As I Am Twist Defining Cream Review

AS I AM – Twist Defining Cream

I often like to do a flat twist on my hair which will result in a braid out after certain days. This is my go to hairstyle. After putting my hair in sections, I take a small amount of the AS I AM Twist Defining Cream onto my finger tips and apply it to my hair, then I would proceed to twist my hair and twirl the ends in a spiral motion to get a more defined curl to my hair ends. The product glides onto my hair, moisturize, add sheen and help to retain the twist for several days.

After using the product as desired my hair had more curl definition, no flakes, product build-up, or frizz. I noticed that I had a small film of product on my fingers that felt a bit sticky after using and unraveling my hair.


The formula of the AS I AM Twist Defining Cream is moisturizing and does not leave hair hard and crunchy, it has a thick tan/light pink in color and a jelly, cream based texture. It has a light candy scent that fades away after application. AS I AM Twist Defining Cream comes in two sizes of 8oz and 16oz. Overall I am pleased with the product; it did not irritate my sensitive dry scalp and I had no signs of product residue on hair.

I have tried this product on dry and wet hair and I loved the end result.

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