It's Time You Paid Yourself the Beauty Attention you Deserve

As we become adults, we usually begin identifying ourselves in many different ways. Some people are harsh on themselves and begin to ascribe widely different attitudes towards the way they look, and this can have a net decrease in the confidence they have to supply to all activities in their life. 

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This is a shame because, for the most part, people who are critical of themselves and their appearance are usually much more beautiful than they give themselves credit for. 

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Everyone knows what it’s like to have a friend who always proclaims that they’re fat, unattractive or not worth maintaining. This might be you. If it is, you should stop this. No matter who you are, you can look beautiful, and the only way to completely be sure of your beauty is to define it for yourself. Even supermodels that look like they’ve arrived straight from the Greek mountain of the gods to bless us with their symmetrical, aesthetic beauty all have body image issues, and some even conform to harmful methods of weight loss to keep their trim figures.

This should make you intrinsically aware that beauty is self-defined. If you’re hampering your progress right off the bat, you’ll never know just how beautiful and confident in your skin you can feel. You should try these following tips to break that mental rut and help yourself gain the traction you need to become the diva you’ve always wanted to be.

Visit A Premium Salon
Visiting a premium salon will not only bestow you with the hair of your dreams, but the talented folks who work there can often give you authoritative advice about what works best for you, and how you can best maintain that style effectively. Visiting an establishment like the Paul Beaune NY Salon is worth it in almost every single regard because you’ll be able to purchase hair products that best fit with your new style as well as having it lovingly designed and shaped. You’re likely to feel like Cinderella receiving the magic to make her look wonderful before the ball after you visit a premium salon.

Hire A Stylist
Stylists can often tell you how you’d best work from a fashion and beauty perspective. They can recommend manicurists, tanning products, and even help you identify what makeup is best for your skin tone and dermatological quirks. You needn’t keep a stylist on your payroll full-time, but the odd session here and there can keep you updated with some modern pointers, helping you stay confident and current.

Get Some Clothes Tailored
Your most lovely clothes - evening wear, dresses, and summer wear are all likely clothing items that you’d like to keep in your wardrobe for a number of years. It’s important to make sure that these fit over time. As we age, our bodies sometimes change in composition and can make us look relatively ill-fitting after a time. Take the clothes you can’t bear to be without to a tailor, and your garments are certain to hug your frame in the flattering way they once did! You’ll only know for sure if you try.

Once you’re done with these tips, and you’re confident about how you look once more, why not run a beauty blog? This can be a great way to keep up on current trends in your spare time, and you might even get a few affiliate marketing deals or product reviews out of the whole affair. However, what is of immediate priority is your confidence. Regain your mojo, and the world is your oyster!

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How my Makeup Survived Hurricane Irma Sint Maarten

 Caboodle Train Case

It was early Monday morning on the 4th of September when we received the news of an expectant hurricane coming towards our country Sint Maarten. The government did not yet call a state of emergency and I still had plans of going to class that said day. After contemplating about the weather, I was wondering if I should go to class for that day or just stay home and prepare for the hurricane ahead. Lucky enough I received an email from the school board saying all classes will be canceled and we all should be preparing for the hurricane.

A curfew was also placed for the following day Tuesday. Everyone was given time to prepare for the natural disaster ahead. Hearing the news, I quickly updated my WhatsApp 24hr status and notified my friends.

Collection of makeup
Makeup collection

Preparing for Hurricane Irma
In preparation for Hurricane Irma I went to the grocery store to pick up a few snacks, tin food etc., I returned home to complete my laundry just to ensure that I have all clean clothes and towels. I filled the water tanks and recharge all electronic devices. I placed all important documents in zip lock double seal bags and store them in a dry place. I immediately removed all my makeup from my vanity and placed them in my caboodle, airtight containers and huge garbage bags. I also placed my blogging materials in huge garbage bags and store them away in a closet.

At this moment, I began to get frustrated. This was my very first Hurricane experience. I started to think I was overreacting but as they say, prevention is better than cure. 

During my preparation of Hurricane Irma I had 2 things in mind:
      1.      Always prepare for the worse
      2.      Hurricane Irma will not pass through and leave me naked (without my belongings). Even though these things are replaceable I rather know that I had tried saving them rather than not doing anything at all.

