7 Simple Beauty Fixes To See You Through Summer

When you love beauty trying new treatments and looking and feeling good there’s always a buzz in the air as soon as summer comes around. Of course, we all love the warmer months, longer days and lighter nights but when it comes to beauty, summer offers us something else entirely. We get to shake up our hairstyles, go breezy with the makeup, and have fabulous treatments that make our beauty routines even easier.

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If you’re wondering what treatments you should be trying to get yourself summer beauty ready, or what steps you should take to feel your more beautiful self, here are seven that you do not want to miss.

1. Hydrating Facial

The first thing that you're going to want to do is to focus on your skin. You may not notice it as first, but as soon as the weather warms up, we all get just that little bit more dehydrated in life. So not only do you have to drink more water during the summer months to keep your body happy and healthy, you have to pay a little more attention to your skin. Keeping up with your moisturizing routine is always good, but you might want to go that little bit further and apply a homemade hydrating face mask every week, just to make sure your skin is getting the care it needs.

2. Waxing

Even if you manage to go every single winter without shaving your legs (lucky you!), come summer, it’s one of those every other day chores, or sometimes daily) that we all hate. But, if you have super fast growing hair or dark hair, you might want to rethink that daily shower situation and opt for monthly waxes instead. If you get the right therapist, you’re going to walk away with super smooth legs and baby-soft skin.

3. Exfoliating

One way to help with that hair situation is to make sure that you exfoliate. It may not be something that you prioritize, at least when it comes to your body anyway, but during the summer months, it can be a beauty savior. When you exfoliate your body, you get rid of dead skin cells that can make your skin look dry and dull. You’re also ensuring that your wax lasts that little bit longer and the same goes for your tan - natural or otherwise. So, whether you choose to exfoliate with or without a scrub, you’re going to want to do this once or twice a week so benefits from healthy skin.

4. Hair Cut

Then there’s that all-important summer trim to think about. After winter, we can often be left with dry, dull looking locks. To make sure that they shine in time for winter, you’re not only going to want to up your conditioning and treatment game; you need to get all those dead and dry ends snipped off. Whether you opt for that simple trim or a complete restyle, you’ll feel like an entirely different person by the time you step out of the salon this summer.

5. Teeth Whitening

We all want a smile that we’re proud of. As a teen, if you went through that awkward, painful stage of wearing braces, you didn’t just do that to let your teeth go as you grow. Oh no. Especially if you’ve had braces regularly. Instead, you’re going to want to make sure that you not only keep on top of your oral health but that your teeth shine nice and white too. Whether you opt for professional whitening or use the incredible invention of charcoal toothpaste to get your smile up to scratch, summer is the perfect time to do it.

6. Spray Tan

When the weather warms up, and we all start to wear lighter layers and shorter lengths, we all want a nice tan to show off. You might not be hitting the beach anytime soon, but there are no reasons that you can’t look like you have. So, head to the salon and book in for a spray tan. That way, when you are wearing shorts and shorter tops, you’ll feel beach ready already.

7. Micro-blading

Isn’t it the dream to have flawless makeup all day, every day? If only we could wake up with a full face and get on with our day, it would save us a lot of time, right? Well, there is kind a way that you can. Semi-permanent makeup solutions, like micro-blading, give you beautiful eyebrows from the second you wake up. So if you want to go on vacation completely makeup free and still feel good, micro-blading is the answer.

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Beauty Bloggers Brawl 2017

The annual Summer Beauty Bloggers Brawl is nearing. This is my first time being a part of this Beauty Blogger collaboration and this should be fun since I get to review 10 top picks product of my choice and to give my honest opinion whether I like them or not.

Beauty Bloggers Brawl
Image Credit: Emma Drury

What is the Bloggers Beauty Brawl?
This is a group of beauty bloggers coming together to review 10 beauty products over 10 consecutive days starting on the 3rd of June 2017 until the 12th of June. For example, day one I can review my favorite liquid lipstick from any brand, day 2 my favorite or worse beauty buy product and the list continues until day 10.

List of Beauty Products types that the collaborated bloggers will be reviewing per day.
Day 1: Liquid Lipstick
Day 2: Brow Product
Day 3: Eyeliner – liquid or pencil
Day 4: Makeup Remover
Day 5: Nail varnish – summer colour
Day 6: Face Mask
Day 7: Primer
Day 8: False Eye lashes
Day 9: hand Cream
Day 10: Bronzer

Products are chosen based on individual bloggers selection. Stay tune for each day to see my picks. I will also link back to participating beauty bloggers in my daily thread, so you will get an idea of the exciting products each bloggers are reviewing. The bloggers will also rate each product out of 100 by playing a virtual game of beauty Top Trumps. Bloggers are required to honestly and openly review each product type based on the predetermined list of criteria which includes product, price and packaging.

