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What Happens When You Wear Makeup To The Gym

We are now living in a fast-paced world where people are too busy with their respective work that they most likely hit the gym right after a long tiring day at the office. With that, there are chances wherein they can't find enough time to change their corporate attire to working gears or even remove their full face makeup. Have you ever thought about the effects of wearing makeup when you work out, or you're just at least confident because after your gym session, you're going to wash off everything – from sweat to dirt anyway?

A lot of women are rocking their full face glamorous makeup when working out and we're hoping that after you read this article, it opens your mind to change the habit.

Flaunting makeup to the gym – yay or nay?
Mascara is the most common makeup women wear at the gym. But whether it's waterproof or not, you may find your expensive cosmetic rolling down your cheeks or can get into your eyes by the middle of your session. It's a big turn off when you're running on a treadmill next to a cute guy!

On the other hand, with foundation or even just as simple as powder, it forms a barrier that let your skin suffocated which results to blocking and clogging of pores. When you work out, especially if you perspire a lot, your makeup mixes with oil and sweat which congests your skin and makes your face harder to release sweat and toxins.

Moreover, according to Elizabeth Hale, M.D., a dermatologist based in New York, "exercise creates perfect condition for increased skin absorption." It means that anything lying on your skin while you work out – either dirt, bacteria, germs, sweat, oil, and of course makeup – sinks into your skin much faster than average that can lead to severe irritation. 

Your face needs a little breathing as well. When you wear a full face of carefully-applied makeup to the gym, you abuse your skin by hindering its ability to breathe that would just lead to blackheads, pimple breakouts, dull complexion, and skin irritations.

Wearing a sweat-proof makeup is also a big no when working out – it does not help your skin nor make a difference – it will just get worse. No matter what cosmetics you put, it still creates the best environment for acne. Though some people still gets breakout even if they come bare-faced; do not be confused – intense workout will just make your skin sweat, but does not release oil. With that, when there is constant rubbing from straps, clothing, or touching gym equipment, it triggers acne mechanica that leads to breakouts as well. Try to avoid too much touching of your face especially if you have open pores.

What you wear matters
However, if you've still decided to wear makeup when planning to have a gym session or morning run just because of fear of bumping into someone you know, there are still some quick and easy beauty routines you can keep. Try to use at least light, oil-free, or tinted moisturizer that will absorb quickly because a heavier one will just sweat it off.  You can also groom your brows and brush it off with spoolie, tie or braid your hair beforehand, and splash your lips with a gloss or moisturizer to achieve a clean and fresh look. Also, working out when you feel confident with what you wear makes a huge difference to your appearance.

Not only makeup contributes to breakouts, be mindful of your gym towels as well. Make sure that your towel is sanitized, and almost laundered to perfection. Keep in mind that just because your towel smells good and looks bright, does not mean it's clean. Do not be deceived – it might be just soaked in fragrant detergents and fabric softeners, and there is a huge chance that bacteria are living in the smallest fibers of your cloth if your towel is not replaced frequently or laundered right.

We know that finishing a good intense workout feels pretty amazing especially when you beat your record, but do not forget to have a warm shower within an hour after your session. Not because you deserve it, but the bacteria from your dumbbells, gym equipment, or even your yoga mat can more likely transfer to your skin.

You are enough
Majority wear makeup to have an emotional boost, but women should always remember that they are beautiful just the way they are – no matter what their size is, gender preference, race, and color. The natural blush you get when you complete your run or squats is thousands much better than any blush-on you can buy from the market. Plus, it's priceless!

No matter how busy you are, be kind to your skin. You should still prioritize investing in a skin care and cleansing your face before having your training sessions. You could either leave it bare or apply a light serum to protect your skin from UV rays.

Do not just give your skin a breath of fresh air, but give yourself a break and reflect that self-loathing would just lead you to more bingeing. Just because some women wear carefully-applied full face makeup to the gym does not mean you also have to. After all, the purpose of hitting the gym is to drip in sweat and relieve the stress, not to do a catwalk on the treadmill.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Review: Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer

Have you ever seen a moisturizer that smells so good you might end up eating the product? The ingredients is stated in the name ‘olive oil and ‘mango butter’. I first used the Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer during my transitioning stage, it was the perfect product for sealing moisture into my dry, brittle, coarse hair. This product was recommended by a YouTube vlogger and yes I definitely had to try it.

The Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer was my go to before I was introduced to the LOC method. It helps to keep my hair moisturize as it adds sheen and helps to prevent breakage. The Elasta QP Moisturizer has a thick consistency, it can be considered as a heavy moisturizer and if use correctly it will not weigh your hair down and a little goes a long way.

The smell is amazing and the product absorbs quickly into the hair. I applied a small amount to my hair at nights and tie down with a silk scarf to seal in the moisture. The next morning my hair is ready for styling. The Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer can be used on dry and/or wet hair. It is also good for all hair types whether transitioning, perm, relaxed etc.

If your hair desires a ton of moisturizer and you are not good at retaining moisture doing the LOC method then I would highly recommend the Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A-List Inspiration for No Makeup Look

Smokey-glittery-way-too-contoured-baked-look is way gone and it’s time for the “no makeup” look to take dominance. While we were seeing a chunk of no-makeup looks walking the streets back in 2015 and 2016, we’ve somehow replaced it for other trends for a second even though we’ve all known that the natural vibe is what we’ll be coming back to.

But what was it that made us go confidently barefaced? Well, it was the celebs. Once the #iwokeupthisway and no-makeup selfie trend took the social media by storm, with A-listers, such as Beyonce, Kim K, Alicia Keys, Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow and plenty others, ditching their makeup offline (and online), we realized it’s time we understood something: we can be gorgeous even without flickers of eyeliner dangling on our lids and scraps of foundation covering up the face lines. While some celebs did keep their makeup routines on point for appearances and red carpet events, others have turned the makeup-free manner into a political statement (Alicia Keys, we applaud!).

 image source: 1, 2, 3 

The very nice background of this no makeup trend is that the celebs are actually promoting healthy habits and routines in everyday life that will keep the skin glowing and let you show you natural beauty by simply cherishing it. Celebrities aren’t shy of showing off their healthy visages and we’re there to get the scoop!

To all of you who are looking to replace your heavy make up routines with healthier, cleaner practices, we’re giving you celeb-recommended tips that should definitely make a difference! 

Lemon is hot

Well, not hot per se, but when dipped into a glass of hot water, it’s magic! Celebrities love and warmly recommend drinking a tall glass of tepid water (not too hot as warmth kills the vitamin C) on an empty stomach for fantastic digestion and skin detoxification. Lemon will flush out the toxins from the skin leaving it  clear, clean and smooth. Adopting the hot-water-with-lemon routine will leave your skin glowing and your makeup-free confidence growing!

Exfoliates matter

image source: 1, 2, 3

Scrubbing dead cells off of your face and body are the key routines to turn to for a healthy, glowing look. Unlike body exfoliates, face exfoliates are to be used only two to three times a week; with the face skin being way more sensitive than the body skin, you need to treat it gently.

Exfoliating properly and thoroughly will open up your skin pores and let the skin breathe, unclog and bring it its initial shine back. The best you can do is mix cold water and baking soda into a firm face mask. Keep rubbing it onto the skin for about 15 minutes and then rinse. To look phenomenal without your makeup on, apply some coconut oil afterwards.

Eyebrows are key

image source: 1, 2, 3

If you were to observe carefully, what would be the one thing our makeup-free celebs have in common? Eyebrow power! From Cara Delevingne to Kim K, brows are the focus. You already know that they are giving a shape to your face (which is why you need to pluck them carefully) but they do another fabulous thing – steal the spotlight! When the brows are awesome, your face will look spectacular too, even when you are wearing no makeup at all!

Water, water, water

You’ve heard this a million times before and you are about to hear it once again – water is your key health booster! Why do you think celebrities walk around with bottles of water, literally everywhere? Hydration! When the body has enough liquid, it’s easier for it to flush out toxins and keep the skin in the pink. When the skin is healthy in its base, just a touch of Freeze frame and some lip gloss will do for your big date! So, pick up a bottle of water and drink up!

Good luck changing your beauty routines and following the star-approved path. It worked for us!

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Ipsy March 2017 Glam Bag Spoiler

We know with ipsy we don't always get the products that we want and we become disappointed when our glam rooms are revealed and our bags are delivered. Also bear in mind all of the products are worth trying. We might not like it at first glimpse but once we try it then it's a whole different story.
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5 Things to Do Before Your Wedding

After the long months of planning every last detail of your wedding, the day is finally upon you! Being just weeks away can be incredibly exciting, albeit filled with worry about whether or not you're actually prepared. While you might have the vendors paid and the guests confirmed, what about preparations for yourself? Beyond the dress and shoes, it's important to consider the beauty details of your big day. To ensure you're ready, five of the most important things you'll want to do (and when you'll want to do them) are listed below.