Waiting on Hurricane Irma
It was about 9 pm Tuesday night on the 5th of September and videos started to circulate throughout Facebook and WhatsApp showing the sea making its way pass the Boardwalk and making its way on the main road (keep in mind that the hurricane did not cover our island yet).

There was an estimated time of Hurricane Irma passing and the curfew was still in place. The environment was feeling warm and inside the house became extremely hot. While waiting up I became drowsy and fell asleep.

Waking up to Hurricane Irma
I woke up minutes after 4 to the sound of the wind whistling. I thought I was in a dream. I immediately checked my WhatsApp messages where I was getting updates from my friends near and far wondering how the Hurricane was behaving. I replied to the several messages just before we had a power outage and lost connection to the internet. I was giving God thanks that I get to send replies to my friends updating them the current state of Hurricane Irma since we had lost electricity for 1 week and 3 days. I also received this message that roofs have flown off and I immediately became more alert.

Cost-U-Less supermarket
Damage to Cost-U-Less roof due to passing of Hurricane Irma

Watching Hurricane Irma
During the passing of Hurricane Irma I could hear the loud sound of the wind moving objects at 185 mph. At this present moment, I was not able to sleep I was walking from door to door checking to see that everything is still intact. At one point, I thought the door was going to be blown in and that the house might flood. Hurricane Irma pass during the early morning so I could see clearly what was happening outside. A lot of trees was down, the entire place was a mess and I was terrified. I prayed for it to stop!

How my Makeup Survived Hurricane Irma Sint Maarten
What was left of Texaco Gas Station after Hurricane Irma

The After Effect of Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma passed through our beloved country of St. Maarten and left numerous of people homeless, some with part roof and windows were blown out, cars damaged but still able to drive around, gas station pumps were torn down to pieces, supermarkets and other places destroyed, debris blocked the drainage and streets. My home and my makeup withstand hurricane Irma even though I had a bit of mopping to do from water that came in. My makeup was properly stored in a dry area

How my Makeup Survived Hurricane Irma Sint Maarten
Car flipped to the side and pinned to the wall due to Hurricane Irma

With Hurricane Irma we did not experience any flooding in the area that I live. It was pure heavy wind with light-medium showers of rain. The wind was strong, strong enough to move a 40 ft. container, flip cars to the side and move a boat away from the sea.

In Conclusion
I am blessed to be alive and I am happy that I live to experience this moment in my adulthood. Even though it is dangerous and considered to be natural; there was nothing that we could have done to prevent Hurricane Irma. I pray for the families that have been affected and I hope that our country Sint Maarten will rebuild better and stronger than it was before.

How was your experience with Hurricane Irma? How do you prepare for a hurricane?

How my Makeup Survived Hurricane Irma

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8 Things Your Casual Wear Wardrobe Needs in 2017

Just because you’re supposed to be rocking up to an event in casual wear, doesn’t mean you should look any less awesome. Having the right items in your casualwear wardrobe will ensure you look bang on trend and that you feel great. There’s no need to wear an oversized sweater and a pair of tracksuit bottoms (unless they’re the high fashion kind!). Here are 8 things your casualwear wardrobe needs in 2017:

Retro Sportswear
Retro sportswear is a huge thing these days. It’s been all over the catwalks, in the magazines, and even the celebrities have gotten in on the trend. If you're familiar with Last Of The Shadow Puppets, you’ll know that they pull off this trend very well. If you’d rather not wear a matching tracksuit, a simple retro tracksuit top will look great with jeans.

Distressed Jeans
Just about everybody is wearing distressed jeans. You can’t turn around without seeing somebody wearing a pair of jeans covered in holes. You don’t necessarily need to go for the super-holey kind, but you should definitely look at jeans that appear more worn than they are.

A Military Jacket
A military jacket is perfect for throwing on with your distressed jeans for a weekend of shopping or even going out for a few drinks with friends. You can get military jacket from this site if you simply can’t wait to own one. There are many different types though, so know which kind you like and what suits you before you purchase!

