Travel Fitness: Ideas To Help You Stay In Shape

Most people tend to spend their vacations drinking alcohol and sitting on a beach. That’s fine if you just want to relax after a long few months at work. However, some people want to remain active and ensure they stay fit while they’re away. There are lots of ways in which you could achieve that goal. In this article, you will find some activity suggestions you could try while you’re on vacation. Of course, what you do will depend on the location you select. So, you don’t have to select anything from this post. I just wanted to highlight different suggestions and point you in the right direction.

Skiing and snowboarding
If you travel to a mountainous region in Europe or the US, you might consider skiing or snowboarding. Experts from VistaBahn Ski Rentals say some areas offer the activity all year round. You just have to go somewhere at high altitude where the snow never melts. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried skiing or snowboarding in the past because you don’t need experience. There are always companies in the local area that will provide you with an instructor for a small fee. You can also take your kids along and get them involved too. Skiing and snowboarding are perfect activities for the entire family.

Rock climbing
Image source: Flickr

Rock climbing
No matter where you take your vacation, there are always opportunities to try rock climbing. If you go somewhere near the coast, you can often climb outdoor cliff faces and rocks. However, in cities, you might have more luck trying to find an indoor experience like Boulder Dash. It’s an excellent way to spend your time because the activity will help you to build muscle. Your pulse is also going to increase rapidly, and that should contribute towards strengthening your heart. Again, just make sure you employ the services of an instructor if you’ve never tried rock climbing before.

Rambling and walking
Sometimes you just have to get some fresh air and walk for the best results. If you don’t like the idea of sitting around on a beach all day, you should ask the locals about the best places to walk. Maybe there are some mountain tracks you could follow with your partner and the kids? Perhaps you can walk the coast and check out some ancient ruins? No matter where you travel, there are always lots of interesting things to see. If you don’t want to miss anything exciting, just research the area online before you leave home.

All three of those suggestions should help any traveler to stay in shape. At the end of the day, you just have to fight the urge to laze around. Far too many people travel to other countries and never take in the local sights. That is because they’re more concerned with getting an even suntan. If you like to explore and try new things, don’t pass up on the ideas from this article. You never know. You might enjoy yourself, but whatever happens, you will achieve your goal of keeping fit.

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Wedding Checklists: Getting It Right As A Guest

Most wedding checklists are geared towards couples who are planning their big day. Undoubtedly, the focus is on the bride and groom, but there’s a lot to think about for wedding guests too. If you’re preparing to attend a wedding in the coming weeks or months, here’s an essential to-do list to make sure you get it right.

Wedding Checklists: Getting It Right As A Guest
Image source: Wikimedia

Choosing your outfit
Weddings are wonderful occasions, but it can be stressful trying to plan an outfit. You don’t want to turn up wearing the same dress as another guest, you don’t want to be the person who hasn’t noticed the info about the dress code on the invitation, and you don’t want to be struggling with your shoes by 3pm. The key to nailing wedding guest chic is choosing something that makes you feel both confident and comfortable.

Before you start shopping, have a good read of the invitation and any additional information that the couple has provided about the event. Some people specify a dress code, and this can be helpful when it comes to buying a new outfit. If there is a dress code, stick to it. If there’s isn’t any information, look for clues from the type of venue and the theme.

Bear the weather in mind when you’re shopping. If you’re going to an outdoor wedding in the summer, opt for light fabrics and avoid anything that’s too clingy. If you’re attending a winter wedding wrap up warm. You can still wear a show-stopping dress or skirt, but make sure you have a coat or a shawl with you.