1. Treat Yourself to a Facial

A facial will give your skin a much-needed bath of vitamins while helping to clear blackheads, whiteheads, and any other impurities that can cause acne. In addition to this, it can help get rid of dead skin so it feels baby soft--which your spouse will certainly appreciate. Fortunately there are many different types of facials to choose from, including those that are designed to brighten the skin. Choose based on which you're most comfortable with and what appeals to your skin type the most.

Tip: Due to the fact that your skin may have an adverse reaction to the facial, it's recommended to do this a full week before your big walk down the aisle. If you're going for something more extreme, such as micro-dermabrasion or a peel, you may want to do it even further in advance to allow your skin time to fully recover.

2. Consider Hair Removal

A large majority of brides decide to manage their body hair (from the face all the way to the legs) by having it professionally waxed. This is due to the fact that waxing can last around a month, eliminates next-day stubble, and makes the skin feel silky smooth. Not to mention it won't require spending an hour in the shower trying to reach every last inch of the skin with a razor. If you're interested in this, check out Glamour to learn all you need to know about bridal waxing.

For women who are not interested in taking on the pain of waxing, then shaving is a tried and true option to consider. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to do this before the wedding and purchase a new razor or fresh cartridge. In addition to this, it's recommended to buy a quality bottle of shaving cream to help avoid razor burn.

Tip: If you're going to wax, then this should be done about a week before your wedding day to ensure redness or irritation can heal. If you're going to shave, then you may want to do this one or two days before the wedding, depending on how quickly your hair grows. Some women even shave on their big day as long as they're careful not to cause any cuts or irritation.

3. Get a Fake Tan

Even if you never tan or aren't concerned about bronzed skin, you'll want it for your wedding day. Not only will this look great in pictures but it can also help give you that "bridal glow" that every woman desires. Oh, and don't forget that even a light tan can help you look more slim while covering up any imperfections on your skin. For most women, they choose to have a spray tan done because it's quick and produces natural results. This can be done either by a spray tan technician or many tanning shops have booths with spray tan machines in them.

Not interested in a spray tan? You have many other options for a fake tan, as there are many self-tanning products on the market today. However, you may want to have a friend or your future spouse apply this for you to avoid orange palms or an uneven application. You can learn more about the pros and cons of each tanning option with The Knot.

Tip: It's recommended to have self-tanning done three days before your wedding. If it's too dark at first, this will be just enough time to allow it to fade. However, if you enjoy the color, you can simply maintain it with high quality lotion.

4. Whiten Your Teeth

As a bride, the first thing guests will notice is the big smile you shine as you walk down the aisle. If you want this smile to be filled with pearly whites that brighten your face, then you'll need to whiten your teeth before the big day. One of the most effective ways of achieving this look is by using teeth whitening strips a couple of months before your wedding. In addition to this, you may want to avoid staining foods and beverages, such as blueberries and red wine/tea.

If it's too late to use whitening strips or other DIY whiteners, then professional whitening may be in order. Although this will cost a bit more money, the results will generally be whiter and only require or or two visits. Last but not least, you can make your teeth look brighter by wearing a blue-based lipstick on the big day.

Tip: Speak with your dentist about the best time to have whitening done. Most will recommend professional whitening to be completed at least a week before your wedding day to help avoid sensitivity. You can find other tips for achieving the perfect bridal smile here.

5. Have Your Nails Done

With guests asking to see your ring and the photographer pictures of you holding hands, it's important to have a beautiful manicure for your big day. Would you like to go with a color or are you more interested in something classic? The choice is up to you and the overall look you're going for.

Tip: Although some brides have this done the day of their wedding, it's generally a much better idea to go to the salon the day before. This will ensure you like what you see without giving your nails enough time to chip. If you're choosing acrylics, you may want to go more than a day in advance to ensure you can get used to how they feel. You can find more info on picture perfect wedding nails here.

Lights, Camera, "I Do"

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money on your wedding, so shouldn't you look and feel like a million bucks as you walk down the aisle? By taking into account the beauty services above, you'll be sure to do just that. If you decide to take advantage of any other treatments, such as false lashes or brow sculpting, make sure to allow enough time before your big day. This will ensure you avoid any adverse reactions and feel your best on one of the biggest and most exciting days of your life.

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