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    Growing as an Independent Freelancer

    When you first get started as an independent freelancer business can be slow and manageable, a few projects here and there to tide you over while you explore additional skill-sets and build up your online presence. However, as you put more time into working independently, you won’t always notice growth and it can be difficult to develop or maintain a business without a justifiable career similar wage.

    In the independent working world, there is a common problem where freelancers quit their fulltime jobs too early in the process of setting up by themselves or do not give themselves enough of a safety savings net should the work quiet down at any point. This leads to a lot of freelancers having to return to work, giving up on their independent dream as they were not able to bring in enough money to pay the bills.

    independent freelancer

    Don’t let this happen to you! If you are a freelancer or independent worker, for example, a blogger, digital artist, online content creator or someone who works solely for themselves; here are some helpful tips to encourage business growth rather than stagnation: Read more

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