s something they’ve earned like a job promotion, personal victory or the news that they’ve beaten a serious illness.


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    Responsible Gaming Guide: Have Fun Without Breaking the Bank

    We all love playing video games. From first-person shooters to the real-time strategies, every single game has something alluring to it. However, most game developers are always looking for various ways to make you spend more money. You can try playing free to play games, but they only have even more “traps” for unsuspecting users. At the same time, popular pay-to-play games tend to cost incredible amounts of money. And lastly, microtransactions seem to be everywhere. So, what can you do to avoid spending all of your money on video games?

    game developer

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    If You Win The Jackpot: Online Lottery Results

    What are the odds of winning a million dollars and being able to find the result online? You will never know until you try. If you are a big fan of playing the games then check your online lottery results and see if you are a winner.


    If you win the jackpot

    Upon learning that you have won the jackpot; take a deep breath and think before you act a fool, spread the news and quit your job. Plan out how you will use the money and secure it in a safe place. Take these steps before you end up blowing your money. It is crucial that you must remain calm after viewing the online lottery results. Avoid making rushed decisions like moving to a new state, buying a new house etc. Take ample time to make decisions before you start to splurge until you reach the last cent.  Read more