Many guests choose to wear dresses, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, but don’t rule out other options. If you’re going to a less formal gathering, you could consider wearing a skirt, tailored trousers or a jumpsuit. If you’re sticking with dresses, look for unique prints, quirky shapes, and styles with a difference like those on this page

If you’re not sure where to start with shopping, check out sites like for inspiration and have a look at outfits people have worn to weddings or the races online. Use accessories to make your outfit unique. If you’ve got a plain dress, you can jazz it up using a hat, a bag, eye-catching shoes, and jewellery. If you’ve got a patterned or printed dress, it’s best to opt for subtle touches. Nude stilettos are a staple, as they go with everything, and you can wear them time and time again.

mannequin dress wedding
Image source: Wikimedia

Buying a gift
Many couples ask for donations towards a honeymoon, but if your friends haven’t asked for contributions, finding the perfect gift is the next job. If there isn’t a gift list, use your imagination and your knowledge of the couple. What do they like doing? What kind of style do they have? You could buy something for the home or go for a day out, a weekend away or a gift with a difference like a personalized hamper or some customized barware. Planning a wedding can be time-consuming, and it’s always disappointing when you’ve had the big day, and you’re getting back to real life again. To cheer the couple up, you could treat them to some restaurant vouchers, book a night at a spa or make a book of date coupons. You could include small cash donations towards meals out, picnics, movie nights or a trip to the theatre, for example. Put some thought into it, and channel the couple’s interests and hobbies.

Bridal shower kitchen gift basket ideas
Image source:

Sorting the logistics
You’ve got the outfit, you’ve bought the gift, and now it’s time to sort the logistics. It’s a good idea to book travel and hotels in advance, especially if the wedding is abroad. If you are travelling overseas, use the Internet to find cheap flights and compare prices on accommodation. If you’re closer to home, consider your options. You could share lifts with friends or book a cottage, villa or farmhouse if there is a group of you. This may work out cheaper than reserving several hotel rooms. Make sure you have taxis booked to get you to and from the ceremony if transport is not provided.

Image source: Geograph
Are you going to a wedding in the next few weeks or months? If so, now is the time to get yourself sorted and make sure you’re ready for the big day. Look around for outfit inspiration, try some different styles for size and don’t be afraid to go for something unique. If there’s no gift list, think about what your friends or family members would like, be thoughtful and use your creativity and imagination. Make sure you know how you’re getting there and where you’re staying well in advance.

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Acne, Milia And Other Irritating Skin issues Fixed

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up in the morning and find that a blemish has developed on your skin, apparently overnight? Usually, this happens the morning before a big day, and the most common reason for this is stress. You were probably stressed when you went to bed and that causes your body to increase its production of sebum. This is the name for the oily liquid that oozes out of spots and acne. So, perhaps the best way to get rid of the problem would be to just control your stress levels as much as possible. But what if that skin blemish is already there?

You can cover it up, but this will typically make the issue worse. Putting makeup on acne is adding more oils to your skin, and it could cause more spots to develop. No, the best way to handle this is head on so let’s look at how to solve some of the most annoying skin issues, starting with acne.

Acne, Milia And Other Irritating Skin issues Fixed
Image source: Flickr

Eliminating Acne
Aside from the stress, the main cause of your acne is probably your diet. If you’re eating lots of sugary sweets and snacks, you need to stop that right now. You might also want to cut out most of the dairy from your diet. Research shows that this is two of the main causes of acne. Of course, it’s not the only problem that causes this skin issue, but it’s a good start. If you correct your diet, you will start to see a noticeable difference to your skin.

You might also want to think about exercising more often. By exercising, your body will produce sweat. This gets rid of any bacteria and oils underneath the skin and reduces the likelihood of an acne breakout.

Some people have a different skin issue from acne, and that’s milia. Milia is typically found around the edge of the eyes and are hard, little white or sometimes yellow spots. They can not be squeezed like a pimple. There are only two options to remove them. They can be melted through a steam treatment. You can head to a spa or fill a bowl with boiling water and hold your head over it. You might notice they start to drip, allowing you to remove the spots. Or, you can get them surgically removed. It’s a basic treatment, but it can be quite terrifying having a needle that close to your eye. As such, melting them might be the best option. The cause of these skin blemishes is dead skin building up around the eyes. As such, they can be diminished with exfoliation. If you look at ranking and reviews of the 10 best exfoliators, you’ll be able to find the right one to use and make sure you can clear up this skin issue in no time. Many people mistakenly believe that there is no way to avoid milia and they’re wrong.

