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    Easy Tips To Accessorize Effectively

    That saying “it’s all in the details” is especially true when it comes to fashion. With trends continually leaning towards minimalism and understated outfits, accessories are an incredibly powerful tool for perfecting and personalizing your look. Whether it’s finding the perfect handbag or shoe for making a statement or the right jewelry to achieve an effortlessly elegant look, there’s a lot that goes into wearing accessories well. Here are a few tips for using yours effectively.


    Image source: Pexels

    Accessories Can Be Accessorized

    One, as they say, is the loneliest number. Give your handbag a friend by clipping on a smaller micro style pouch, or a subtle handbag charm like the ones from Vestiaire Collective. This will give your main accessory, and your whole outfit, a little more intrigue.

    Clutches Aren’t Just for Nights Out

    If you really want to get the most from your accessories, then drop all those preconceived notions about which bags should be used for which occasions. Clutches can be ultra-chic with your daytime outfit, and still very practical. By the same token, a feminine box bag or top-handle can be a great alternative to your usual miniature clutch when you’re out on the town.

    Easy Tips To Accessorize Effectively
    Image Source: Pixabay
    Let your Shades Shine

    A lot of us have one pair of go-to sunglasses sitting on the dresser; which we only use when the weather’s hot and the sun’s glaring down on us. They’re not just a tool – boutique shades like the ones from Eyewearhaus can add a potent “It” factor to your whole look. Get a perfect pair and let them shine!

    Accessorize Last Season into the Present

    If you’re still loving the trends from last season, that’s no reason to drop them right away! Try combining a contemporary shoe or handbag with whatever tops and pants you want, and you’ll easily be able to keep those passing trends feeling fresh and relevant.

    Breathe Life into Blacks and Whites with One Bold Color

    Monochrome and neutral outfits are easy to wear, but get pretty boring after a while. Luckily, you can energize these kinds of outfits with a sharp jolt of color in your accessories. Try pairing a plain white or black jacket with a bright blue handbag, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

    Easy Tips To Accessorize Effectively
    Image Source: Pexels
    Mix and Match your Metals

    If you’re keeping your rose gold strictly in pairings with silver and yellow gold, then you’re really straining the potential in your jewelry. Experiment by mixing and matching different metals, and you’ll be amazed at the possibilities that open up!

    Get a Feel-Good Finisher

    With trends being what they are; a lot of us can feel a little nervous about the idea of anything too outside-the-box. Still, imagine how boring the world would be if everyone held fast to every little nuance of current fashion! Have a couple of eccentric or frivolous accessories that make you feel good, and keep them within easy reach when you’re getting ready. Accessories are a great way to add a little flair to your outfit, without overdoing it.

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    6 Styling Hacks That’ll Transform Your Wardrobe

    Wherever you look online, you see a plethora of super cool outfits with so little effort made. The thing is, all those outfits you see online are just tiny tweaks that have been made to make a basic outfit look on fleek. Celebrities do it all the time and the fashion trends that they start to filter down through social media and into our wardrobes at home.

    If you’re looking for ways to change a boring wardrobe, you can do it yourself with your own unique twist instead of getting a stylist in to change things for you. There are some amazing styling hacks you can do to change your look and give it something unique, and we’ve got six of them for you right here:
    • There’s a trend for checked shirts on the market at the moment and these shirts can be paired with jeans or skirts. To give them a different look, you could tie the bottom of the shirt to show off your shape and give you a more polished silhouette. This is also a great way to show off a fringed skirt like this one or a sexy pair of skinny jeans.
    • There are those out there who love to accessorize their outfits with scarves, belts and various pieces of costume jewelry. Choose to go a different way by customizing your outfits with fabric patches from Woven Label HK. Plain t-shirts and denim jeans can be totally transformed simply with woven labels that are personalized to you. That family reunion shirt that you make every year for the family Thanksgiving meal can be the best it ever has been!
    6 Styling Hacks That'll Transform Your Wardrobe
    Image Source: Wikimedia
    • Upgrade a plain pair of jeans by cuffing them! Not handcuffs, this isn’t a cop show, but turn up the bottoms of the average jeans to give them a different length and a subtle difference that will have people asking how you’ve changed that day! It’s a great way to show off those new Louboutin’s that you’ve been dying to wear out.
    • Go one better with jewelry by layering. Layering is a trick that fashion designers use to give their clothes a better edge, but what about your jewelry? Most people do this with bangles and necklaces, but stacking more rings on your fingers can make your hands look edgy and give you a chance to show off your jewels.
    Tie Dye Shirts
    Image Source: Flickr
    • Adding a scarf to an outfit – as mentioned earlier – can make a huge difference to your look. There are so many looks to have to wear a scarf, from headbands to wrapping it around your wrist as an accessory. Threading a scarf in a bright colour through the belt loop of dark trousers can give an entire outfit a different look.
    • Go back in time a little with some plain white t-shirts and add a little tie-dye! There’s nothing wrong with a psychedelic look and bringing it back can be the one thing that impresses all your friends. Learn how to colour your own clothes on this link here!



