Keep Track of Makeup Shades using Printable Worksheets

How to keep track of makeup shades printables

How to keep track of makeup shades
If you consider yourself as a makeup junkie, hoarder etc. whatever names that you call it, then you might have tons of makeup from different shades to different brand names. Keeping track of these can be a problem, especially when it comes to repurchasing and you are at the store but you forget your shade.

Crystal Air Humidifier and Night Light Review

Crystal Air Humidifier

When applying makeup or doing my weekly chores I like to be at ease with not much noise more than my speaker playing music from several genres.  

My Crystal Air Humidifier seals the deal. It brings relaxation as it moisten and freshens the air as I apply my makeup or while doing chores.  When the air gets really dry using a humidifier is one of the best option as it adds moisture to the room. 

This mini size ball shaped humidifier with a flat top sits conveniently on my makeup vanity. It is approximately 3.5 inches tall and wide, it comes with 1 wick, USB cable and a single instruction sheet written in English and Chinese languages. It has a very attractive glow when plugged in and turn on. It can be used as a night light to give off a nice glow in the dark.  

Crystal Air Humidifier as a Night Light

The Crystal Air Humidifier automatically shuts off after 3 hours, so no need to get out of relaxation mood just to turn it off.  The night light (pink) will stay on until the device is being unplugged.

The Crystal Air Humidifier is non-rechargeable, it can be plugged in by using a power outlet, laptop etc. The humidifier doesn't have an option to turn off the light during the day/night and the light that it emits has a nice calming glow. If you are a lover of pink then this might not be a problem for you. 

This humidifier was not designed to use with scented oils especially when used along with the air wick. The wicks are generic and can be purchased anywhere according to the manufacturer. The humidifier can be used with/without the wick, it does not affect the clouds of water it disperses in the air. 

Disclosure: Product received at a discounted price in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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Ipsy Rant and Response

Ipsy Rant (July Glam bag)

Ipsy is a subscription bag that is curated by Michelle Phan. It cost only $10 monthly to purchase a glam bag. These glam bag are hand picked and curated just for you based on a personalized questionnaire. It ask question like what is your eye colour, hair colour and texture, brands that you would like to try, favorite Ipsy stylist and much more.

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