Finally, petechiae are pinprick red dots that are not as pronounced as acne but far more colourful. As such, they can be just as annoying and even more difficult to conceal. The best advice here is to use cold treatments. Wrap an ice pack in cloth and press it to your face for ten or twenty minutes. This will diminish the issue completely, and you should see the red dots fade. If it doesn’t make sure you go to the doctors as it could point to a more serious issue.

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Two Months To Go: Your Wedding Checklist

It seems that there are three types of people when it comes to planning a wedding. The first, are those that plan a wedding date years in advance, giving themselves at least three years to get everything sorted for it. Then there are the people that choose to have quite a last minute wedding. It might only be a few months away, for some, even weeks. But that is how they want it. The third and final group of people are those that fall somewhere in between. They want some time to get everything sorted, but around a year is good enough for them. But whatever kind of wedding planner you are, there will always be that last manic time, a couple of months to a month before, to get everything sorted. What are some of the last minute things to be checking for your wedding, though? Here is a checklist to go through. Good luck, it isn’t long now!

wedding checklist
Image source: Flickr

Make it Legal
One of the things that stops people from being able to get married as quick as they want is that you, of course, need to make it legal. Set an appointment to get your wedding license in the last couple of months before getting married. You can’t get a license too far ahead of time, so this is one of those last minute things. Check the fee and any documents that you might need and then get going with your appointment.

Wedding Rings
The engagement ring will have been sorted if you are at this point. But you can’t forget about the all important wedding bands for you and your other half. Generally, these are fairly quick to find and order, as they are much plainer than diamond encrusted engagement rings. Don’t leave it too last minute, though. Shop around and try on rings for sizing. You could also look to order wedding rings, like Tacori wedding rings, online. But you need to be sure about the ring sizes that you’ll need. You don’t want it to be too snug on the day!

Honeymoon Checklist
In this modern world, not everyone goes on a honeymoon straight after getting married. But if you are going to be doing just that, then you need to plan ahead for that. What are some essentials you’ll be needing for your destination? Do you have your passport? Will there be time for name change on it? You need around two months for a new passport to be safe, so that could be something to be getting on with soon.

Final Head Counts
At this stage in the game, you will be looking to get your final head counts into your vendors and venues. So check all of your RSVPs and chase any that are yet to reply. Then you can sort things like the seating plan, as well as favors, place cards, and other wedding stationery that you need on the day.

Making a to-do list is always a good idea when planning a wedding. So if you keep track as you go along, there shouldn’t be too much left to do!

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These Tips Will Turn You Into A Makeup Professional

The possibilities are endless when it comes to makeup. There are thousands of videos online of people doing crazy things with their makeup but that might be a bit out of your league. Most people end up with the same sort of look every day because they don’t know how to be more creative. If you’re just a beginner and you want to improve your makeup skills, check out these simple tips to help you along the way.

Image source: Pexels

Buy Fewer Items
Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that the fuller your makeup kit is, the better you’ll look. That’s not the case and there are so many products on the market that are just plain rubbish. You can waste your money on thousands of bits and bobs that you’ll never use if you like, but it won’t improve your makeup. Instead, you should be looking for good quality products that you can use for lots of different styles. You need a decent blending brush, contour brush, and multitasking brush for everything else, that should be it.

Finishing Spray
One of the worst mistakes to make is applying makeup that ends up looking too thick like it’s caked on. If it doesn’t look natural then it won’t look nice so you want to avoid this at all costs. A good finishing spray is the easiest way to stop this. It will tie all of the makeup together and make it look more natural and it will also make it last a lot longer.

Image source: Pixabay

Your teeth are one of the most important things to look after because people tend to notice them a lot. You could get professional teeth whitening done but to be honest, it’s incredibly expensive and the results are no better than what you could do yourself at home. There are plenty of teeth whitening at home tips that can get you started. All of the hard work you’re putting into your makeup routine will be for nothing if your teeth aren’t in top condition because studies have shown that people’s perceptions of you are hugely affected by your teeth. It could hinder your dating life and even reduce your chances of landing a job.