    6 Styling Hacks That'll Transform Your Wardrobe

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    So Metallic!

    There’s something beautiful about accessories, isn’t there? It seems no matter what you wear – be it a scarf, a necklace or a headband – your accessories can tell people a lot about you. It can show them whether you care about how classy you look, whether you love to stand out from the crowd with a splash of colour or whether you simply love to dress up a plain outfit or not. One of the only things that separates us women from the animals is our ability to choose and wear gorgeous accessories, and we should be making the most of this.
    Image Source: Wikimedia


    You can dress up even the most boring of outfits simply by adding accessories. Swapping your usual uniform black heels at work for another, brighter colour like red or blue can change your outfit and give you some sparkle. The thing about accessories is that they show off your personality. Many clothes that are made for the workplace are quite uniform – and for good reason. The workplace is a professional environment and oozing sophistication is important to give a good impression. We spend most of our lives in the workplace, which loosely translates that we spend a lot of time wearing boring clothes! Jazzing those work suits up by switching plain stud earrings for dangly ones with flowers on them and adding brooches to your jacket are just the start. Work wear needs to be professional, but professional doesn’t mean boring. Loop that Hermes scarf into your belt loops instead of tying it around your neck, or wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet substitute. There are so many ways you can turn a work outfit into one that is unique and beautiful.
    Image Source: MaxPixel


    Many people look for workout wear as the new year draws in, and neon shoelaces on your gym shoes can make workout wear look almost fun. While you cannot wear jewelry that is heavy or too big when working out, you can still change out your FitBit wristband to look funky and give your outfit pizazz. It’s all about working with colours and styles that suit you. Checking out the current accessories trends will also do you some favours so that you can be on point with your style solutions for your outfits. We all know that adding heels to a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit can instantly change how it looks, but it’s the same when you add a choker. Some of the most popular accessories are metallic at the moment. Think shiny gold belts and bronze gladiator sandals like these ones. Think unique necklaces of rose gold, silver and yellow gold and tear drop earrings with birthstones on the end. These sorts of accessories can change a whole outfit with just one addition, so don’t write it off.

    fashion ring
    Image Source: Maxpixel


    When you look at the accessories you use, do you find you’re sticking to the same styles and colours? Perhaps a change would be in order if you are looking to jazz your style. In the same way that you would dye your hair when you get bored of the colour, the way you accessorize has to evolve, too. When you were a teenager, you might have chosen to stick with delicate costume jewelry or big, ornamental hair clips in the shape of lizards or butterflies. The teenage years is where we develop our individual style and for most, discover the delicate metals that make our accessories sparkle that bit more. Thankfully, when we grow out of those years, we develop a better sense of personal style. Accessories help to accentuate that style and make our outfits a lot more glamorous!

    Image Source: Pexels


    The best thing? Accessories don’t have to be expensive! You can make your whole look shine on a budget if you don’t have the money to throw around on pretty additions. You could even attempt to make your own accessories and there are plenty of materials and guides like this online where you can follow the steps and beautify on a budget. Whether you go for metal additions like necklaces and bracelets or cloth scarves and fake jewels, you can make your outfit stand out from the crowd. Never be afraid to be a little unique with your choices, as there’s nothing wrong with showing off your style. Accessories can give you confidence and help you to exude sophistication, so jazz up that outfit with a rose gold locket or two and watch those heads turn!