Beauty Brawl
Image Credit: Emma Drury 

How do bloggers get products for reviewing?
Bloggers can choose to buy their choice of ten (10) beauty products or they can source them from sponsors. Products can be budget friendly or high end product.

What is Top Trumps Cards and where can I find it?
The Top Trumps card app is available for IOS devices. Each blogger is required to download the app and create their unique cards with product, price and packaging rating and an image of the daily product that is being reviewed.

Are there any rules?
1)    Bloggers are required to review the same product type on the same day.
2)    Bloggers are required to review their products honestly and score fairly even if they don’t like the product.
3)    Bloggers must have their post published before 6pm each day.
4)    Bloggers must write an introductory post explaining what the Beauty Brawl is all  about.
5)    Products that are being reviewed must be new.

How do I join?
The collaboration is ran through a Facebook group called Blogger's Beauty Brawl 2017, send a request to be added.

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The Little Gifts That Mean A Lot

Sometimes, it can be hard to really personalize your gifts so that that the person you’re gifting them to knows you care. There are sites online where you can get words in scripted onto a glass, or a bracelet engraved with special words… but for the most part, you can end up feeling like a bit of a fraud for not doing it yourself. But don’t worry - there are certain things that you can make at home which really will have that magic sparkle to them without you having to break your budget.

Gifts that mean a lot
Image Source: Pexels

Cookies and Cakes
Baking your own creations and decorating them the way you want can be a super-sweet way to create a really bespoke (and yummy!) gift. If you know the favourite sweet treat of the person that you’re gifting them to, then all the better. This is a way to really cut out the cost of going to the bakery and hoping that they’ve got something similar in stock, or paying a professional cake maker to do it for you. Just make sure that you have enough ingredients to cover everything so you’re not popping back to the shop every couple of minutes for something new.

CDs and Vinyls
If you are a good singer/songwriter, why not record a song for them? There is nothing more personal than having a song composed specifically for you, and this is something that can be treasured for years to come. If it’s something that you’re particularly proud of, head over to Nationwide to ensure that you’ve got good quality CDs to hand out to your friends, family and maybe those even higher like music producers to listen to your tracks!

Art can be subjective, but as long as it’s focused around a subject that the receiver will absolutely love, then it’s something that will always go down a treat. As long as it doesn’t look like Phoebe’s creation ‘Gladys’ from Friends, it may even turn out to be something that will be hung in their home for years to come. Think about all of the things that make your friend smile and try to include them, however small the influence within your design may be.

There are some photos of yourself that you will have never seen. This is the same for any friends and family members who you hold close. If you are in possession of these photos, try putting them in an album or in a nice frame for them to receive. You could even add little beads and sequins to the spaces between people or on plain bits of background to really jazz them up a bit. It’s small memories like this which can mean the world to some people, and truly you don’t have to spend a lot on a gift for it to be something that they hold dearly to them. Just make sure that you have a spare copy of the photo if it’s one that you like as well.

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Big Night Out Without The Big Spend

If you’ve got a big night out planned, you want to be looking your best. You might be heading to the mall to find the perfect outfit and some fresh cosmetics. Maybe you’ve even got a salon appointment? Before you go and melt the plastic of your credit card, consider where you really want to be spending your cash? Do you need to spend big to have a big night out?

It’s always nice to buy everything new for a big event or night out. That doesn’t mean you have to if you would rather spend your hard-earned cash on the event itself. You might have a gorgeous dress tucked in the back of your closet that is begging to come out and be seen. If you’re worried someone might recognize it from last season, dress it up with fresh accessories and a different pair of shoes.

Don't spend hours in the mall at the cosmetics counter. Try hunting for make-up coupons that offer you great products without the hassle. Remember, your application technique is just as important as the product when you want to achieve that flawless look. Pop your savings in your purse to go toward your evening out. Would you give up the salon stylist and do your hair at home? The savings you make could provide you with a little extra cash to enjoy while you’re out.

If you’re worried about spending too much money while you’re out, why not give yourself a top limit? This will help prevent you going overdrawn or ringing up big bills you can’t afford. You could leave the credit card at home and only carry cash so you can see when you’re starting to run low. If you’re worried about this, you can try a prepaid card. Of course, you should never leave yourself too short to cover the cost of a cab home.

Water Drinking Glass
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Booking your venues in advance can sometimes save you a little extra cash too. If you know where you’re heading this evening, why not call and see what offers are available? You can use the savings for something extra on the night, or put it away for something else another time. Sharing a ride with the others in your party can help you all spread the cost of the evening too. Sometimes a hotel room shared with you is cheaper than the cost of a late night cab from the city.