Using a primer gives you a better base for applying your makeup and improves the final result. When you’re applying eye shadow especially, you should always use a primer. If you don’t, the eye shadow will smudge and fade whereas with a primer it will stand out and the lines will be more defined. You should also put a thin layer of something neutral on before you apply your eyeliner to make your eye makeup ten times better.

Clean Your Brushes
When you’re using your multitasking brush and you’re in a rush, it’s tempting to just keep dipping it into different products without cleaning it in between. It might save you time but it’ll ruin your look. When you don’t clean your brushes, you’ll end up combining all of the different products and they’ll all smudge together into one color. That means you’ll lose out on any contrasts that you’re trying to create. It’s also an easy way to apply way too much makeup and that’ll end up ruining the natural look that you’re going for. It’s easy to get around if you just clean off your brush between each product.

Moisturizer In Your Concealer
Matching the color of your concealer can be tricky and you might find that it’s a bit too heavy for the aesthetic that you’re going for. You don’t need to buy loads of different shades if you just use this simple trick. Mix a little moisturizer into it to lighten it up. Use this tip to tailor the color that you need without having to spend loads of money on ten different concealers.

Eyeliner On Your Lips
Having fuller lips is a brilliant way to improve your style and you can achieve it with a simple addition to your lip routine. Once you’ve applied your lip gloss, get a white eyeliner pencil and apply some in the center of your lips. Blend it in carefully and it’ll make your lips look way fuller than normal. If you don’t blend it naturally it won’t look great so be careful with it and don’t apply too much.

Image source: Flickr

Get Some Sleep
This isn’t exactly a makeup tip but it will help improve your beauty regime no end. Bad sleeping patterns have a huge negative effect on your skin and you’ll end up with big bags around your eyes. It’ll take longer to apply your makeup every morning if you’re having to cover up the effects of lack of sleep.  

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Tying The Knot Problems

Getting married, something that should be the happiest time of ours lives, right? Well, that is what we are meant to think anyway. So then, how come it’s also a time that can be fraught with problems? I reckon it’s because it's such a big deal, it's easy to get carried away and want it all to be perfect. Luckily, for any future bride and groom, I have put together a guide on how to deal with some of the most common wedding problems, below.

Being original
I don't know about you, but something that it really important to me is being original and not just following the herd. Unfortunately, with the engagement and wedding industry being such a big deal, it's hard to not repeat the trends and fashions that everyone else has access to.

Image source: Pexels

However, I have discovered that you can give your nuptials the personal touch by focusing on a few things and customizing them. Things like picking from a selection of diamond engagement rings that you can further personalize to make them just that little bit different and more special to you.

Or how about customising the wedding around something that you and your fiance love? Like a particular TV program, particular sport, or film?

wedding bride jewellery
Image source: Pexels

Having an intimate ceremony
Weddings are meant to be big, white, and have everyone you know they're right? Well, not necessarily! As not everyone is an extrovert and relishes the idea of showing off in front of a massive crowd.

groom and bride wedding ceremony
Image source: Pexels

In fact, some of us just want a small wedding with a few of the most important people there. But how can you do this without offending Auntie Marge that you haven't seen since 1990, but will take great offence if she was left out?

Well, why not try explaining it to some of your friends and see how they take it? If people seemed to be outraged, then the solution may be to have a smaller service and then a bigger party afterward to keep the pace.

Going abroad
The idea of getting married abroad really appeals to me. But I know that many couples that choose this route come across a lot of resistance from friends and family members. This may be because it breaks with tradition, or it can be about the cost involved.

Image source: Pixabay

So what is the best way of dealing with this? Well, I think first of all you have to understand that some folks just aren't going to be able to afford to come. No matter how much they want to. So don't make them feel bad if they have to turn your invite down.

Also, remember that it's important to have things the way you want them for your big day. So don't let others expectations put you off of what you actually want.

Not spending a fortune
Lastly, everyone knows that weddings can cost a lot. But you can keep the costs down by ensuring that you do as much as you can yourself.

If you are anything like me, you will enjoy the making the centerpieces and invites too. So it's really not too much of a hassle to DIY and save a bit on the cost of everything.

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