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    The Perfect Fit: Shoe Style & Stumbles

    shoes, style, fashion

    Wearing a pair of shoes that are a poor fit – is there any feeling more irritating in the world?

    Of course, there probably are more severe problems to consider. But in the moment, as your shoes chafe against your skin and you can feel the blisters beginning to pop up, it feels like the end of the world. The most aggravating part of it is that any shoe can do this to you. It could be the new pair that you thought you wore in, but clearly didn’t quite manage. Or it could be an old, trusty pair that you were sure would treat you right, that has now gone over to the dark side and decided to wreck your day.There is, seemingly, no way to avoid an ill-fitting shoe situation.

    As demonstrates, there’s plenty of different kinds of shoes in the world – and every one of them has the potential to cause pain and suffering. There’s no ‘safe’ pair of shoes; you can find comfortable stilettos but then try a pair of running shoes that feel like torture.

    So given the widespread issue of shoes that don’t fit and the problems they cause, what can you do about it? Surrender your comfort for the sake of style and achieving a flawless look? Change your feet? Or – perhaps wisest of all – pick up a few hacks to get the perfect fit every time?

    Wearing Them In – Properly

    You’re keen to wear your new pair of shoes. You wear them around the house for awhile and figure it’s fine. They’re done. They’re ready for their debut.

    They’re not.

    Wearing shoes in is one of the most vital components to getting a fit that works for you. Wear them indoors for at least two days. Their first outing into the real world should be short and take a safe pair of shoes along with you in case you need to change.

    Adapt Your Way To Success 

    There are a few adaptations the average shoe can go through to make it fit better. Everyone has experienced that one pair of shoes where your normal size is a touch too big, but the size down is too small. It’s better to try and modify the too-large pair than make a smaller pair stretch.

    Heel guards, for example, are hidden from view but can improve a fit that’s just a smidge too tight.

    Gel insoles – which lie directly beneath the ball of the foot – can make high heels far more bearable.

    If you’re really struggling with the fit, then full insoles could be the best answer.

    Guard Your Skin 

    If you’re going to be on your feet for any length of time, then protect your skin beforehand. Use blister shields before you get blisters; prevention is almost always better than the cure.

    There’s also a hack, as mentioned on, to try. If you’re wearing your shoes with bare feet, some women swear by a light layer of deodorant applied to their soles. This helps with grip if your feet are prone to sweating, thus reducing the risk of friction that could cause sores and blisters. It’s worth a try, at least!

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    How to Match Jewelry to an Outfit

    The outfits we wear on various occasions determine our style. On the other hand accessories, including jewelry, add the extra spice and show our unique side. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are equally or even more important than the rest of our attire.

    Jewelry is the cherry on top of a perfect cake, the missing ingredient in your visual recipe. Companies like Emerson & Farrar Fine Jewelry have a lot of beautiful pieces on offer, but the key is to find out which pieces add the most to your outfit. And while jewelry should show off how unique there are, you should still pay attention to a few unwritten rules of combining outfits and jewelry.

    How to Match Jewelry to an Outfit


    Jewelry Must Add Something to Your Outfit

    The most common mistakes women make when it comes to accessorizing is wearing too much or too little of it. A piece of jewelry has to add something to your overall look. Just because you adore that necklace your grandmother gave you does not mean you have to wear it on every occasion. On the other hand, if you are wearing a formal business attire, that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with unusual jewelry.

    Make Sure Your Jewelry is Proportional to Your Features

    The key to a successful outfit and jewelry pairing is knowing to determine the focal point. This is the part of your body you want to accent and the one that immediately draws the eye. Once you do, you can use jewelry to complement your focus point and the rest of your outfit.
    If picked right, jewelry can help you accent your focal point. However, jewelry can also divert attention from it. The size of the jewelry is the key to getting this step just right. For example, never wear earrings that cover your earlobe or a necklace that’s so long it shortens your neck.