A Plaid Shirt
Plaid shirts haven’t really gone anywhere over the years, so purchasing one of these bad boys could be a great investment. You can wear it tied around your waist, layer it up with a vest top, or button it up depending on what look you’re going for. They can be worn multiple ways, which is what makes them such a great addition to any casual wardrobe!

8 Things Your Casual Wear Wardrobe Needs in 2017
Image source: Pixabay

A Puffa Jacket
Yep, puffa jackets are back guys. Both men and women are sporting classic looking puffa jackets, and they’re bound to keep you warm when the weather gets a little cooler.

A 70s Shirt
It’s a 70s revival right now, didn’t you know! Suede shirts, shirts patterned with flowers, and shirts with big collars are all hugely popular. With the right 70s shirt, you’ll look worthy of this year’s catwalks.

Bell Bottoms
Now you’ve got your 70s shirt, why not go the whole hog? Get yourself some bell bottoms! Wearing them both together will look fantastic, although you’ll need to be careful that you don’t look like you’re doing fancy dress. Who cares if you are anyway? You can have fun with this item!

A Light Wash Denim Jacket
Finally, a light wash denim jacket is the perfect jacket to throw on whether you’re off out to meet friends for food or on a date. It can be worn during both the day and the night, and the right fit will last for years. These jackets are endlessly stylish!

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Braving the Flat Iron to Create Beautifully Straight Hair

Straight hair is something that a lot of women want to achieve, but few are ready to brave the flat irons that are required to achieve the effect. Whether you’re worried about scarring yourself or damaging your hair, there are many ways to brave them and get over your worries.

Braving the Flat Iron to Create Beautifully Straight Hair
Image Credit: Pexels

Buy the Right Flat Iron
The first thing to consider is what flat iron to buy. Smaller flat irons are better for when you have less hair, and larger flat irons are suitable for thicker, coarser or curlier hair. The general is that the shorter your hair, the thinner the iron and vice versa. Next, make sure you understand what type of flat iron you should use. There are ceramic, titanium and tourmaline ones. Take a look at Hair Straightener Studio for some fantastic reviews on all types of flat irons. There are plenty of tips, advice, and tidbits of information that you can follow in order to get the best flat iron for your money. Just remember to invest in one that suits your needs and budget.

Always Prepare Your Hair
To avoid damaging your hair, make sure you apply some kind of heat protecting cream, spray or serum over the area before you style it. This will prevent the heat from damaging your hair and causing it to break or split under the pressure. You can also use smoothing styling creams to ensure that you get straight strands of hair after using the flat iron.

Watch the Temperature
A general rule of thumb is to never go above 365°F. Hair tends to burn when you raise it to over 450°F. Depending on the flat iron that you purchase, the maximum temperature will probably go fairly high. Just remember to keep it between 300°F and 325°F to ensure a minimal chance of damaging your hair, and raise it no higher than 365°F to ensure better straightening.

Section Your Hair
Make sure you get some clips and section your hair before you straighten it. This will help you keep track of the entire styling process and guarantees you won’t miss any spots. This will also allow you to start straightening at the root of the hair instead of starting mid-way or at the ends. This will help you achieve that flawless straight-haired look that you want. Be careful not to put the flat iron too close to your scalp or else you will burn yourself, especially if you’re new to straightening.

Work Slowly, but Not Too Slowly
One of the most important things to remember is the speed at which you pull the flat iron. If you go too slowly then you’re going to form ridges in your hair and it could cause damage. If you go too fast while being too firm with your grip then you might pull hairs out. Go steady and use fluid motions to straighten your hair. This will take a bit of practice, so keep at it and develop your own technique.

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Five Beauty Problems The Guy Will Definitely Notice On Your First Date

That all important first date can be terrifying, as you will be desperate to make that excellent first impression. From the moment the date begins, you want to grab his full attention, wowing him with your beauty, and keep him coming back for more.

Despite all your best efforts in making yourself look glamorous for the night, you may have some unfortunate issues that may undo all your hard work. These are just some of them.

