Dr. Brandt laser Fx bright serum Review

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I have problems with dark spots on my face that I considered very hard to get rid of. I have tried numerous amount of dark spot corrector, lightning agent and even at home remedies but still the result has not change positively. I would normally use a color corrector and concealer before applying foundation to cover up the dark spots but I find it takes up a lot of time to apply that much product.
I have been using the Dr. Brandt dark spot corrector for 3-4 weeks now and I have seen major improvement in my skin since the second week of using this product. The dark spot aren’t completely gone but the product is helping to eliminate the dark spots. I use the product at least two times a day along with the Dr. Brandt BB cream with signature FLEXITONE and the Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion skin exfoliant.

This dark spot corrector has improve the texture of my skin and it has also brightens and fade my dark spots that I have over years and even out my skin tone. This product is for all skin types, so if you have problems with discoloration, dark spots, uneven skin tone don’t be afraid to give it a try.

My spots aren’t completely gone but they are much lighter than before. I’m still using the product on my face to clear up the rest of dark spots completely. I am amazed about the amount of product that is still left in the bottle after I have already completely my four weeks of using this product day and night. I immediately had to check the size of the bottle that’s when I realize it’s a 1fl. oz./30ml bottle and the product is way less than the size of the bottle.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is having problem with dark spots and discoloration and I would honestly purchase this product for myself.

It is recommended by Dr. Brandt to apply on cleansed skin am and pm before moisturizer. This product was created to be used by all skin types. 

You can also find on the bottle a 4 week guide that you can use to track your improvement to see if this product is working for you or not. 

It has help to fade dark spots, discoloration and improve my skin. My friend actually thought I went to bed wearing makeup after I sent him a good morning picture of my even more radiant skin. He was like why are you sleeping in makeup? I had to tell him that I don’t sleep in makeup and let him know about this amazing product I received as an ambassador from Dr. Brandt. I also received a lot of compliment about my skin and people started to ask me what I used and they encouraged me to continue using it. 

What product or treatment do you recommend for dark spot removal?

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