    Jewelry Has to Match Your Skin Tone

    Another common mistake women make when accessorizing is not paying attention to how their jewelry complements their skin complexity. Choose the materials and gemstones so that they bring out your natural skin tone. The key is to pick the right hue.
    Some might look better wearing green turquoise gemstone than a blue one. The color of the metal also complements every woman differently. While most immediately go for silver, gold can really help accent blue undertones in the skin.

    Pick Your Jewelry for the Occasion

    While the concept of what’s appropriate is different to what it was compared to the past, some rules still apply. A lush diamond necklace might be appropriate for business meetings, it might stand out too much at the movies. Make sure to match the vibe of your jewelry to your outfit and find complementary pieces.

    Your Jewelry Has to Be Adaptable

    What separates great jewelry pieces from average ones is their ability to complement different styles, occasions and outfits. If you wearing a necklace perfectly matching your earrings and bracelet you aren’t adding anything new or interesting to your outfit. It will also make everyone pay more attention to your jewelry than your outfit or yourself. Even when worn apart, a matching set often adds nothing new to your outfit. 

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    How To Add Pops Of Color Into Your Wardrobe

    When it comes to what’s in your wardrobe, a neutral, monochrome, and nude color palette is often an easy and versatile route to take. However, there’s no need to shy away from vibrant hues and pattern, in fact, a neutral palette provides the perfect backdrop for an array of color choices; you just have to know how to add a bright shade to your outfit.

    makeup wardrobe pops of color

    Photo credit: @NayTheMUA

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    How To Look Flawless On A Formal Night Out; From Head To Toe

    If you’ve been invited to a formal event or evening (lucky you), it can feel a little daunting as there’s an array of things to consider before you go. Usually, the people, or person, requesting the pleasure of your company will have specified a dress code on the invite, or the theme of the party will help steer you in the right direction when it comes to your look. However, it’s important to prep and plan as much as you can beforehand; so you can get ready with ease, and your night will get off to the best start.

    formal date night

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    Accessorize Your Summer Outfit with Ted Baker Accessories

    If you’re on the lookout for brand new summer accessories; the go-to style is chic and subtle, with pastel colours remaining all the rage and semi-precious stones and precious metals growing exponentially in popularity once again. Gorgeous rose gold is still a major trend which shows no signs of waning! The designers at Ted Baker know all of this very well, and, as a result, it’s reflected perfectly in the current range we stock at OD’s Designer Clothing.

    Cute Accessories Ted Baker Summer Outfit


    One thing to note about our Ted Baker range is its exceptional versatility. The beautiful “Raalyn” bracelet, available in Rose Gold, Gold or Rhodium plated designs: would look at home at a summer wedding, at a sun-washed brunch against casual rolled-up shirt sleeves, in the office to give your blazer a pop of class, or on a night out as a classic adornment to your party dress, however bold or subtle its design! The delicate “Elva” range of bangles offer an injection of pure class to any formal outfit; while its sister design, the “Sapelle” bracelet, offers a bold and colourful alternative and a more party-going vibe!

    Along similar lines, the brand’s “Cuffs” offer a bright, sparkling, playful addition to any outfit; whether you’re looking for a pop of blue or pink, or a classic pearl-tipped accessory. The Signature “Clem” Ted Baker bracelet stands out in this collection for its recognizable timelessness. The brand’s name printed clearly along the bangle; allowing the wearer to display their allegiance with this fabulous design house with pride. With Rose Gold, Gold or Silver plated options; you can choose which best suits your personal colour palette. With its subtle design, here is another highly versatile piece you can match with either formal or informal item.

    Range of Accessories

    Ted Baker offers something of a “capsule wardrobe” of jewelry. With its set range of metals and stones; shoppers are able to mix and match to suit their own personal preferences. There are also a number of pieces that are designed to complement one another perfectly. As is suggested by the name; the “Elvina” necklace is intended to accompany the “Elva” bangle, and matches it perfectly in its understated elegance. The set is available in a variety of colours and metals, so you have the scope to discover a perfect match for your outfit.

    Subtlety and style are the words of the season if you’re looking for a Ted Baker necklace; however, if it’s a show-stopper you’re after, never fear! The breath-taking “Rani” drop necklace – a rhodium-plated shower of glistening round Swarovski crystals; adds drama to our collection and provides the perfect statement piece for any girl who wants to go Hepburn-style to her next party or function!