Image source: Wikimedia

Discoloured teeth
You have spent hours on your makeup, your hair is aglow with color, but you are terrified of opening your mouth. Why? Because your teeth are yellower than a ripe banana! So, to preserve your smile, you should probably visit a professional dentist to fix the problem. Take a look at  to find out what a dentist can do to whiten your teeth. Alternatively, use a whitening toothpaste, or a natural method such as a lemon juice and baking soda paste, to remedy the problem.

Bad breath
You reach in for that first kiss, but you are alarmed when he recoils with horror, like a vampire to garlic. Bad breath is something we are all prone to, and it can be due to poor dental hygiene or eating something particularly smelly without freshening our breath afterward. So, to avoid scaring your date away with your unpleasant breath, follow the advice given at, and be sure to give your mouth a quick spray of a breath-freshener before meeting your man.

Sweaty armpits
You will be understandably nervous on the first date so you may be sweating more than normal. Thankfully, you can easily fix this. For starters, apply a deodorant before you leave the house. Then wear an outfit that will let your skin breath, such as something made from cotton or silk. To be on the safe side, you might also want to wear a color that will hide those unfortunate sweat stains, such as a dark color, rather than something light or bright. A quick spray of perfume may mask some of the smell if you have forgotten to deodorize beforehand.

Bad acne
You may want to eat a pizza on your first date, not look like one, so read the lifestyle advice we gave you at to help you with your acne problems. You may be able to gloss over your spots with a skincare product, but if your guy sticks around, he will see beneath the surface eventually.

Chapped lips
Again, a real turn-off for the guy when he reaches over to plant a kiss on your lips. Wearing lip balm is one remedy, or use a moisturizing lipstick with a statement color for extra pop when you’re getting ready to go out. Certain foods can cause more dryness to your lips, such as citrus fruits and anything spicy, so be careful with the dinner menu, and avoid licking your lips after eating as that can cause further irritation.

Follow these tips, and you will have peace of mind when meeting your man. Let’s just hope he’s worth it!

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Wedding Fashion Tips

If you’re going to be a guest at a wedding, you want to stand out. While you don’t want to take away from the bride, you certainly want to look your best. Here are a few wedding fashion tips to help you make a great impression without upstaging the bride. Coast also has a great selection of dresses.

bride groom
Image source: Pexels

1. Choose the right color
If you’re agonizing over the color of your dress for the wedding, stop. There are two main colors you need to avoid - black and white. Black is too dark and some people consider it funeral attire. White is too close to the color of the bride’s dress. Avoid choosing a dress that’s any shade of white. Even off-white is too similar.

If you absolutely must wear white, there are a few ways you might be able to make it work. Pick a white dress with a pattern. And be sure it has no lace on it. Your accessories should be bright and colorful. Whatever you do, don’t wear a long white dress.

2. Choose the right accessories
Wedding accessories should be simple. Some brides have gorgeous rose gold engagement rings and tiaras. You don’t need all that flair. As a guest, go simple. But that doesn’t mean you have to put the pearls away. You still want your accessories to look real. Even if they’re not, be sure to choose accessories that look real and natural.

To keep things simple, avoid wearing loud jewelry combinations. You shouldn’t wear a necklace with big earrings; just stick with the earrings. Likewise, you shouldn’t wear a necklace if you have a dress with a fancy neckline. The key to tasteful wedding accessories is simplicity.

3. Follow the dress code
We all know how annoying dress codes can be. But they are there for a reason. And it is a special day for the bride and groom. Why make their day more stressful by ignoring the dress code? As much as it might pain you to do so, stick to the code. You might find that it makes it a little easier to pick out your outfit. With fewer options, the decision is simpler.

4. Leave the clunky purse at home
A wedding is a chic occasion. Your favorite bag might be a beautiful satchel that holds all of your necessities. But give your satchel a break at the wedding. For a chic look, go with a clutch. There’s no need to bring too many things with you, so you don’t need much space. And clutches come in so many shapes and sizes. Picking out a new clutch might be as fun as picking out your dress.

5. Indulge yourself
In addition to wearing the right clothes, you need to take care of yourself. A wedding is a great excuse to get pampered. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. Get your hair styled at your favorite salon. You may even want to hit the spa for a facial. Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself. After it’s all done, you’ll be able to look and feel your best.

Wedding Fashion Tips

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