Alcohol will always cost more than soft drinks. Why not alternate between the two? If there are a lot of you in your party, you could share a pitcher, or buy your drinks in advance on a tab that may offer a discount. What about dining? Some restaurants offer a set price per head when you book for the entire party in advance. This means you don’t have to limit yourself to a salad if your budget is a little tight.

You don’t have to spend a lot on a big night out to enjoy it. Sometimes the evening can be more fun knowing you’ve put a little away in savings too. Enjoy!

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Guide To Achieving A Flawless Makeup Look

Do you love makeup but aren't sure if you're doing it right? Don't worry, follow this makeup routine, and you'll be a pro within no time.

makeup tools
Image Source: Pixabay

Knowing your skin type
Before you go ahead and start buying a bunch of products, you will need to know what you're buying them for.

We all have different skin types, and it's so important you figure out what yours is first. If you have oily skin, you're not going to want to use something that's meant for dry skin, as this may make you even more oily, and vice versa.

Now it's time to prep the skin for makeup.  First, you will want to make sure your face it clean, then you can moisturize it. It is so important to have a good moisturizer because this will affect how your skin will stay throughout the day. There are many skin care products out there so do your research first.

Then you can prime your skin, which will make the foundation look better and last a lot longer.

Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, so you're going to want to make them beautiful; which doesn't mean cover them up in eye shadow (unless that's the look you're going for!)

Learn about your eye shape, as they will help when it comes to choosing the right colours and techniques. For example, if you have a hooded eyelid, you can create a new crease with a darker shadow, resulting in a wider looking eye.

Don't forget to add mascara to finish off the look.

Make sure you find the right shade before you buy a foundation. Having said that, sometimes you may just get unlucky and will not be able to find your perfect shade. If this does happen, you will need to mix two different colours. It is annoying, but at least you'll be able to walk around with your face the same color as the rest of your body!

Contouring is the craze that took over the world. The techniques really are a form of sorcery. Whether you want to make your nose look smaller, or you want killer cheekbones, it can all be achieved with these steps.

Choose a cool brown shade slightly darker than your skin tone and draw where you want to create a shadow. So under your cheekbones, down the sides of your nose and around your forehead. By doing this, the illusion of the 'shadow' will make the area look smaller. Just make sure you blend everything properly otherwise it won't look natural. You can also add a little under your bottom lip which will make it look fuller.

To finish the look off, you will want to highlight certain areas on your face. This goes hand in hand with the contouring you have just done. You will want to go down the center of your nose, the tops of your cheekbones and even on your cupids bow. This will just make everything stand out as a pose to looking flat, as well as sparkle when the light hits your face.

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Organizing The Ideal Hen Party

One of the most exciting parts of being a bridesmaid is organizing the hen party. This is something that can be a great opportunity to express a little something about how you feel about the bride to be. It’s also strangely stressful at times, so it helps to really know what you are doing! In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most important parts of organizing an event of this kind. As long as you bear a few key things in mind, you should find that it goes much better than you could have ever hoped and that will make for one lucky bride!

Image Source: Pexels

Wherever you are planning on going, you will want to put some special thought into how you are getting there. Depending on your destination, there are a huge number of options for you here, so it will probably take some deep thought to find the ideal choice. For some parties, taking public transport can be a very good idea - not least because you don’t want anybody to have to drive. But you could go a step further and even hire a party bus if you are that way inclined. There are so many options these days for party buses, and you can generally have them themed however you want. If you take a look at party bus rental here, you will see some examples of the kind of thing you can go for. Get the transportation right, and you will be removing one of the major headaches from the whole day, so that is worth organizing first and foremost once you know where you are all going.

wine glass on restaurant table
Image Source: Pexels

It is usually best to have a couple of activities so that everyone can have a taste of what they enjoy. It also helps to keep the whole evening going more strongly if you do it this way, rather than just doing one activity and being done with it. What to do depends on your bride in question. Try to find something that she will enjoy, but which she wouldn’t necessarily have thought of herself. This is usually the best way to bring about the most positive reactions, so it is a good idea to aim for that. You might also decide that you want to host two separate events. One can be for everyone who wants to come - including mothers, aunties and so on. While the other one can be just for the core crowd, the bride and her bridesmaids. This way, you can get the best of both worlds, and everyone is happy.

The Group
Knowing who to invite to either or both events can be difficult, but compared to many other parties it can also sometimes be quite self-explanatory. One of the main things to watch out for, however, is that there is nobody who the bride doesn’t particularly get on well with. The last thing you want is any drama to occur on the big night, so work hard to ensure that the group is a tight and close-knit one as much as possible.

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