    Check out the full Ted Baker range at

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    Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Bracelet: Japanese Agarwood

    Lisa Hoffman Bracelet
    An outfit is not fully complete until it is accessorized. This Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Bracelet will suit any outfit, time of the day and occasion. As soon as I saw Ipsy shared the Lisa Hoffman Bracelet on their Facebook page I instantly had to run to their website. I redeemed my Ipsy points for the Lisa Hoffman Bracelet. I couldn’t let it pass before I snatch one.

    The Lisa Hoffman Bracelet wears well with just a watch and a simple attire. It can also be paired/stacked with other bracelets like Alex and Ani or whichever other bracelets you choose to rock with it.

    The Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Bracelet has brown toned beads, brass spacers, blue aventurine beads, an antique bronze-plated charm encircle the Japanese Agarwood bracelet and an LH logo signature tag.

    Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Bracelet

    If you enjoy smelling good and looking good all the time this accessory from Lisa Hoffman serves both purposes. The bracelet comes with refillable fragrance beads packed in a tube size bottle. The beads measure 8mm each while the fragrance charm measures 17mm round.
    The Japanese Agarwood fragrance beads carry a musky, woody overtone smell. The scent is not overpowering and it will last up to a month before wearing off. I like putting my wrist to my nostril to smell the lovely scent.
    If you are interested in scented bracelets or just love the look of the item, you can check out the Lisa Hoffman website.
    What is your favorite fragrance bead?

    Do you stack your accessories?

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    His n Hers Fashion

    kissing fashion

    There is something quite worrying about seeing sisters, partners or mothers and children wearing the same clothes. You know the kind? Being forced to wear the same jumper as your little brother, or put into the same dress as your big sister. Awkward fashion that is a great name for it.

    However, in recent years the idea of fashion coordination between friends, children or partners has gone wild again. There is a gorgeous company which makes patterned tights for both mother and baby. A sock company which makes matching socks for father and son. It is a subtle nod and looks sweet. A less is more type of approach.

    Of course, you don’t have to match to have the perfect his n hers fashion. Think David and Victoria Beckham; they aren’t seen dead in the same outfit. However, each always has a little nod to the other. Couples styling is what it is called, and we are going to help you master this look so you when you head out with your other half, you seem to go together even better than before.

    First off you need to suss out what kind of couple you are. Are you both sporty, smart or alternative? Or is one of you chic and classic while the other is a little more grunge? There are ways of balancing both your outfits even if you have completely different styles. However, it is, of course, easier if you both like to dress with the same style.

    An excellent example of how to achieve this look is this. Your partner has decided to have a suit made by Fielding and Nicholson, and it is going to include a very specific type of tweed. You prefer to wear a more rock look, leather trousers, basic white tee and a little black jacket. Speaking to the tailors, you could have a panel of the tweed attached to a bag, in panel style. Or you could even go for adding a little bit of the tweed into the lining of your jacket. Or replace one of the pockets on the back of your jeans with it. There are loads of subtle ways you can combine his sartorial finesse with your punked up biker chick look. You just need to get creative and fit this into your desk to drinks style guide.

    If you both like the smart look, then it is simple to coordinate your style. Take elements from his design tastes and mix them into yours. Or get him to take on a little of your style. If you are going for the cobalt blue look of Kate Middleton in this dress, then he could follow through with the colour by adding a cobalt blue silk to his top pocket or make his tie the same colour.

    You don’t have to go crazy, and both turn up with the same outfit on, but you can twist it up and follow things through so you both seamlessly work together. The more indirect you make it, the more significant the impact will be!

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    The Festival Accessories That Will Get You Noticed

    Spring is here, and so are the first of the year’s biggest and best festivals; which means that, if you want to wow at Coachella or show off your style at the New Orleans Jazz Festival, now is the time to start Planning your outfits. Of course, we all know that the best part about any outfit – the part that makes it truly stand out from the rest – is the accessories.

    festival accessories

    Image source: Flickr

    Splashing a few dollars on new accessories is the best way to get ready for any festival. So,  whether you’re going for bohemian chic or a rock chick vibe; here are some of the best festival accessories to splurge on this spring. Read more